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CDL London Day 1 Recap
Day one of CDL London in the books. We were treated to a fantastic day of games, and while we didn't see many upsets, we did see at least have one team appear to look like they might just be a threat down the road. Let's take a look at what went down during Day One of CDL London.

Dallas Empire vs. Paris Legion There was a lot of talk going into this weekend about how the Dallas Empire would play with the new Meta, and while we expected Dallas to play, no one could have expected the start they had. Dallas completely obliterated the Legion to start this series with a 250-73 Hardpoint victory on Rammaza. The Empire put on an absolute clinic on how to play this map, as Paris didn’t even get a single point on the board until the third hill. Paris however came to play when it came to the Search and Destroy on Gun Runner. Dallas at times seemed overwhelmed with how quick Paris was moving around the map, and credit to Paris for winning the key gunfights at the start on the rounds to give themselves the man advantage. Although Paris played much better in the Domination, it wasn’t enough as they lost 160-148 on Gun Runner, and Dallas was able to close the series out on a St. Petrograd Hardpoint, with a score of 250-206. Dallas will now play the New York Subliners for the right to advance to the Semi-Finals, while Paris will battle the Los Angeles Guerrillas in a knockout match.

Seattle Surge vs. London Royal Ravens: I’m not sure what the Seattle Surge have done to anger the Call of Duty gods, but it seems to be something severe because this team just cannot seem to find a break. London started with a strong 250-167 Hardpoint victory on Azhir Cave. The series then shifted to Arklov Peak for Search and Destroy, and while the match started competitive, with the match at one point being tied at 2-2, London was able to assert their dominance thereafter, winning 4 straight rounds to close out the map. However, Seattle came to play in the Domination at Hackney Yard. Seattle didn’t have a big lead at the end of the first half, which is usually essential when you’re starting on the Coalition side of the map, but Seattle was able to make plays in the second half, including a key flip of spawns at the 4 minute mark in second half. The game started getting chaotic when London was able to spawn Seattle out just a few minutes later, but they were able to clutch up and finish out the map, 161-147. But then came the second Hardpoint, and this is where it all went downhill for Seattle. The had a solid start and were battling the Royal Ravens on St. Petrograd, but as the match moved to P3, Slacked lagged out of the game, putting Seattle at a 4v5 man disadvantage. Seattle was never able to get any momentum back, which is understandable as it’s almost impossible to win a Hardpoint down a man against a pro team. London went on to win the map and close the series, 250-77. The Seattle Surge will now face off against Optic Gaming Los Angeles in a knockout match, while the London Royal Ravens will play the Florida Mutineers for a Semi-Final berth.

Los Angeles Guerrillas vs. New York Subliners: New York stayed hot, continuing their map win streak from the Semi-Finals of their own Home Stand last weekend. The series started out on a Gun Runner Hardpoint, and New York looked just as good as they did last weekend, taking the map 250-126. The series then shifted to St. Petrograd for Search and Destroy, the game mode that the Guerrillas perform their best at. The map was very close, with the game being tied at 4-4 at one point, but New York made the right plays when they needed to, and they took the map, 6-4. The Domination on Hackney Yard was the last chance for the Guerrillas to make this a series, but New York refused to allow this to go to a map 4. New York closed out the series with a 167-131 victory, and looked dominant throughout this series. New York is now sitting on a 12 map win streak, and will look to continue their dominance with a match against the Dallas Empire tomorrow for a berth in the Semi-Finals.

Florida Mutineers vs. OpTic Gaming Los Angeles : Florida started off the match well with a 250-177, with Owakening leading the way, going 27/15 on the opening map. The map was actually closer than the score line would suggest, with the real difference coming from Florida’s ability to spawn trap OGLA on P3, allowing Florida to soak up a good amount of the time on not only P4, but also P1. The series then shifted to Gun Runner for Search and Destroy, and this was a very entertaining match. The series was tied for most of the match, with both teams trading punches. Havok was making plays around the map to start, able to secure an ace in the very first round, and then clutching a 1v2 in round 4. But Optic was able to bounce back and win the series 6-4, using their aggression and gun skill to take the map.

The series then shifted to St. Petrograd for Domination and Hardpoint, and those games were split between the two teams. The Domination started very closely, but a three cap by Florida with 30 seconds to go in the first half, allowed Florida to take a sizeable lead into the second half, and from there, they dominated OGLA to win the Domination, 183-120. But when given a chance to close out the series on a St. Petrograd Hardpoint, OGLA was able to flex their muscles with a 250-187 win, highlighted by Drazah's 30/18 performance to help his team to victory. The final game of the series came down to a Piccadilly Search and Destroy, and what a close game this was. Hollow and Drazah put on a show, both carrying OGLA to a Round 11, but the team wasn't able to clutch up when they needed to, and Florida won the map 6-5.

This was a great day of games for the Call of Duty League, and tomorrow will have no shortage of entertaining match-ups, make sure to check back tomorrow for our breakdown of Day 2 of CDL London!

Published on 17. Jul 2020
Written by shasiif / Twitter - @shasiif

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