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CDL New York 2020 Day Two


Day Two Stream

Toronto Ultra 3 : 2 Atlanta FaZe

Game One, Hardpoint, Rammaza: Game one was the ABeZy and Cellium show. They dropped 32 and 30 respectively, with K/Ds of 1.52 and 1.50. Cellium also had the most hill time by a HUGE margin, with 126 seconds. To put that into perspective the Ultra player with the most hill time was Bance with just 56 seconds. Long story short... it was an easy win for FaZe. 250-197.

Game Two, S&D, Piccadilly: And just like that Ultra bounce back. Cammy was just on another planet during the 6-3 victory over FaZe. He dropped 10 kills in total and finished up with a staggering 2.50 K/D. Make no mistake about it, the scoreline kind of flattered FaZe a little bit. This could easily have been a clean sweep for Ultra.

Game Three, Domination, St Petrograd: Well... the whooping they were on the receiving end of in game two must have really pissed them off, because FaZe were absolutely dominant in game three. ABeZy, Cellium and Simp chalked up 33, 25 and 20 kills respectively, which was more than all of Ultra put together. That kind of says it all. 170-129 to FaZe.

Game Four, Hardpoint, Gun Runner: The kill feed may have been evenly balanced but the final score wasn't. Thanks to crucial hill time from CleanX and Methodz (Anthony Zinni), this series was now all tied up. Ultra simply out maneuvered FaZe when it mattered most and stood firm when the hordes came rushing in. Ultra took this one 250-183.

Game Five, S&D, Rammaza: Game five. A phrase that's synonymous with Atlanta FaZe. We've seen them step up when it mattered most time and time again but this time it just wasn't meant to be. Cammy, once again, was an absolute force. He dropped 13 kills and finished up with a K/D of 2.60. His standout play came early on when he nailed a three-piece on the flank, which was just *chef's kiss*. FaZe didn't just roll over, though. They slayed as well, with Priestahh and ABeZy putting up 12 and 10 kills each. It wasn't enough to prevent the upset on this occasion, though, and Ultra took the final game 6-4.

Chicago Huntsmen 3 : 2 New York Subliners

Game One, Hardpoint, Rammaza: The Huntsmen dominated the early rotations to move out into a comfortable lead. However, between Bridge and Electronic Shop on the second rotation, the Subliners closed the gap completely. The Huntsmen were able to hold the preceding Barber Shop well, though, and they put themselves within touching distance of the win. The Subliners were able to hold Construction for almost 20 seconds and looked like they may be able top stand firm but, crucially, the Huntsmen were able to push through to hold out for a 250-219 win.

Game Two, S&D, Rammaza: Oh my word. The Huntsmen are a completely different team in S&D now. This was as one sided a game of S&D as you're likely to see. All of the Huntsmen went positive, with FormaL and Prestinni going double positive. Speaking of Formal, his 1v2 clutch was undoubtedly play of the game. An easy Huntsmen win. 6-1.

Game Three, Domination, Hackney Yard: A really chaotic game of Domination. It was back and forth... nip and tuck... insert whatever cliche you like. It really was anyone's game. Even a quick look at the stat sheet will show you how minuscule the margins for victory were. The Subliners had slightly more slaying power this time out and that certainly paid dividends in the end as they were able to hold out for a 154-144 victory.

Game Four, Hardpoint, Hackney Yard: Another game on Hackney Yard and another win for the Subliners. This one was slightly more one-sided, though. Attach (1.75) and Temp (1.69) dropped 28 and 27 kills respectively, while Mack (1.75) dropped 21 and racked up 137 seconds of hill time. In stark contrast all of the Huntsmen, aside from Formal, ended the game with negative K/Ds as the Subliners cruised to a 250-192 victory.

Game Five, S&D, Gun Runner: A game five requires calmness, clarity and clutch plays. The Huntsmen have an abundance of all three and demonstrated it perfectly here. Envoy and Prestinni were almost telepathic at times, but let's not discredit the fight the Subliners put up. Accuracy finished up with a 1.33 K/D, Temp was a constant nuisance and ZooMaa went nuts with a knife. But in the end the Huntsmen's S&D game was just too strong and they move on to Championship Sunday with a 6-3 win.

Paris Legion 3 : 0 Los Angeles Guerrillas

Game One, Hardpoint, Rammaza: A close map to kick off the series. Both teams flexed their slaying muscles with Louqa dropping 32 kills and Decemate dropping 33. But it was Legion who managed to eke out the win. The game really was up for grabs right until the final seconds but it was Legion who were able to eke out a 250-228 win.

Game Two, S&D, St Petrograd: If game one was close I don't really know how to even begin to describe this game. A nail-biting round 11 S&D, which featured some outrageous plays throughout. The biggest of all, though, came right at the end. With roughly 30 seconds left in the round Shockz was faced with a tense 1v2. As the seconds ticked by AquA and Blazt launched their attack with Shockz cornered. It seemed as though the Guerrillas had the game in the bag but Shockz clutched up and took them both out to take Legion to within touching distance of their first win since April. 6-5 Legion.

Game Three, Domination, St Petrograd: They waited long enough for this didn't they? Three long months of disappointment and people trolling them online finally comes to an end. Paris Legion have won a series! It was, like the previous two games, a hard fought victory. As is often the case on St Petrograd, the setup for protecting B was crucial and Legion did just enough to keep the Guerrillas at bay when it mattered most to take the game 163-155. The victory set up a match with *checks notes*... Atlanta FaZe. Oh dear.

London Royal Ravens 3 : 2 Minnesota RØKKR

Game One, Hardpoint, Azhir Cave: The kill feed was almost identical, but the Royal Ravens out maneuvered RØKKR at crucial points on crucial hills on each rotation to take the opening game 250-216. Despite the loss, GodRx was back to slaying like the GodRx we know and love. He dropped 35 kills and finished up with a K/D of 1.52.

Game Two, S&D, Arklov Peak: Asim may have been the standout performer stats-wise with a 2.20 K/D, but they weren't enough the help the RØKKR overcome the Royal Ravens. This wasn't a spectacular game by any means from the Royal Ravens they just simply did their jobs and did them well. That said, Skrapz and Wuskin both went positive... but what's new!? Royal Ravens take the game 6-3.

Game Three, Domination, Gun Runner: The RØKKR aren't dead just yet. It was as good as tied up at the end of the first half, but, as the second half rolled around the RØKKR started to flex their muscles and pulled away with relative ease. Wuskin was the only member of the Royal Ravens to crack 20 kills. Conversely, everyone bar GodRx had more than 20 kills for the RØKKR. Assault in particular was outrageous with 22 kills and a K/D of 2.20. Huge win for RØKKR. 179-124.

Game Four, Hardpoint, St Petrograd: Game four was extremely reminiscent of game three, in the sense that RØKKR lit up the kill feed, while the Royal Ravens struggled. RØKKR were able to hold several key hills, on numerous rotations, and pull away with ease. Assault and Asim were, again, the stars of the show. The RØKKR take the Hardpoint 250-216 to keep the reverse sweep hopes alive.

Game Five, S&D, Rammaza: Wuskin. That's all I need to say really. He's been MVP level all year long but this game was a joke. His composure in any clutch situation is absolutely outstanding and his S&D game is disgusting. He finished up a crucial game five with 13 kills and a 4.33 K/D. Special shoutout to Seany, too, who went double positive. The RØKKR fought so hard to take the series to a game five but at the moment this was just one step too far for them. The Royal Ravens take the game 6-4.

Atlanta FaZe 3 : 0 Paris Legion

Game One, Hardpoint, Gun Runner: 250-174 FaZe / Game Two, S&D, St Petrograd: 6-3 FaZe / Game Three, Domination, Gun Runner: 169-142 FaZe / ABeZy is a GOD. That's it. That's the recap of the 3-0 sweep for FaZe. He topped the kill feed in all three games and ended the series with 81 kills overall, with K/Ds of 1.56, 2.80 and 1.75. It really was EZAF.

London Royal Ravens 1 : 3 New York Subliners

Game One, Hardpoint, Gun Runner: The Subliners had the slaying power but their map control left much to be desired. A strong kill feed is all well and good on Hardpoint but if you don't make those kills count for something, there's really no benefit to them. Case in point? Seany ended up with a negative K/D but had by far the most hill time of any player in the game. The result? A 250-215 win for the Royal Ravens.

Game Two, S&D, St Petrograd: I love a round 11. We all love a round 11. This one in particular was a real belter, too. Both teams went back and forth with moments of brilliance throughout, but the crowning moment of the game had to be the Subliners securing victory with one of the most aggressive rounds of S&D you will ever see. It was a no frills storm through the middle of the map and the Royal Ravens had no idea what to do. Before they knew it Wuskin was all alone without a hope in hell. BIG game for the Subliners. 6-5.

Game Three, Domination, Hackney Yard: Domination by name domination by nature. The Subliners really imposed themselves on the Royal Ravens and didn't give them a chance to settle at all. Accuracy, Mack and ZooMaa all put up 20+ kills and all bar one of the Subliners finished the game with a positive K/D. That of course doesn't tell the whole story. As is often the case, success on Hackney Yard comes down to who can successfully hold B for the longest time. In this instance, that was the Subliners. 181-142.

Game Four, Hardpoint, Hackney Yard: That's all she wrote! The Subliners dominated the kill feed, with Mack and ZooMaa dropping 30+ and the hill time with Accuracy clocking up 118 seconds... more than Dylan, Skrapz and Zer0 put together. It's another bitter end to an event for the Royal Ravens, who can't seem to click when it matters most. Their time will undoubtedly come, but their time isn't now. This one belongs to the Subliners who win the game 250-219 and move on to championship Sunday.

Published on 11. Jul 2020
Written by Aaron Rook / Twitter - @AaronRook91

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