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CDL Playoffs 2020 Day Three Recap
Chicago Huntsmen vs. New York Subliners

The Chicago Huntsmen began their attempt to win a championship by matching up with the New York Subliners in Winners Round 2. The last time these two teams matched up was during the New York Home Series, where New York was able to sweep a competitive series over the Huntsmen. The two teams started this playoff match-up with a Rammaza Hardpoint. Chicago started off on the less preferred side of the map, and was actually able to flip the spawns in the beginning of the match. However, even though Chicago was making the right plays and tried to stay ahead of New York, they seemed flustered and out of rhythm, as New York jumped out to a hot start. Although Chicago attempted to get back in the game, New York took game 1 handily, winning 250-168. Attach led the way for the Subliners, going 27/16 with 10 Assists to help his team go up 1-0.

That took us to game 2 which was Search and Destroy on Arklov Peak. This game more than made up for the lack of intensity that we saw in game 1, with both teams going back and forth. New York was able to jump out to a 2-0 lead, but Chicago quickly responded, and both teams traded rounds until the game was tied at 5-5. Desperately needing a win to tie up the series, Arcitys (10/10) was able to go huge in the Round 11, picking up 4 kills in the final round to give his team the map 2 win.

The teams then met on Gun Runner for Domination, and although Chicago started off the game relatively well, a late run by New York to close the half gave the Subliners a 79-75 lead at the half. The second half was back and forth the entire way, with Chicago holding a small lead for the majority of the half. But with a minute to go, and New York threatening to take a two flag setup, Envoy (20/20) was able to make a clutch play at the C flag, getting two kills to neutral the flag and then helping his team retake the B flag. That play was just enough for the Huntsmen to take the map, as they won 149-145.

With Chicago needing just one more win to close out the series, the two teams moved to a Hackney Yard Hardpoint. Chicago played much better in the second Hardpoint of the series, with Scump (31/26, 1:18 HT) starting the match 8/0. Chicago was able to get excellent time on P1, but New York responded by breaking P2 and preventing the Huntsmen from jumping out to a sizable lead early in the game. The two best Hardpoint teams in the league battled it out from there, neither being able to get separation from the other. It all came down to a P5 with Chicago leading 229-217, with New York needing to hold this hill to force a map 5. With all 5 Subliner players set up to stop the push, they were able to prevent a break and won the map 250-231 to force a map 5. Mack led the way for the Subliners, going 31/24 with 1:16 HT, stepping up when his team needed him the most.

The final map of the series would be played on St. Petrograd, with the right to advance in the Winners’ Bracket on the line. With his team on the brink of falling to the Losers’ Bracket Scump (12/2) reminded us that, when it comes to Champs, he is one of the few players who are truly able to hit another level of play. He made clutch play after clutch play, as Chicago took the map 5 handily, winning 6-2 and advancing to the next round in the Winners’ Bracket.

Chicago will now face the Atlanta FaZe tomorrow, while New York will play the winner of Paris Legion vs. London Royal Ravens

Florida Mutineers vs. Toronto Ultra

The last match of the day featured the 7th seeded Ultra taking on the 3rd seeded Mutineers. The match began on Azhir Cave, a map that Florida is comfortable playing on thanks to the three AR setup they can run with Owakening, Skyz and Fero. Toronto quickly proved that they didn’t care about that, as they jumped out to big lead early in the game. Regardless, Florida battled back to take a 225-209 lead going to P5. Needing to clutch up to prevent a Game 1 blunder, Toronto made its stand, as they took just enough time off of that hill to win the game 250-232. Cammy lead the way for the Ultra, going 28/23 to help his to a 1-0 series lead.

The second map took us to Piccadilly for Search and Destroy, a map that Cammy has dominated in recent events with his sniper. However, Florida refused to let him get in a groove, as they dominated this map from start to finish, winning 6-4 to tie the series at 1-1. Havok was outstanding on this map, going 12/5 and frustrating the Ultra each round. With the series tied at 1-1, the next map would be a Hackney Yard Domination. Although Florida never let the first half get out of reach, the Ultra were able to take an 81-72 lead at the half. The Mutineers came out strong to start the second half; battling back to take the lead at one point, but Toronto was able to withstand the barrage and answer back, taking a lead that they would not relinquish. They would end up winning the map 161-156.

Toronto now led the series 2-1, and heading into a St. Petrograd Hardpoint, they seemed primed to put this series to bed. Toronto was in control of this map for the majority of the game, holding a 30 point lead for most of the map. However, this map would soon be flipped on its head. Florida battled back on P3 to take a 190-188 lead going into the Pool Hall Hardpoint, but Frosty was able to get a key entry kill into the hill just as Toronto was getting set, preventing them from taking an insurmountable lead, causing the rotation to continue into bottom restaurant.

That’s where Florida was able to do more of the same, preventing the Ultra from winning the map on that hill and forcing a rotation to P1, where the entire team was already set up. This caused chaos as Florida could win the map on this hill, meaning that Ultra would now have to try and break into the hill. While they weren’t able to take control of the hill, they were able to contest the point just enough to trigger another rotation, where Ultra were already setup and needed just 5 points for the win. Florida wasn’t able to make the rotation in time, and Toronto won the 250-249, winning the series 3-1 and knocking the Mutineers down to the Losers’ Bracket.

Toronto will now play the Dallas Empire tomorrow, while the Florida Mutineers will face the winner of the OpTic Gaming vs. Minnesota Rokkr

Published on 21. Aug 2020
Written by Eucerin / Twitter - @shasiif

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