ACL Brisbane 2015

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ACL Brisbane 2015
Tournament Information
Prize PoolA$ 3,500
Location & Dates
GameAdvanced Warfare
PlatformXbox One
CountryAustralia Australia
Start Date2015-05-30
End Date2015-05-31
WinnerMindfreaklogo std.pngMindfreak
SecondTrident Esportslogo std.pngTrident Esports
ThirdUproar Nationlogo std.pngUproar.iGnitionZ

ACL Brisbane took place on May 30–31, 2015 in Brisbane, Australia.



  • Top 4 teams get into pool play based on pro points.
  • Top 12 teams advance to the champs bracket.
    • Bottom 4 teams will play consolation bracket.
  • Double-Elimination Braket.

The 4 game modes being played will consist of Hardpoint, Search & Destroy, Uplink, and CTF. The maps for each game mode are as follows:

Map Uplink Search and Destroy Hardpoint Capture the Flag
Ascend GreenCheck.png
Bio Lab GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png
Comeback GreenCheck.png
Detroit GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png
Riot GreenCheck.png
Solar GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png
Terrace GreenCheck.png
Retreat GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png

Prize Pool

Place Prize Team Roster
GoldRibbon.png 1 A$ 2,000 Mindfreaklogo std.pngMindfreak BuZZOShockzFightaDenz
SilverRibbon.png 2 A$ 1,000 Trident Esportslogo std.pngTrident Esports ChileanDamageBeastnFate
BronzeRibbon.png 3 A$ 500 Uproar Nationlogo std.pngUproar.iGnitionZ GuydraKillerpieSkrzmExcite
CopperRibbon.png 4 Incept eSportslogo std.pngIncept eSports InvincibleBacabecAstrzLakie
5-6 TextBook Blacklogo std.pngTextBook Black ZeussSwiftyBarnzyVrnzn
Avant T1 Dotterslogo std.pngAvant T1 Dotters IskatuHysteriaHopeyWolfy
7-8 MEGA Gaminglogo std.pngMEGA Gaming EminencePerkoVqnishhRival
Team 4Nothing PClogo std.png4N.Sanctum FlarezCarryWantedNimble
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Participating Teams

Pro Pool
Mindfreaklogo std.pngMindfreak TextBook Blacklogo std.pngTextBook Black Avant T1 Dotterslogo std.pngAvant T1 Dotters Uproar Nationlogo std.pngUproar.iGnitionZ
Pool A
Team Skyfirelogo std.pngTeam Skyfire TextBook Gaminglogo std.pngTextBook Gaming Nvlogo std.pngPlantronics Nv Logo std.pngTaunt Logo std.pngMystic Gaming
Pool B
Incept eSportslogo std.pngIncept eSports Team 4Nothing PClogo std.png4N.Sanctum Logo std.pngGeneration Orb Logo std.pngDynamite eSports
Logo std.pngFrequency Logo std.pngCry Wolf
Pool C
MEGA Gaminglogo std.pngMEGA Gaming Trident Esportslogo std.pngTrident Esports TrueAmbitionlogo std.pngTrueAmbition.NAGA F7logo std.pngF7
TrueAmbition.Odinlogo std.pngTrueAmbition.Odin Sway Gaminglogo std.pngSway Gaming

For the full list of teams & rosters, click here!

Pool Play

Pro Pool

Pro Pool Standings
Place Team Record Record% MapW/L
1. Mindfreaklogo std.pngMindfreak 3-0 100% 8-1
2. Avant T1 Dotterslogo std.pngAvant T1 Dotters 1-2 33% 4-5
3. TextBook Blacklogo std.pngTextBook Black 1-2 33% 3-6
4. Uproar Nationlogo std.pngUproar.iGnitionZ 1-2 33% 3-6
Pro Pool Match Results
Team Score Team
Mindfreaklogo std.pngMF 3-0 Uproar Nationlogo std.pngUPR.iG
TextBook Blacklogo std.pngTB B 0-3 Avant T1 Dotterslogo std.pngAv.T1
Avant T1 Dotterslogo std.pngAv.T1 0-3 Mindfreaklogo std.pngMF
TextBook Blacklogo std.pngTB B 2-1 Uproar Nationlogo std.pngUPR.iG
Mindfreaklogo std.pngMF 2-1 TextBook Blacklogo std.pngTB B
Avant T1 Dotterslogo std.pngAv.T1 1-2 Uproar Nationlogo std.pngUPR.iG

Group A

Group A Standings
Place Team Record Record% MapW/L
1. Logo std.pngMystic Gaming 3-1 75% 9-3
2. Team Skyfirelogo std.pngTeam Skyfire 3-1 75% 8-4
3. TextBook Gaminglogo std.pngTextBook Gaming 3-1 75% 6-3
4. Nvlogo std.pngPlantronics Nv 1-3 25% 5-7
5. Logo std.pngTaunt 0-4 0% 0-12
Group A Match Results
Team Score Team
TextBook Gaminglogo std.pngTB 2-1 Logo std.pngMYST
Nvlogo std.pngPLT.Nv 3-0 Logo std.pngTAUN
Logo std.pngMYST 3-0 Team Skyfirelogo std.pngSKF
Nvlogo std.pngPLT.Nv 1-2 TextBook Gaminglogo std.pngTB
Team Skyfirelogo std.pngSKF 3-0 Logo std.pngTAUN
Logo std.pngMYST 2-1 Nvlogo std.pngPLT.Nv
Nvlogo std.pngPLT.Nv 0-3 Team Skyfirelogo std.pngSKF
TextBook Gaminglogo std.pngTB 3-0 Logo std.pngTAUN
Team Skyfirelogo std.pngSKF 2-1 TextBook Gaminglogo std.pngTB
Logo std.pngTAUN 0-3 Logo std.pngMYST

Group B

Group B Standings
Place Team Record Record% MapW/L
1. Incept eSportslogo std.pngIncept eSports 5-0 100% 14-1
2. Team 4Nothing PClogo std.png4N.Sanctum 4-1 80% 12-3
3. Logo std.pngDynamite eSports 3-2 60% 9-6
4. Logo std.pngFrequency 2-3 40% 7-8
5. Logo std.pngGeneration Orb 1-4 20% 3-12
6. Logo std.pngCry Wolf 0-5 0% 0-15
Group B Match Results
Team Score Team
Incept eSportslogo std.pngIncept 3-0 Logo std.pngCRY
Team 4Nothing PClogo std.png4N 2-1 Logo std.pngFREQ
Logo std.pngGENE 0-3 Logo std.pngDYNA
Logo std.pngFREQ 0-3 Incept eSportslogo std.pngIncept
Logo std.pngDYNA 3-0 Logo std.pngCRY
Logo std.pngGENE 0-3 Team 4Nothing PClogo std.png4N
Incept eSportslogo std.pngIncept 3-0 Logo std.pngDYNA
Logo std.pngFREQ 3-0 Logo std.pngGENE
Logo std.pngCRY 0-3 Team 4Nothing PClogo std.png4N
Logo std.pngGENE 0-3 Incept eSportslogo std.pngIncept
Team 4Nothing PClogo std.png4N 3-0 Logo std.pngDYNA
Logo std.pngCRY 0-3 Logo std.pngFREQ
Incept eSportslogo std.pngIncept 2-1 Team 4Nothing PClogo std.png4N
Logo std.pngGENE 3-0 Logo std.pngCRY
Logo std.pngDYNA 3-0 Logo std.pngFREQ

Group C

Group C Standings
Place Team Record Record% MapW/L
1. Trident Esportslogo std.pngTrident Esports 5-0 100% 13-2
2. MEGA Gaminglogo std.pngMEGA Gaming 4-1 80% 13-2
3. F7logo std.pngF7 3-2 60% 7-8
4. TrueAmbitionlogo std.pngTrueAmbition.NAGA 2-3 40% 7-8
5. Sway Gaminglogo std.pngSway Gaming 1-4 20% 2-13
6. TrueAmbition.Odinlogo std.pngTrueAmbition.Odin 0-5 0% 3-12
Group C Match Results
Team Score Team
MEGA Gaminglogo std.pngMEGA 3-0 Sway Gaminglogo std.pngSway
Trident Esportslogo std.pngTrident 2-1 TrueAmbition.Odinlogo std.pngTA.Odin
TrueAmbitionlogo std.pngTA.NAGA 1-2 F7logo std.pngF7
TrueAmbition.Odinlogo std.pngTA.Odin 0-3 MEGA Gaminglogo std.pngMEGA
F7logo std.pngF7 3-0 Sway Gaminglogo std.pngSway
TrueAmbitionlogo std.pngTA.NAGA 0-3 Trident Esportslogo std.pngTrident
MEGA Gaminglogo std.pngMEGA 3-0 F7logo std.pngF7
TrueAmbition.Odinlogo std.pngTA.Odin 0-3 TrueAmbitionlogo std.pngTA.NAGA
Sway Gaminglogo std.pngSway 0-3 Trident Esportslogo std.pngTrident
TrueAmbitionlogo std.pngTA.NAGA 0-3 MEGA Gaminglogo std.pngMEGA
Trident Esportslogo std.pngTrident 3-0 F7logo std.pngF7
Sway Gaminglogo std.pngSway 2-1 TrueAmbition.Odinlogo std.pngTA.Odin
MEGA Gaminglogo std.pngMEGA 1-2 Trident Esportslogo std.pngTrident
TrueAmbitionlogo std.pngTA.NAGA 3-0 Sway Gaminglogo std.pngSway
F7logo std.pngF7 2-1 TrueAmbition.Odinlogo std.pngTA.Odin