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CDL Power Rankings after the New York Home Series
Only two events to go now before Champs! Some teams are hitting their stride at just the right time, while others are falling off dramatically. So, who is looking good, who is looking bad and who is looking ugly? Let's take a look at the power rankings following the New York home series...

12. Los Angeles Guerrillaslogo std.pngLos Angeles Guerrillas

If you lose to Paris Legion 3-0 you're going to the bottom of the power rankings. It's harsh, but it's that straightforward. The ability is there, we seen it on display at the Minnesota home series, but that seems a distant memory at the moment. A sizable bounce back is needed.

11. Seattle Surgelogo std.pngSeattle Surge

It's always difficult to place a team that haven't competed for an extended period, but, the standings don't tell any lies. They're currently rock bottom. They do, however, have back-to-back events coming up to close out the regular season so if they do improve they'll go flying up the power rankings and the standings.

10. Paris Legionlogo std.pngParis Legion

As wonderful as it was to see Legion end their three month drought, they're still stuck in that dogfight at the bottom of the standings. Their final event of the regular season is this weekend, though. They face Empire in the first round *gulp* but, it's likely they'll end up facing the Guerrillas in the loser's bracket again. Can they notch up another win? It could be a crucial match-up.

9. OpTic Gaming Los Angeleslogo std.pngOpTic Gaming Los Angeles

Another team that have had some much needed downtime in between events. Make no mistake about it, OpTic were horrendous at the Paris home series. The resurgence we witnessed at the Florida and the Seattle home series seems a lifetime ago now. They do, however, have a fantastic opportunity to step up this weekend at the London home series. They face the Mutineers in round one, but could go head-to-head with Surge in the loser's bracket, which could set them up for a more successful weekend.

8. Minnesota RØKKRlogo std.pngMinnesota RØKKR

The fall from grace continues. Another weekend to forget for the RØKKR, who have now gone four consecutive events without finishing in the top four. To add a little more context to their downfall the RØKKR have only picked up 20 CDL points in the last four events, compared to 100 CDL points from the first four. The switch from LAN to online has definitely taken its toll but that's just how it is now. They need to adapt and they need to do it quickly.

7. Toronto Ultralogo std.pngToronto Ultra

Ultra are a squad who are hitting the right notes at the right time. If you're going to be shooting blanks at any point in the year, do it early on. They're a complete polar opposite to the RØKKR, really. In the last four events they've more than double their CDL points tally. OK, granted, they're still in the murky waters with Legion and OpTic; but if any team is going to emerge from that and cause some real upsets when Champs rolls around it's these guys. If you're one of only five teams to beat FaZe you're doing something right.

6. London Royal Ravenslogo std.pngLondon Royal Ravens

The Royal Ravens remain the team that just can't seem to make the jump to being considered one of the top-tier teams. They have moments of brilliance coupled with moments of monumental collapse, but there's always that glimmer of hope that it'll all come good at some point. It's a bit like playing golf. You could be terrible for 17 holes then, out of nowhere, you'll play the most wonderful shot on the 18th and just like that you'll think to yourself 'if I could do that every shot I'd be a pro'. You'll then come back the following week full of hope only for the same thing to happen again.

5. Dallas Empirelogo std.pngDallas Empire

Am I really going to sit here and say that Empire are the fifth best team? No, not really. They just fall into the 'didn't play this weekend' bracket and I simply can't ignore how incredible the Subliners are at this moment in time. If they were to face off right now, which may very well happen this weekend, I think Empire would struggle to deal with the Subliners' outright slaying power; especially with the new meta. That's why I've placed them below New York. I look forward to them winning every match 3-0 this weekend and making me look like a complete fool.

4. New York Sublinerslogo std.pngNew York Subliners

I'm still not over how sensational the Subliners were against the Huntsmen in their home series final. Every single member of that squad has the ability to light up the kill feed and that's exactly what they did. In the last four events they have picked up 110 CDL points. Prior to that they only had 20. I wondered what happened to spark that kind of turnaround in fortunes? Mack happened. If this squad can keep this momentum going they could end up taking home a nice big cheque at Champs.

3. Atlanta FaZelogo std.pngAtlanta FaZe

Oh how the mighty have fallen. FaZe went from losing only two of their first 19 games to losing 4 of their last 10. The most worrying thing is that two of those four most recent losses were devastating 3-0s at the hands of the Huntsmen and the Mutineers. Despite the current wobble, there are still a lot of positives for FaZe. ABeZy for one is an absolute joke. He is a nuke with legs. Secondly, they still sit comfortably at the top of the standings and have a weekend off to press the reset button and correct their mistakes. They only make very small errors, but other teams around them are really starting to capitalise on them and make them pay. If they can iron those little bumps out they'll quickly become the team to beat again. That invincibility is long gone now, though.

2. Chicago Huntsmenlogo std.pngChicago Huntsmen

Finally. We waited months to see the Huntsmen take on FaZe. Everyone was excited, the viewership went through the roof and predictions were flying around all over the place. And then it happened. A quick 3-0. Just like that. The Huntsmen are clearly liking this new meta. They dominated FaZe from start to finish and it looked as though they would waltz to another home series win. Well... it didn't quite go to plan. The Subliners ended up roasting them 3-0 in the final. Perhaps they were so hyped for the FaZe match-up they just weren't taking the Subliners seriously enough? Who knows. They'll be hoping it was an anomaly on what was otherwise a stellar weekend. The most notable change was, of course, the improvement to their S&D game. S&D has been the Huntsmen's weak spot all year long and, based on the evidence from this weekend, that's no loner the case.

1. Florida Mutineerslogo std.pngFlorida Mutineers

They're still the best team in the game. Period. That's kind of all that needs to be said really. For some reason people are still trying to criticise their credentials. To those people I say: stop it. They're the real deal and I fully expect them to win the London home series this weekend.

Published on 14. Jul 2020
Written by Aaron Rook / Twitter - @AaronRook91

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