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CDL New York 2020 Day Three
Here. We. Go. Championship Sunday at the New York home series. Huntsmen, FaZe, Ultra and Subliners. Let's go!

Semifinal: Chicago Huntsmen 3 : 0 Atlanta FaZe

Game One, Hardpoint, Hackney Yard: Finally. The most anticipated match. A match we've waited months for. A match we've been teased with time and time again, is finally here. As expected, with such outrageous talent on both sides, the stats were fairly even across the board. But, that doesn't even begin to explain how dominant the Huntsmen were. FaZe only made several minor errors that, if they were up against a team further down the standings, they would have gotten away with. But the Huntsmen aren't a team down the standings and they really made them pay. They broke FaZe on several key hills and pushed them back in their spawns on numerous occasions. Add all of that together and you get an easy 250-160 win for the Huntsmen.

Game Two, S&D, St Petrograd: Where do I even begin with this game!? We've been saying that the Huntsmen's S&D game has 'improved' all weekend long. Well... that's probably the understatement of the century. They absolutely annihilated FaZe here. We don't need to talk about stats and numbers for this one. The 6-1 scoreline tells enough of a story, really. Let's, instead, talk about Arcitys and Envoy. Arcitys is a man that has ice running through his veins. His 1v2 clutch against MajorManiak and Cellium, with a defuse added in for good measure, was the play of the game. Envoy, though... wow. He's just such an intelligent playmaker and flanks like no one else in the game. We could probably discuss this particular game for hours, but let's move on!

Game Three, Domination, Hackney Yard: No sitting back from FaZe this time. They flip the home flags early on and manage to secure a trip cap. The Huntsmen appear shell-shocked. A quick listen in to the Huntsmen comms, though, reveals that they are having issues communicating with Prestinni. Not to worry! They quickly steady the ship and are able to go into the second half with a five point lead. The second half begins with FaZe starting out at the favourable A side. FaZe quickly secure A/B but... it doesn't last. The Huntsmen are able to flip the home flags and they go on to secure a trip cap soon after. As the lead continues to grow so does Prestinni's killstreak. He racks up a streak of 15 kills before falling. By the time he falls, though, it's all but over. The five point gap at the half is now up to 36 and that's all she wrote. The Huntsmen win 166-149 and complete the sweep of FaZe. The match we've all been dreaming of since the inaugural CDL weekend was over just. Like. That. Dare I say it? That was EZAF for the Huntsmen.

Semifinal: New York Subliners 3 : 0 Toronto Ultra

Game One, Hardpoint, Gun Runner: Let's start this recap at the very end shall we? Because that's where the juicy stuff goes down! Ultra were just one solid hold away from taking the opening game. They were setup well in Depot and the points were racking up quickly. The Subliners tried twice to break through, but to no avail. With Ultra now just three points away from victory it was down to the last roll of the dice for the Subliners and they hit the jackpot! They pushed through and were able to take the final three points they needed to secure the game 250-247. It doesn't get any closer than that! Little side note... Accuracy dropped 41 kills. No biggy.

Game Two, S&D, Arklov Peak: Game one was tight... this was anything but. A swift 6-2 for the Subliners with clutch plays and slaying moments popping off left, right and centre. Accuracy and ZooMaa in particular were just *chef's kiss*. Accuracy closed out the game with an insane 1v3 clutch and ZooMaa tore up Ultra early on with four kills right off the bat.

Game Three, Domination, Hackney Yard: Another unbelievably tight game. Once again the A/B hold was crucial and the Subliners simply had more slaying power in order to hold B for extended periods. And we all know that holding B is the key to victory on Hackney Yard. Also, it really helps when you have Mack on your team. He just makes everything look so easy and just blitzes through anything in his way... and this game was no different. He finished up with 27 kills and, crucially, he helped book the Subliners place in the final with a 158-147 win.

Final: New York Subliners 3 : 0 Chicago Huntsmen

Game One, Hardpoint, Rammaza: This was basically a game of tennis. It was back and forth throughout. The Subliners opened up with 53 unanswered points before the Huntsmen responded with a 53 point hold of their own. This was repeated for the duration, really. Both sides, crucially, split money hills as well. The slugfest eventually came to a crescendo at Ruins. The Huntsmen held it and had the opportunity to close out the game. But, the Subliners had other ideas. They swarmed into the hill and cleared out the Huntsmen. They tried to force their way back in, but it was all in vain. The Subliners were able to hang on for a 250-238 win.

Game Two, S&D, Rammaza: Oh my. The Subliners are absolutely outrageous aren't they!? There were moments of brilliance, and hope, from Prestinni and Arcitys, who clutched up in a crucial 2v4 to keep the game alive; but the Huntsmen simply had no answer for the aggression of the Subliners. They swarmed all over the map and had Huntsmen heads spinning in circles. It's not really a secret anymore... the Subliners can slay and slay they did. The Subliners take game two 6-4.

Game Three, Domination, Hackney Yard: Right from the start this was the Subliners' game. Despite starting off the game on C flag they were able to flip to A incredibly quickly, which was swiftly followed up by a strong hold on B. They went into the second half with a solid 27 point lead over the Huntsmen and, from that point on, the win never really looked in danger. Well... aside from a few brief moments where the Huntsmen were able to pull off a clinical flip to hold A/B once more. However... in classic 'anything you can do I can do better' style, the Subliners responded almost instantly with their own flip to secure a 163-144 win and complete the sweep. Attach, Accuracy, ZooMaa, Temp and Mack... take a bow. This new meta suits them to a tee and they demonstrated that perfectly against the Huntsmen. They have the slaying power, the strats and now the confidence to disrupt the teams above them in the standings when Champs rolls around. One final note... what on earth happened to the Huntsmen? Were they burned out from the build up to the FaZe match? Or were they simply outclassed and outplayed? We'll crunch the numbers and look back at the VOD in the coming days to bring you some New York home series analysis.

GG, everyone!

Published on 12. Jul 2020
Written by Aaron Rook / Twitter - @AaronRook91

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