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ACL CoD League/CoD AW/Season 1/Playoffs/Team Rosters

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Mindfreaklogo std.pngMindfreak
Region Alias Name
Australia BuZZO Mitchell Mader
Australia Shockz Conrad Rymarek
Australia Fighta Lincoln Ferguson
Australia Denz Denholm Taylor
Uproar Nationlogo std.pngUproar.iGnitionZ
Region Alias Name
New Zealand Bacabec Nate Munro
New Zealand Killerpie Ryan Wallath
New Zealand Hydra Guy Worthington
Australia Hysteria David Clementt
Integral Nationlogo std.pngIntegral Nation
Region Alias Name
Louqa Luke Rigas
Fate Jake Fitzpatrick
Swifty Daniel Hickey
New Zealand
Zeuss Rene Corpoaal
Team Skyfirelogo std.pngTeam Skyfire
Region Alias Name
Hopey Jake Hope
New Zealand Excite Cody Rugolo
Australia Lakie Cooper Reading
Australia Rival Jack Prendergast