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CDL Playoffs 2020 Day Six Recap
Day 6 of the 2020 CDL Playoffs has come to a close, and we now know the final two teams that will battle it in the Grand Finals. Let's take a look at all the action that went down during Day 6 of the 2020 CDL Playoffs.

Chicago Huntsmen vs. London Royal Ravens

Coming into the match, I was surprised to see that the first two maps of ther series would be played on Rammaza. After seeing how well London, and in particular Seany, played last week on that map, I was expecting the Huntsmen to ban that map. That wasn’t the case, and it came back to bite Chicago, as the Ravens took the opening Hardpoint 250-224.

We stayed on Rammaza for Map 2, and facing the possibility of going down 2-0, Chicago bounced back to take the Search and Destroy. They won the map 6-4 with Envoy (11/8) leading the way. If there was any chance of the Ravens winning this series, they would have to win the Domination. This is the game mode that has given London fits all year, and that proved to be the case again in this series as well. Playing on Gun Runner, Chicago was able to win the Domination 160-145 and take a 2-1 series lead.

The teams then loaded into a St. Petrograd Hardpoint, with London now being one map loss away from being eliminated from the postseason. Now was the time for London to make their stand and play their best Call of Duty, but Chicago was having none of that. The Huntsmen dominated Map 4, at one point holding a 90 point lead. That would prove to be too big of a lead for the Ravens, as they fell in Map 4 250-166 and were eliminated from the Playoffs. Envoy was spectacular for Chicago on this map, going 31/18 with 1:49 HT.

Chicago would advance to play the Loser of the Dallas Empire vs. Atlanta FaZe Winners Final Match.

Atlanta FaZe vs. Dallas Empire

The Winners Final matchup featured the top two teams of the year, battling it out for the right to head to the Grand Finals. The series started on with an Azhir Cave Hardpoint and Dallas looked to be in control for majority of the map. In my CDL Awards Ballot, I wrote that I was anticipating the Empire to pull out some strategies that we hadn’t seen before. During this map, the Empire paid no attention to try and control P4; rather they focused their attention to securing spawns for P5 and locking that side of the map down. Once the hardpoint shifted to P5, we were thrown another curve ball in that Shotzzy was holding down top broken with a Grau. That strategy proved to be lethal as they soaked up majority of the time on both P5’s, and even though Atlanta made a valiant effort, it ultimately wasn’t enough as Dallas took Game 1 250-230.

Map 2 would be played on Gun Runner, a map that both these teams have had their fair share of success on. Empire had another strong start, jumping out to a quick 3-1 lead, but Atlanta showed their might and battled back to make it 3-3. From there, FaZe would dominate the map, as they went on to take the map 2, 6-4. This set up the all-important Domination on St. Petrograd and Dallas once again came out hot, taking a 88-67 lead at the half. But the second half would be a different story, as FaZe absolutely dominated the second half to win the map 161-153.

Now on the brink of elimination, Dallas would have to win a Gun Runner Hardpoint to push the series to a Map 5. Unlike the previous 3 Maps, this was an extremely tight map throughout. From start to finish, neither team was able to build a decent amount of separation from the other. After going back and forth throughout, it all came down to P2, with the score tied at 239. In the end, Dallas was able to prevent FaZe from breaking into the point, and Dallas took the map 250-239.

Now entering Map 5, both teams would battle it out on Rammaza for the right to advance in the Playoffs and to avoid dropping down into the Losers Bracket. Similar to Map 2, Dallas came out strong and jumped to a quick 3-0 lead. Atlanta would battle back, but once Dallas took a commanding 5-2 lead, the writing was on the wall. Give credit to Clayster, who put on a show and reminded us why he’s one of the greatest players to ever play this game. There were multiple rounds where Atlanta held the man advantage, but Clayster and his teammates worked together to take that advantage back, and thanks to that, they took the map 6-3 and moved on to the Grand Finals.

Atlanta FaZe vs. Chicago Huntsmen

It seemed fitting that we got to see these two teams battle it out one last time to see who truly the superior team was. Both teams had beaten the other once, but this would be the deciding matchup. It all began with a Gun Runner Hardpoint, where Chicago looked primed and ready for some revenge. The Huntsmen looked like they were in control for the majority of the map, as the took map 1 comfortably, 250-166.

The series then shifted to a Arklov Peak Search and Destroy, a repeat from their match-up last week. When watching this match, it seemed obvious that Chicago was playing like the better team, yet through two rounds, Atlanta held a 2-0 lead. They would go on to increase that lead to 4-2, but Chicago would battle back to tie at 5-5. In the end, it was Atlanta that would take the map 6-5, and tie the series at 1-1.

The series then shifted to a Gun Runner Domination, where both teams battled to a 79-79 draw at the end of the first half. From there, Atlanta displayed their dominance, controlling the map and preventing Chicago from getting back into the game. FaZe would go on to win the map 168-147.

Chicago was now on the brink of elimination heading into a St. Petrograd Hardpoint, and boy did they come out swinging. Atlanta failed to even record a single kill through the first minute of the game, but quickly woke up after, preventing Chicago from running away with this game. Both teams battled back and forth in what was a fantastic match to watch, with the game coming down a P5 hold from Atlanta. That’s where Cellium went huge for FaZe, going on a 7 kill streak to prevent Chicago from breaking in, while his teammates rotated at just the right time to walk away with a 250-239 win.

The loss eliminated Chicago from the Playoffs, while Atlanta moved on to the Grand Finals to face off against the Dallas Empire.

Published on 29. Aug 2020
Written by Eucerin / Twitter - @shasiif

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