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CDL Playoffs 2020 Day One Recap
The 2020 CDL Playoffs have arrived! Day 1 is in the books, and what a wild day it was. We saw dominating performances and some drama-filled match-ups. Let's take a look at Day 1 of the 2020 CDL Playoffs.

Paris Legion vs. Seattle Surge:

The playoffs started with the 10th seed Paris Legion taking on the 11th seed Seattle Surge. When I was filling out my bracket for the Playoffs, I thought that maybe, just maybe, this might be the time that the Surge go on a crazy run and advance deep into the postseason. Well, it was good I didn’t listen to that feeling, because this was a pretty quick match. The series began with a Gun Runner Hardpoint, which began with Seattle starting on the preferred side, only to get flipped out of those spawns within seconds of the game. That should tell you how this map went for the Surge. Paris dominated this map from start to finish, led by Louqa who finished 33/21 with 1:50 HT, as they 250-110.

This took us to Arklov Peak for Search and Destroy, and this was when Seattle finally woke up. The map was back and forth the entire way, with Octane doing everything he could do will his team to a win. He finished the map 14/6, but it wasn’t enough as Paris won the map 6-4. Shockz led the way for the Legion, going 12/6 to help his team pull out the victory.

With the Legion one win away from completing the sweep and moving on in the tournament, the series shifted to Hackney Yard for Domination. Paris was able to jump out to a 96-59 lead at halftime, and looked as if they would take the map comfortably. That wasn’t the case as Seattle stormed back to make it just a 3 point game with just 30 seconds to go. Paris was able to clutch up in crunch time, and led by Denz (24/13), the Legion won the map 153-150 and completed the 3-0 sweep over the Surge.

Paris advances in the Losers’ Bracket and will now await their opponent from Winners’ Round 1. Seattle is eliminated from the postseason.

OpTic Gaming Los Angeles vs. Los Angeles Guerrillas

If you thought the first match of the day was a little boring or lacked some drama and intensity, then this match-up of LA teams provided all that and then some. The series started on a Gun Runner Hardpoint, and it seems that LAG heard the yearlong criticism of its respawn performance, because they came out swinging in this one. LAG jumped out to an early 119-64 lead through the first set of Hardpoint rotations, but OGLA was able to force their way back into the game, with OpTic trailing 199-175 at one point. However, that’s when disaster struck for OGLA as Kuavo disconnected from the game, forcing OpTic to finish the map with 4 players. That proved to be too much as the Guerrillas won the map 250-217. Decemate was incredible on this map, going 45/30 with 1:03 of HT to lead his team to victory.

The two teams stayed on Gun Runner for the Search and Destroy, a game mode many would have expected LAG to win. OpTic seemed ready for the Guerrillas on this game mode, as they seemed to be in the right spots every time, and coupled with some great play-calling, OGLA took the map 2 6-4 and tied the series up at 1-1. Slasher dominated the map, finishing with a score line of 13/4.

With the series tied at 1-1, the teams moved to St. Petrograd for the all-important Domination. OGLA came out swinging to start this game, and threatened to make it a blow out before halftime, but LAG was able to make it a 15 point lead at the half. Although LAG attempted to take the lead on multiple occasions, OpTic was just too strong and won the map 169-155; TJHaly left his mark on this map, going 24/20 to go along with 7 flag captures and getting crucial multi-kills when his team needed it.

With OGLA now up 2-1, the teams stayed on St. Petrograd for the second Hardpoint. Unlike the first Hardpoint, this was a tight game from the start with both teams trading hills back and forth. However, with the Guerrillas up 117-102, Kuavo again was lagged out of the match, forcing OpTic to once again play with four players. That proved to be too tall of a task, and OpTic fell 250-151, forcing a map 5.

This is where things really started to get interesting in this series. Due to Kuavo constantly lagging out of matches, the team decided to substitute him with Dashy, in order to prevent another lag out during the final map of the series, which would be a Piccadilly Search and Destroy. While it was a risky decision to call on a guy who hasn’t played in the League since June, it turned out to be the right decision. Dashy took back his sniping position and dominated from the book store, picking off player after player as he finished the map 9/7 and OGLA won 6-4.

OGLA advanced to the second round of the Losers’ Bracket, while LAG was eliminated from the tournament.

Credit to R11 Stats and FaZe Easy Mac for the statistics used in this article. Give them a follow below!

Published on 19. Aug 2020
Written by Eucerin / Twitter - @shasiif
Twitter - @its_easymac'
Twitter - @R11stats'

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