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Article:CDL New York 2020 Day One

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CDL New York 2020 Day One
The New York home series is one of the most anticipated events of the CDL so far. With endless Twitter spats in the run up, various GAs in play and a new meta emerging. It really is anyone's guess who'll take advantage. Let's take a look at how things panned out on day one...

Toronto Ultra 3 : 1 Paris Legion

Game One, Hardpoint, Gun Runner: Ultra kicked off the New York home series in style with a strong Gun Runner Hardpoint showing. Ultra took the first two hills with ease and continued to dominate from that point forward, eventually closing the game out 250-189.

Game Two, S&D, St Petrograd: Bance. Louqa. That's kind of all I need to say to describe game two. Bance made two outrageous clutch plays on the B site to take two crucial round wins. But, Louqa was an absolute animal with the sniper, going double positive overall, and chalked up several first bloods to help secure a 6-3 victory for the Legion.

Game Three, Domination, St Petrograd: This was a tight one. Legion had the edge throughout, until Ultra were able to flip the home flags with a minute to go. They were able to cap the much more manageable A and B flags and Legion weren't able to push through. Ultra quickly closed the 10 point gap to take the lead and finished up taking game three 157-147.

Game Four, Hardpoint, Hackney Yard: This was another tight game. It looked done and dusted when Ultra rotated towards Docks. Legion needed a bit of a miracle in order to push through and extend the game... but that's exactly what they did. They forced their way through and held Docks. However, the game was now going to conclude in the Warehouse. Two of the Legion were able to rotate early and set up, but Ultra quickly cleared them out and they were able to hold on for a 250-237 victory.

Chicago Huntsmen 3 : 1 London Royal Ravens

Game One, Hardpoint, Gun Runner: Wow. Not a great map for Scump and Prestinni on the stats sheet. Conversely, it was an outrageous map for Wuskin and Skrapz. London dominated early on and built a sizable lead. The Huntsmen were able to claw their way back to level things up between Depot and Mine Entrance. However, the fight back wasn't meant to be. The Royal Ravens consistently shut the Huntsmen down on almost every hill. Their rotations were faultless and the three AR setup really paid dividends. Royal Ravens win 250-201.

Game Two, S&D, Picadilly: Wow. That was a VERY different Chicago Huntsmen. We're used to seeing the Huntsmen simply roll over in S&D, but they were a different beast this time out. It was back and forth in the early rounds but then they got aggressive and won every single round to secure a 6-2 victory. Scump (1.60) and Prestinni (2.25) more than made up for a lacklustre game one. Special shout out to FormaL (2.50) and Envoy (2.33), too, who clutched up in an insane 3v5 with Prestinni.

Game Three, Domination, St Petrograd: GRAU ALERT! Nothing more to say on the matter, but Formal pulled out the Grau early on. Exciting. As is often the case on St Petrograd, the favourable B/C cap was crucial and the huntsmen were able to hold that early on to take a 20 point lead into the second half. Just like Ultra before them, the Huntsmen were able to flip the home flags to, crucially, control B/C once more. From that point on the Royal Ravens were just unable to successfully cap B or flip A/C. Huntsmen win 164-149.

Game Four, Hardpoint, Hackney Yard: Huntsmen come through good in the end, but, it was much scrappier than it needed to be. They almost *almost* lost tyre shop twice, which is normally a dead cert for control. However, despite the minor hiccups, the Huntsmen prevailed to comfortably win 250-210. Special shout out to Arcitys who dropped 35 kills and racked up the most hill time for the Huntsmen.

Atlanta FaZe 3 : 1 Los Angeles Guerrillas

Game One, Hardpoint, Gun Runner: The AUG? Who needs the AUG? Not Atlanta FaZe and certainly not ABeZy, who put up a 40 bomb with the Mp5. The Guerrillas were by no means a push over, though. They were fairly solid on their rotations and worked hard to contest where possible, but, the raw slaying power of FaZe was just too much for them. FaZe finished up 40 points clear with a 250-210 win.

Game Two, S&D, Gun Runner: The Guerrillas are one of the best S&D teams in the CDL and a game like that demonstrates why. The game had absolutely everything from several 1v1s to multiple clutch moments from Vivid, Cellium and Simp. But the highlight of the game was undoubtedly Decemate preventing Simp from defusing in time in order to secure a 6-4 victory for the Guerrillas.

Game Three, Domination, Hackney Yard: FaZe were flawless in the first half of the game, going into the break up 41 poins. The second half, however, was a very different story. The Guerrillas brought the game back to within 15 points and were standing strong at B. But, FaZe were eventually able to push into the Warehouse to capture B, which they shortly followed up by capping A. That crucial push was enough to secure a 168-150 victory for FaZe.

Game Four, Hardpoint, Hackney Yard: No game five for FaZe this time. This was a relatively comfortable win for them. It was a valiant effort by the Guerrillas, but, Hackney Hsrdpoint is incredibly unforgiving; especially against a team like FaZe. If you can't break through into hills or you're a bit too slow on your rotations, you'll be severely punished and that's exactly what happened to the Guerrillas. They didn't do anything 'wrong' per se, they were just outplayed. FaZe take the game 250-200.

New York Subliners 3 : 1 Minnesota RØKKR

Game One, Hardpoint, Gun Runner: Right out of the gate the Subliners took control. RØKKR were able to get within touching distance during the first rotation at Cargo Containers, but, that was as close as they'd get. From that point on the Subliners flexed their muscles and dominated to win by more than 100 points. 250-144 to the Subliners.

Game Two, S&D, St Petrograd: More domination by the Subliners. SiLLY and GodRx did their absolute best to keep the RØKKR in it with 10 (1.67) and 11 (1.83) kills respectively, but it wasn't to be. Attach and Mack were both beasts and birthday boy Temp secured the 6-3 victory with a four-piece in the final round.

Game Three, Domination, Hackney Yard: Finally! Signs of life from the RØKKR. This was a super tight game. With a minute to go the two sides were almost tied up before the RØKKR created a little bit of daylight to take the game 159-144. In the end, Asim was the difference between the two teams. He went huge, dropping 29 kills with a 1.71 K/D.

Game Four, Hardpoint, Rammaza: Remember those signs of RØKKR life? Yeah... they're gone. Another devastating Hardpoint performance by the Subliners to take the game, and the series, with a 250-157 victory. It seems harsh to single out one particular member of the Subliners because they all went positive and were all outrageous. However, Attach in particular was DISGUSTING! He finished up with 23 kills and a K/D of 2.29... and that's not a typo. The play of the game, though, came from ZooMaa, who went on an absolute rampage to close out the game.

Published on 10. Jul 2020
Written by Aaron Rook / Twitter - @AaronRook91

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