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CDL Playoffs 2020 Day One Recap
Day 5 of the 2020 CDL Playoffs is in the books. We now know the four teams that will battle it out next weekend for the Championship title. Let's take a look back at all the insanity that unfolded on Day 5 of the CDL Playoffs.

New York Subliners vs. London Royal Ravens

The first elimination match of the day began with two teams on the brink of a disappointing end to their season. New York was seen as the favorite to take this series, especially considering their superior hardpoint record and performance. The first map was Gun Runner hardpoint, and through the first set of rotations, this was actually a closely contested game. But the Ravens ability to chain both P2 and P3 back to back gave London a lead they would not relinquish, as they won the map 250-180. Zero led the way for the squad, finishing 30/26.

That was followed up a Arklov Peak Search and Destroy, which similarly to the first map, was a tight contest. After going back and forth for a couple of rounds, New York was able to clutch up in Round 10 and pull away with a victory, 6-4. ZooMaa was fantastic this map, going 11/7 to tie up the series at 1-1. Following that map, the series moved to Gun Runner for Domination. This has been a weak mode for London all year, and it showed again, as they were never able to keep up with the Subliners. The map ended in a 176-145 victory for New York.

Now on the brink of elimination, the fourth map would be a Rammaza Hardpoint, perhaps the strongest map for the Subliners. However, it became very clear that London has improved drastically in their Hardpoint performance as London was able to stay in control of this map for the majority of the game. Although New York was able to go on a run towards the end of the match, it wouldn’t matter as London won 250-209 and tied the series up at 2-2.

This meant that both teams would head to map 5 for the right to continue in the Losers’ Bracket while the other team would have their season end in disappointment. The map would be Rammaza, which as we discussed, has been the Subliners best map. However, Seany decided to prove that Rammaza is actually his best map, as he once again took over the construction site and dominated, going 11/4 and leading his team to a 6-1 map win.

This series is proof that teamwork is more important than kills in Call of Duty. Consider the fact that four players for the Subliners finished with KD above 1.00, and not a single player was able to do that on the side of the Royal Ravens. Despite the kill discrepancy, London was able to win both hardpoints, something that’s not easy to do against a team like New York who has been praised as one of the best hardpoint teams in the game all season long.

New York was eliminated from the Playoffs with that loss, while London would advance to play the Toronto Ultra later in the day.

OpTic Gaming vs. Florida Mutineers

The second elimination match of the day pitted a hot OGLA squad against a struggling Mutineers team. The series started with an Azhir Cave Hardpoint, a map that as we’ve discussed before, usually tends to play to Florida’s strengths due to the long range gunfights that take place on this map. However, OGLA has been running 4 AR’s on this map recently, so they were more than prepared for this match-up. That proved to be the case, as OpTic jumped out to an early lead, at one point leading 221-131. But Florida would not go down without a fight, battling back to make it 237-214 on the P2 hill. But OGLA was able to clutch up on that rotation, and they took the map 250-214 and led 1-0 in the series. Texas Kuavo proved to be a real thing, as he dominated the map 1, going 37/23 to lead his team in the slaying department.

Map 2 would be a Gun Runner Search and Destroy, and similar to the first map in this series, OpTic jumped out to a fast start. However, unlike the first map, Florida was never able to get into a rhythm, as OGLA dominated this map from start to finish, winning 6-1. Now on the brink of bowing out of the tournament extremely early, Florida would have to win 3 maps in a row, starting with a Hackney Yard Domination. It started off well for the Mutineers, as they lead 89-68 at the half, with all five players already with double digit kills. With 1:37 to go, Florida led 139-125 and had just secured a 2 flag hold. They just needed to hold on to those flags for a small amount of time, and the game would be out of reach for OpTic.

At that moment, TJHaly made a run towards the C flag, attempting to capture it, while his teammates tried to take the B flag back. Both things were accomplished, and not only was TJHaly able to capture the flag, he won a couple of gunfights to delay Florida from taking the flag back. With 50 seconds remaining, Florida now led 144-138, and now they desperately needed a flag if they were going to win this game. OpTic took over the map at that point, getting kill after kill, and not letting Florida get anywhere close to a flag. OGLA clutched up when they needed to, and made an impressive comeback to win 158-154, sweeping the Florida Mutineers out of the playoffs.

It’s a disappointing end to the season for the Florida Mutineers, a team that had been so good in June, winning back to back Home Series, was only able to win a single map in the playoffs. OGLA would move on to face the Chicago Huntsmen in another elimination match.

London Royal Ravens vs. Toronto Ultra

The next elimination match would feature a rematch from the Winner’s Bracket, as the Ravens and Ultra would battle it out for a spot in next week’s Championship weekend. The series began with a Gun Runner Hardpoint, and boy was this an entertaining way to start the series. This map was back and forth the whole way through, with neither team able to get any form of separation from the other. In the end, Toronto was able to hold on to P2 long enough to get a 250-230 victory, and take a 1-0 series lead. Cammy (36/31) and Methodz (36/25) were absolutely frying on this map, as they both played crucial roles to help their team win.

Just like the first map, we stayed on Gun Runner for the Search and Destroy, and this map started off close, with the game being tied 2-2 after 4 rounds. That’s when the Ravens flipped the switch however, pulling off 3 rounds in a row to take a commanding 5-2 lead. Toronto would battle back, but it would all be for naught, as London tied the series by winning the map 6-4. Seany (11/8) and Zero (10/6) were huge for London, and the series was tied at 1-1 after that.

That took us to Domination on; you guessed it, Gun Runner! As we discussed earlier, Domination has been a weak point for London all year, but London was determined to change that this time around. The Royal Ravens came out swinging in this one, taking a 90-61 lead at the half. That lead would prove to be too much for the Ultra, and in a shocker, London won the Domination, putting themselves just one map win away from advancing to Championship weekend.

We finally got some map variety as the fourth map would be a St. Petrograd Hardpoint. It seemed that the momentum that London got from winning the Domination propelled them to come out firing on all cylinders on this map, as they jumped out to a big lead early on. However, Toronto wouldn’t go down without a fight, fighting their way back into the game, at one point cutting a 56 point lead to just 14. That would be as close as they would get however, as London controlled the map from that point on, and took the map and series 250-179, eliminating the Ultra from the Playoffs. Seany once again was instrumental in the win, going 34/14 with 2:02 (!) of Hill Time.

Give major credit to Seany, as throughout the season, he has had his moments where it looked like he was perhaps holding the team back from reaching their true potential. But London stuck with him, and his move to the AR seems to have been a blessing. There’s no doubt that he was their best player today, and it’ll be fascinating to see how he performs next weekend.

OpTic Gaming vs. Chicago Huntsmen

The best match of the day was saved for last, as the OpTic would battle it out against the Huntsmen for the last spot in Championship weekend. We all know the story-lines surrounding this match-up, so let’s jump right into this match. It started with a Gun Runner Hardpoint, a mode that Chicago was dominant in during the regular season, but has been struggling in as of late. That would not be the case in the map, as Chicago stormed out of the gates early, at one point leading 165-93. OGLA would show their resolve and come fighting back, getting back into the game to make it 246-241. A last second rotation to P3 proved to be too much ground to cover for OGLA however, as Chicago would end up winning the map 250-241. This was an absolute bloodbath of a map, with 8 players in total reaching 30 or more kills.

The teams stayed on Gun Runner for Search and Destroy and this was a map OpTic was in control of from the start. They jumped out to 3-0 lead, and while the Huntsmen would battle back, it wouldn’t be enough as OGLA won the map 6-4 to tie the series up at 1-1. The series shifted to St. Petrograd for Domination, and this too wasn’t too much of a competitive map. Although Chicago led 76-70 at the half, OGLA dominated the second half of the map, winning 160-134. Hollow was sensational for his team on this map, going 28/15 to help his team take a 2-1 series lead.

Now just one map loss away from being eliminated from the postseason; Chicago faced a Rammaza Hardpoint for the chance to push this series to a map 5. This was a competitive map from the get-go, as both teams had opportunities to put the other team away, but it wouldn’t happen. Chicago led 219-218 as the hardpoint shifted to Ruins, and this was where the Huntsmen would make their stand, refusing to let the map continue to another hardpoint, as they won 250-218. Prestinni, who had a poor performance the day before against the Atlanta FaZe, came up huge in this match going 33/24 with 1:21 HT to propel his team to a map 5. That set up a do-or-die Search and Destroy on Arklov Peak. The winner would advance to next weekend, and the loser would be eliminated from the playoffs.

This was maybe the most intense Search and Destroy we had seen all year, as both teams traded rounds back and forth to set up the all-important Round 11. OGLA would be on offense, and all 5 players ran straight to the B bombsite. Prestinni ran to the cemetery side of the map, and turned the corner only to be greeted by all five OpTic players. Although he was quickly dispatched of, he was able to give that crucial information to his team, as all of the Chicago players sprinted to gain control of the B bombsite. OGLA pushed into the site, but Scump, who was waiting at the bar, quickly took down Drazah, and was able to stay alive long enough to allow Arcitys to enter the site. Scump was eliminated, but his ability to stay alive allowed Arcitys to get two key kills before he was taken down himself. In what felt like a blink of an eye, the round was quickly cut down to a 1v1 between TJHaly and Envoy. Envoy was able to run up the side where Prestinni died earlier, turn the corner, and win the 1v1 battle to give the Huntsmen the series win, eliminating OGLA from the postseason.

It was an amazing finish to an amazing series, and it results in Chicago moving on to play the London Royal Ravens next weekend, as OGLA were eliminated from the Playoffs.

Credit to FaZe Easy Mac for the statistics used in this article. Give him a follow below!

Published on 24. Aug 2020
Written by Eucerin / Twitter - @shasiif
Twitter - @its_easymac'

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