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DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2ResultScoreVODs
2016,11,29,20,30LVP Season 11Matchday 14Team Hereticslogo std.pngTeam HereticsArctic Gaminglogo std.pngArctic GamingLoss3 - 0
2016,11,24,19,00LVP Season 11Matchday 13Arctic Gaminglogo std.pngArctic GamingEMonkeyzlogo std.pngeMonkeyzLoss0 - 3
2016,11,21,20,30LVP Season 11Matchday 1248pxoverGameArctic Gaminglogo std.pngArctic GamingWin1 - 3
2016,11,16,20,30LVP Season 11Matchday 11Arctic Gaminglogo std.pngArctic GamingKIYF eSports Clublogo std.pngKIYF eSports ClubLoss0 - 3
2016,11,14,19,00LVP Season 11Matchday 10PAM MRNlogo std.pngPAM MRNArctic Gaminglogo std.pngArctic GamingWin1 - 3
2016,10,31,18,00LVP Season 11Matchday 9Arctic Gaminglogo std.pngArctic GamingThunderX3 Baskonialogo std.pngThunderX3 BaskoniaLoss0 - 3
2016,10,25,18,00LVP Season 11Matchday 8Vodafone Giantslogo std.pngVodafone GiantsArctic Gaminglogo std.pngArctic GamingLoss3 - 1
2016,10,19,18,00LVP Season 11Matchday 7Team Hereticslogo std.pngTeam HereticsArctic Gaminglogo std.pngArctic GamingLoss3 - 0
2016,10,17,19,30LVP Season 11Matchday 6EMonkeyzlogo std.pngeMonkeyzArctic Gaminglogo std.pngArctic GamingLoss3 - 2
2016,10,11,18,00LVP Season 11Matchday 5Arctic Gaminglogo std.pngArctic Gaming48pxoverGameLoss1 - 3
2016,10,04,18,00LVP Season 11Matchday 4KIYF eSports Clublogo std.pngKIYF eSports ClubArctic Gaminglogo std.pngArctic GamingLoss3 - 0
2016,9,27,19,30LVP Season 11Matchday 3Arctic Gaminglogo std.pngArctic GamingPAM MRNlogo std.pngPAM MRNWin3 - 2
2016,9,20,19,30LVP Season 11Matchday 2ThunderX3 Baskonialogo std.pngThunderX3 BaskoniaArctic Gaminglogo std.pngArctic GamingLoss3 - 0
2016,9,12,19,30LVP Season 11Matchday 1Arctic Gaminglogo std.pngArctic GamingVodafone Giantslogo std.pngVodafone GiantsLoss1 - 3