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CDL London Day 3 Recap
The London Royal Ravens Home Series came to a close today, as the Dallas Empire were crowned the Champions of the tournament. The last day of the tournament was filled with exciting games and crazy upsets. Let's break down everything that happened on Day 3 of CDL London.

London Royal Ravens vs. Paris Legion: The Paris Legion shocked the Call of Duty Community by upsetting the New York Subliners and advancing to Semi-Finals for the first time in 5 months. Nevertheless, Paris had the tall task of defeating the team that just took down what many people would believe to be the best team in the league, the Florida Mutineers.

The series started off with a Gun Runner Hardpoint, and London came out the gates swinging. Led by Dylan (31/27, 1:36 HT) and Wuskin (28/16, 1:01 HT) the Royal Ravens were in control of this map for the majority of the game, and were able to win 250-203. Going down 1-0 against London was one thing, but having the second be an Arklov Peak Search and Destroy, it felt inevitable that Paris would find themselves in a 2-0 hole going into Map 3.

London started the map looking dominant, jumping out to a quick 4-1 lead, thanks to Skrapz stellar play (15/7) but Paris was able to come back and tie the game at 5-5. The round 11 came down to 3v2 in the favor of London, but Paris was able to wrap around and plant the bomb at B, allowing KiSMET and Zed (both 11/8) to get the kills, and win the map 6-2, tying the series at 1-1.

Domination has been the best game mode for Paris all year, and with the series being tied, this seemed to be a golden opportunity for Paris to take the lead in this series. But similar to how Paris was prepared for London’s Search and Destroy game, London was more than ready to play this Domination. The Marshall twins of Skrapz (33/11) and Wuskin (27/10) played out of their minds, and allowed London to dominate the map 3, winning 179-131, in a game that wasn’t as close as the final score would suggest.

On the brink of elimination, the series shifted to a Hackney Yard Hardpoint, and while London and Paris were going back and forth to start the game, Paris was able to take control of this game. Thanks to a key flip of the spawn on the second rotation of hills, Paris was able to win the match 250-173, behind the efforts of Louqa (19/14, 2:40 HT) and Denz (25/20).

This took us to a Map 5 Gun Runner Search and Destroy, with a spot in the Grand Finals on the line. This game was back and forth the entire way, coming down to an epic Round 11. KiSMET’s aggression allowed him to plant the bomb right away, and Paris was able to clutch up and take the round 11 to win the series 3-2. Louqa led way (14/7) for Paris, and they advanced to the Grand Final for the first time all season.

This was the last event for the London Royal Ravens, a disappointing finish for a team that finally seemed to be reaching their potential, following their upset over Florida. They will now have to wait for the Playoffs, as they will end their season with 120 CDL Points, tied with the Minnesota Rokkr as the 6th seed.

Dallas Empire vs. Florida Mutineers: If our first Semi-Finals matchup was a clash of underdogs, this was a clash of the titans. This was a match between a pair of teams that were separated by just 10 points the CDL Points Standings. Florida has had Dallas’ number for the last couple of weeks, but you had to imagine that Dallas was going to come into the match-up prepared and ready to get some revenge.

The series started off with a Gun Runner Hardpoint, and even though Florida started on the preferred side of the map, Dallas was in control of this map from the start. iLLey (27/25) was able to end the map on a 9 kill streak, and along with Huke (28/24) and Shotzzy (25/21), the young guns for Dallas were able to help the team take map 1, 250-164.

The series then shifted to a Piccadilly Search and Destroy, where Dallas was in control from start to finish. This was a very quick 6-1 from Dallas, led by Crimsix (5/1), iLLeY (9/1) and Huke (9/3), they were able to dominate the map, showcasing fantastic teamwork and execution of their game plan.

The map 3 took us to a Hackney Yard Domination, with Florida finally waking up and playing similar to how we’ve seen them play this last month or so. Florida was able to start on the preferred side of the map, and took a 91-75 lead at the end of the first half. But when Dallas was given the preferred side of the map to start the second half, they were just able to execute at higher level, holding a two flag cap for the majority of the half. Behind the efforts of iLLeY (25/17) and Huke (27/19), Dallas was able to take the lead and hold it for good, winning the map 175-150, and completing the sweep over the Florida Mutineers.

Dallas advanced to the Grand Finals to play the Paris Legion, while the Florida Mutineers were eliminated from the tournament.

Paris Legion vs. Dallas Empire: History seemed to repeat itself, as the very last series of the London Home Series was a rematch of the very first series of the tournament. The Paris Legion were looking to win their very first Home Series this season, while Dallas looked to join Florida as the only teams to have 3 Tournament wins this season.

The series started off with a Hackney Yard Hardpoint, and while it wasn’t as big of a blowout as their first match-up, it definitely wasn’t close. Led by Claysters’ record setting Hill Time (3:03, 18/12 KD) and Shotzzys’ ridiculous gun skill (34/13) Dallas was able to take a 1-0 series lead.

The map 2 Search and Destroy took us to Gun Runner, and Dallas was looking to get their revenge on the only map Paris beat them on the first time these two teams played. Behind the impressive skills of Huke (8/4) and Clayster (7/2) the Empire wanted to no part in a Paris comeback on Search and Destory, winning the map comfortably, 6-1.

The third map was Paris’ best map to play on, a Gun Runner Domination. This was the last chance for the Legion to try and climb back into the series, while Dallas was on the brink of a clean 3-0. Paris showed why they play so well on this map, taking a 84-69 lead at the end of the first half, but Dallas made the adjustments they needed to at the half. With brilliant performances from Clayster (21/16), Crimsix (25/16) and Huke (24/19) Dallas was able to pull off the comeback and complete the 3-0 sweep, winning the final map 167-134.

Dallas was crowned the CDL London Home Series Champions, while the Paris Legion ended their regular season on a high note. Paris won’t be playing in the last Home Series of the year, but have put themselves in a great position to enter the Playoffs in the winners bracket.

Congratulations to the Dallas Empire on being crowned champions of the London Royal Ravens Home Series! The Toronto Home Series, the final Home Series of the CDL Season, will begin next Friday, July 24th and will end on July 26th.

Published on 19. Jul 2020
Written by shasiif / Twitter - @shasiif

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