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2020 CDL Awards Ballot
With the Regular Season over, and the playoffs just a few days away, I decided to fill out my own imaginary ballot on who I thought should win the awards for this years Call of Duty. Of course, these are just my opinions, and I have no actual say in who wins these awards. However, these are the players I would vote to win if I could. Without further ado, let's get into it.


1. Simp, Atlanta FaZe

2. Cellium, Atlanta FaZe

3. Shotzzy, Dallas Empire

4. Skyz, Florida Mutineers

5. Envoy, Chicago Huntsmen

Honorable Mention: Octane, Seattle Surge

The MVP race has been an interesting battle all year long. We sort of knew which players would be in contention for it, but some players pushed their way into the conversation with their stellar play and deserve to be in consideration for the award. My vote for the Most Valuable Players this year would be Simp, who in my opinion still holds the title of the best player in the world from Black Ops 4. Last year, Simp surprised majority of the community by moving into the starting role for last year’s Eunited squad, and proceeded to dominate the competition en route to his first World Championship. Of course, that team was stacked with top level talent and everyone played their role on the team, but in my opinion, Simp was the difference maker last year.

Coming into this year, all eyes and expectations were on him to produce like he did in BO4, and boy did he deliver. He finished the year with an overall KD of 1.17, which was the highest on the Atlanta FaZe. He was absolutely dominant in Hardpoint games, finishing the regular season with 1.14 KD in that game mode, highest of any SMG player in the league. He also held the record for most kills in a Hardpoint match this year with 50 kills. That stat is impressive in itself, but it becomes even more impressive when you consider the fact he achieved that feat on Azhir Cave, perhaps the toughest map for SMG players in Modern Warfare.

Last year, Simp was a force to be recokned with in Search and Destroy, showing off his sniper skills throughout the year. Although I would argue that Wuskin and Cammy have challenged his throne as the best sniper this year, he still holds the title as the best Search and Destroy player. His KD for Search and Destroy games was a 1.32, tops in the league. He had a number of highlight plays throughout the year in SND, and still remains absolutely deadly with the sniper. It was more of the same in Domination, as held the record for most kills in Domination with 39 and finished with a KD of 1.17, second on his team behind aBeZy’s 1.18.

While stats in Call of Duty have their place, there’s also the eye test that is so important. When you watch Simp play, his movement is second only to Shotzzy, and his knowledge of where to go and where opponents are coming from is top tier. Perhaps the scariest thing about him is that when he gets going on a streak, he’s probably the hardest players to stop. Once he gets 4 or 5 kills in a row, Simp has the ability to keep flying around the map and pick opposing players off with lightning quickness and masterful gun skill. Besides that, there’s the simple fact that as long as Simp is on the map, this team can win any match against any team. Of course, he plays on the most talented team in the league, and his teammates deserve their credit as much as Simp does. But the fact remains that no matter the game mode, Simp is liable to take over the map at any point, striking fear into his opponents and proving that last year was no fluke; he’s the best player in the game, and he’s not going anywhere.

As for the rest of the ballot:

• I gave strong consideration to Cellium for MVP. He had a fantastic year, dominating the game and proving to be one of, if not the, best Flex player in the game. I have no problems with anyone having Cellium as their MVP over any of the other finalists, he absolutely deserves to be in the conversation and I have him as a close second to Simp. When observing Call of Duty, I try my best not to let stats influence my opinions because I know that stats can be misleading and not allow you to see the full picture of what a player can bring to a team. It’s even harder to compare the stats of Cellium and Simp due to the fact that one is a Flex player and the other is a SMG player.

Therefore I’m going to rely on my eye test and say that while Cellium in my eyes is the second best player in the league, Simp is just a hair better than him. The fact that Cellium is allowed to run either an AR or sub, and dominate with either, is a testament to his skill. However, Modern Warfare has been a blessing for AR’s, and Simp has only ran the M4 in one event this year to my knowledge. The fact that Simp is able to put up the numbers that he does while being a dedicated SMG player gives him the slightest of edges over Cellium.

• What a year it’s been for Shotzzy. He had one of the toughest debuts we’ve seen in a while, and received a totally unfair amount of criticism for his performance. But he’s bounced back spectacularly since, and has pushed himself into the MVP conversation. His movement is second to none, being able to finesse around the map and fly at enemies with ridiculous speed that only few players can compared to. It’s great to see that he was able to live up to the hype and deliver for a team that relies on him heavily to get entry kills and dominate the enemy. He finished with the highest overall KD on the Empire, and dominated in Hardpoint games, finishing with a 1.10 KD in that game mode. As much as I don’t want to hold his poor start against him, it does play a role on why I have him third on my ballot, but I fully believe that this just the start for him. He’s a lock for Rookie of the Year, and the fact that he has been able to land himself on an MVP ballot in his first year is something that should scare the rest of the league.

• Skyz, similar to Simp, was able to keep his stellar play from last year and continue it into this year. The Florida Mutineers had their ups and downs, as well as some roster moves, but no team is better suited for an online tournament than the Mutineers. Skyz runs the main AR role on this team to perfection, finishing the year with a 1.24 overall KD, and finishing right behind Octane in Hardpoint KD with a 1.30. You could certainly make the case for him to be higher on this list, but I still believe that three players above him on this list are just slightly better than Skyz at the moment. Of course, I fully expect him to dominate in the Playoffs and make me look like a fool for saying that, but he is still the second best AR in the league behind Octane, and that has to be taken into consideration as well.

• If you had told me at the beginning of the year that someone from the Chicago Huntsmen would be an MVP candidate at the end of the year, I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t have picked Envoy. With a roster that features four World Champions, it’s hard to believe at times that someone so young into their career has taken the title as the most valuable player on this team. And yet, here we are. Envoy played a huge role in his team’s success this year, from being the route man for the team, to making stellar plays on Search and Destroy; he was able to do it all this year. He finished with a 1.27 KD in Search and Destroy, tied for second in the league with Owakening. It was by far his best game mode this year, routinely making timely flanks and hitting routes to catch enemies off guard and secure wins for his team. His knowledge of where to go and where enemies will be coming from his outstanding for a player so young. He has had some off performances recently, although I would contribute that somewhat to an ever changing Meta shift. He’s similar to Shotzzy in the sense that, while he might not win the award this year, he’s super young and will continue to dominate the league for a long time coming.

• Having Octane as an honorable mention on my imaginary ballot for MVP might be a surprise to some people, but in my eyes, no one fits the definition of the Most Valuable Player to his team than Octane. First things first, he’s still the best AR in the game. Skyz has been incredible this year, and I have him right behind Octane as the second best AR in the game, but I still give the edge to Octane. We all know the struggles that Seattle has had this year, from poor performances to online issues; the Surges’ issues have been well documented. Octane has been everything to this team, finishing the year in a three way tie with Skyz and Wuskin with a 1.24 KD, and doing everything for his team. He was an absolute unit in Hardpoint, finishing with the highest KD in league in that game mode with a 1.31 KD. If you took Octane off this team, there’s a legitimate chance that this team would be below LAG in the CDL Standings. I mean no disrespect to the other players of the Seattle Surge when I say this; every single player in the CDL is in the top 1% of Call of Duty players in the world. The roster of the Seattle Surge is filled with veterans and young talent alike, but the fact remains that Octane has been everything to this team, and without his stellar production, who knows where this team would be?

Rookie of the Year

1. Shotzzy, Dallas Empire

2. Mack, New York Subliners

3. Owakening, Florida Mutineers

As we discussed above, Shotzzy came into the league with a huge amount of hype and expectations. In his pro debut against Chicago, he didn’t exactly live up to it, as he struggled mighty at the very beginning of the season. However, by the time the Los Angeles Home Series came around, he was beginning to show why there was so much hype around him. He ended the season as the best player on the Dallas Empire, finishing with a 1.06 KD overall. He’s an absolute speed demon, being able to maneuver his way around the map and finessing in and out of gunfights better than anyone in the game.

He was especially dominant in Hardpoint games, finishing the year with a 1.10 KD and at times being the route man to help his teams acquire favorable spawns. He’s been nothing short of sensational and has delivered on the potential that made him such a hyped prospect. He’s able to do whatever the team needed from him on a consistent basis, and it’ll be fascinating to see where his career goes from here.

• If it wasn’t for the stellar play of Shotzzy, this award would be Mack’s. Honestly, even with how well Shotzzy played this year, I still gave strong consideration to Mack for this award. Most people weren’t sure what to expect from him when he was picked up by the New York Subliners, even with his impressive play in the amateur scene. Since being picked up in April he has been nothing short of sensational for his team, finishing the year with a 1.13 KD, tops on his team. He led his team in KD in every game mode this year, somehow winning the toughest of gunfights and dominating the enemy.

However, the greatest impact he had was on his teammates. New York was struggling up until they added Mack to the squad, and while the players on the team weren’t playing terribly, there were clearly some struggles being had. Mack seemed to be the perfect fit for this team, giving them a fearsome SMG trio in Attach, Mack and Zooma. Thanks to the Meta change, Mack’s dominance also allowed Temp to pick up a second AR to join Accuracy to form a dominant AR duo themselves. All of these factors came together to allow New York to shoot up the standings and finish 5th in the CDL Standings, an amazing feat considering where they were before they had added Mack to the squad. It all started with the addition of Mack, and all eyes will be on him and his team to continue their stellar play into the Playoffs.

• Owakening takes the third spot on this list solely due to the number of events he played. That might rub some people the wrong way, and I completely understand those people. He has dominated the league since being added to the Mutineers, playing a key role in helping them win back to back Home Series events and clinching the 3rd seed for the playoffs. However, playing in only 4 events is too little for me to give him the nod for Rookie of the Year. I strongly considered moving him to number 2 on this list past Mack and when you look at the numbers he put up; he should be number 1 on this list. I recognize that playing only 4 events is something that he has no control over, but something like that has to be considered when you’re giving out season long awards.

Make no mistake though, when looking at his numbers, he should be a runaway for this award. He finished with an overall 1.17 KD on the team, second to only MVP Finalist Skyz. He also had an impressive 1.15 KD on Hardpoints, an insane 1.27 KD in Search and Destroy, and a 1.17 on Domination. These are not just Rookie of the Year numbers, these are MVP numbers. His ability to seamlessly transition into the CDL and play as well as he has is something we might have never seen before. The future is extremely bright for him and I can’t wait to see how he performs in the playoffs.

On a side note, all this talk about him cheating and not being able to do what he does in a LAN environment needs to stop. There was never any evidence of him cheating, and with the CDL implementing more cameras into the setups of pro players to monitor any cheating, I highly doubt he would still be getting away from it. He’s played on a LAN environment before, last year playing for eXcalibur during the CWL Amateur Finals, and then playing for team Vanity for the CWL World Championship. You can make the small case that playing on the main stage against a packed arena might shake some players who haven’t experience that level of pressure before, but there’s no denying the skill that he has showed. He’s an absolute unit, and he’s not going anywhere.

Coach of the Year

1. Atura, Florida Mutineers

2. Crowder, Atlanta FaZe

3. Rambo, Dallas Empire

I’ve always felt that coaches don’t get their fair share of credit for team success in Call of Duty, so I thought it would be fitting for a Coach of the Year award. I went with Atura, the head coach of the Florida Mutineers as this year’s winner. In my opnion, he’s done a masterful job of coaching his team to be the best that they can be. I’m not sure if the decision to adding Fero and Owakening to the starting lineup would go to solely him, as I would imagine a decision like that would be discussed within the organization, but he’s done a wonderful job of getting this team to play like a top 4 team in the game. Remember, no one thought the Mutineers would be this good when the season started.

And even before the additions of Fero and Owakening, Florida advanced to the Grand Finals at the Atlanta Home Series, and once Fero was added, they won the Dallas Home Series. Once they found their starting five, the team just kept getting better, winning back to back Home Series en route to securing the 3rd overall seed for the playoffs. Make no mistake, no one considers Florida an underdog anymore, and teams will be prepared to counter their strategies, but it’ll be fascinating to see what they pull out during the Playoffs.

• For a team that entered the year with the highest of expectations, Crowder couldn’t have done a better job coaching the Atlanta FaZe. He helped his team secure the number 1 overall seed for the playoffs, never failing to at least reach the Semi-Finals for every event they attended. He did a wonderful job of playing to his player’s strength, even if it went against the conventional wisdom of competitive Call of Duty. Although the hit a rough patch during the season, especially with their performances in Hardpoint matches, they seemed to have turned the tide and I have no doubt that Crowder will have this team ready to perform in the Playoffs.

• One of the greatest players to ever play Call of Duty had only improved his resume with the job he’s done with the Dallas Empire. Already know as one the best minds to ever play the game; Rambo has been able to coach the Empire to new heights, as the team has been fantastic in all three game modes. It’s easy to forget that Rambo wasn’t with the team when the season began, as the Empire stumbled out of the gates and sat in 7th place in the CDL Standings following the first London Home Series. But his impact on this team is undeniable, as they’ve overcome their early season struggles and finished with the 2nd overall seed for the playoffs. You can really see his impact on the game through their Search and Destroy strategies, always coming up with something the rest of the league hasn’t noticed yet to steal a round. With the playoffs right around the corner, it’ll be exciting to see what strategies he’s cooked up for us to see.

Sniper of the Year

1. Wuskin, London Royal Ravens

2. Simp, Atlanta FaZe

3. Cammy, Toronto Ultra

Here’s an award that I think should be considered in the Call of Duty League. Everybody loves snipers, and being able to consistently get kills with it is one of the toughest things to accomplish. I think it would be a fascinating thing to vote on as well, really forcing people to re-watch the best snipes in that year. This year, I would give the nod to Wuskin. He was an absolute unit with the Sniper, constantly being able to get pick for his team no matter the circumstances. He was especially deadly on Piccadilly, always finding a way to get at least one or two picks each round. Although Simp had a higher KD than Wuskin, I would say the award should go to Wuskin, he was just that good with it.

• Although I have Simp second, that in no way means he wasn’t good with the sniper in his hand. He still remains one of the top snipers in the game, a title he earned last year during BO4. Being able to have a 1.32 KD while running a sniper the majority of the time is nothing short of amazing, and is a true testament to how talented he is. And who can forget is most recent performance against OGLA on St. Petrograd, where he finished the game on an 11 kill streak with a mix of insane snipes and deadly pistol kills. It should also be noted that as good as he is with a sniper in hand; he’s just a deadly with a pistol. He has no fear of challenging players that have an AR or Sub in their hand with a pistol; routinely winning gunfights he should have no business winning.

• Cammy finds himself third on this list after an impressive year of taking enemies heads off with some impressive kills at range, mixed in with some deadly quick scopes. He finished the year with a KD of 1.22 on Search and Destroy, the highest on his team. But towards the end of the year is where he really started to go off with a sniper, hitting shot after shot to help his team win the round. This was highlighted by his 17(!) kill performance against OGLA where he was just an absolute beast for Toronto. One of the biggest things I’m looking forward to during the Playoffs is if Cammy can continue his dominance with the sniper, because they’re going to need him if they want to make a deep run into the postseason.

Of course, these are just my opinions and thoughts on who I think should win these awards. I'd love to know what you guys think, and who you would choose to win these awards.

Credit to Cam Allen and FaZe Easy Mac for the statistics used in this article. Give them a follow below!

Published on 16. Aug 2020
Written by Eucerin / Twitter - @shasiif
Twitter - @its_easymac'
Twitter - @camallenn'

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