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CDL Toronto Day Two
The Final Home Series of the year has failed to disappoint so far, with Day 2 being filled with wild finsihes and crazy upsets. Let's take a look at everything that went down during Day 2 of CDL Toronto.

Dallas Empire vs. Atlanta FaZe: Similar to almost every match this weekend, this series had major implications on playoff seeding for the Playoffs. Personally, I expected Dallas to come into the match with a ton of momentum, coming off their reverse sweep over the Florida Mutineers yesterday. But you need much more than momentum to knock off FaZe, and that was clear from the first map. A tightly contested Hardpoint on Gun Runner ended with a 250-219 win for Atlanta. aBeZy (33/28) and Simp (27/24) were able to continue their stellar performance from yesterday, leading the way in a tightly contested match.

Map 2 kept us at Gun Runner for a Search and Destroy, and this was another map that came down to the wire. Both these teams kept going back and forth with each other, but it was Priestahh (13/7) making plays and being able to continuously flank Dallas that ended up being the difference maker in the match.

That took us to Domination on; you guessed it, Gun Runner! And just like the previous two matches, this one was super close. Atlanta seemed to be in control for a majority of the match, but Dallas pushed back, taking a two flag hold with a minute left in the game. The score was tied 150-150 with just 24 seconds to go, but Cellium and Priestahh were both able to go huge at the B flag, securing it with clutch kills and winning the map 160-155.

Atlanta moved on to the Semi-Finals while Dallas dropped to the Losers’ Bracket.

Toronto Ultra vs. Chicago Huntsmen: With Atlanta’s win over Dallas, this game put a lot of pressure on Chicago to get the job done against the Ultra. For Toronto, this was the next step in trying to win the tournament, as the only way they can move to the Winners’ Bracket for the Playoffs would be winning the entire event.

The game started with Rammaza Hardpoint, with Toronto jumping out to an early 107-36, helped in part by an unfortunate flip of spawns during the third hill. Chicago wouldn’t go down without a fight though, bringing the score back to 200-200 during the second rotation of hills. The Huntsmen would go on to close out the map, winning 250-228. Arcitys led the way for Chicago, going a stellar 31/16 on the map.

That was followed with a Gun Runner Search and Destroy, with Cammy (15/5) being able to continue his stellar Search and Destroy play to force the game to a Round 11. With the clock winding down, Scump was able to get the kill onto Cammy just before the bomb could be defused, giving the Hunstmen a 2-0 edge.

Map 3 was played on a Hackney Yard Domination, and this was a great start for the Huntsmen. Even though they started on the less preferred side of the map, they were able to take a 90-72 lead at halftime. But Toronto was able to come back and get the job done with Classic (22/17) leading the way. The Ultra won the map 161-157.

Coming into a Map 4 Hardpoint on St. Petrograd, Chicago had to feel very confident in their ability to close out the series here. But an unfortunate disconnect from Prestinni forced the Huntsmen to play the map down a man, and they could never recover, losing 250-58.

The final map would be played on a Piccadillly Search and Destroy for the right to advance to the Semi-Finals. This was tight back and forth map, but the momentum Toronto picked up in their map 4 win was enough to put them on top. Cammy put on another magnificent show with his sniper skills, going 11/5 to help his team win the map, 6-4.

Toronto secured their spot in the Semi-Final while Chicago was knocked down to the Losers’ Bracket.

Florida Mutineers vs. Minnesota Rokkr: The first elimination match of the day started with an Azhir Cave Hardpoint. This is a map that is tailored made for Florida, as they can run three AR’s and have dominated teams in previous matches. Therefore, it was a little surprising to see the Rokkr come away with a 250-244 victory. It was a tense back and forth map, but Rokkr were able to clutch up and take the map 1 win.

Map 2 took us to a Rammaza Search and Destroy that wasn’t all that competitive. Owakening led the way for his squad going 11/7 to help them win the map 6-3. Following that map, we were treated to a dominant performance from the Muntineers on Hackney Yard Domination. Florida took a 106-60 lead at halftime and wouldn’t come close to relinquishing it, winning 186-132. Fero (25/19) and Owakening (26/17) both dominated the map to help their team pull out the victory.

With a chance to close out the series, Florida was able to come up clutch and defeat the Rokkr on a Rammaza Hardpoint. Minnesota was almost able to come back and force a map 5, but the Muntineers just held too big of a lead, as they won the series 3-1.

The loss eliminated Minnesota from the tournament while Florida would advance to play Dallas.

Seattle Surge vs. OpTic Gaming Los Angeles: The second knockout match of the day featured two teams desperately trying to get any CDL Points they could this weekend. But this was a much bigger match for OGLA, and it showed with how well they played. The series began with a Gun Runner Hardpoint, which was a tightly contested battle. Both teams went back and forth but behind the efforts of Drazah (32/32) OGLA was able to win the map 250-232.

The second map took the teams to a Gun Runner Search and Destroy where OpTic once again established their power. Every player on OGLA finished with a positive KD on this map, with Kuavo (10/4) leading the way, as they won the map 6-3. This led us to the final map which was a Hackney Yard Domination, and once again, OpTic Gaming asserted their dominance, winning the match 160-145. Hollow (21/14) led the way for the team as they completed the sweep over the Seattle Surge.

The loss eliminated Seattle from the tournament and secured their spot as the 11th seed for the playoffs. OGLA advanced to face the Chicago Huntsmen.

Florida Mutineers vs. Dallas Empire: After a wild reverse sweep from Dallas in yesterday’s match-up between these two teams, it would have been reasonable to expect another tight series between two of the top four teams. The series began with a Gun Runner Hardpoint, similar to their series yesterday, but Dallas was well prepared for this rematch. It was a game that came down to the wire, but Dallas was able to take care of business and win the map 250-211. Shotzzy (41/28) was sensational this map, showing off his superb movement and proving why he’s such a strong MVP candidate.

The second map kept us at Gun Runner for a Search and Destroy, with the game going back and forth throughout. It came down to a Round 11, but Dallas showed why they’ve been such a strong SND team all year. The Empire was able to get the win, 6-5, with Shotzzy (10/8) once again leading the way for his team.

Down 0-2, Florida found themselves on the brink of elimination going into a Hackney Yard Domination. They were able to take a 20 point lead at halftime, leading 81-61, but as is always the case with Hackney Dom’s, the second half is where the real test comes. Dallas played an excellent second half, led by Huke (28/19), who has really started to come into his own for this Empire squad. With a 164-142 win, they eliminated Florida from the tournament, and advanced to play the Toronto Ultra tomorrow.

Florida is now locked into the Playoffs as the 3rd overall seed.

OpTic Gaming Los Angeles vs. Chicago Huntsmen: In the final knockout match of the evening, we had a match of two teams desperately trying to improve their seeding for the Playoffs. It all started with an Azhir Cave Hardpoint, where Chicago looked like they were going to win very comfortably. OpTic was able to come back and threaten to complete the comeback, but Chicago held on to win 250-233. Arcitys (44/30) had a stand out performance, leading his team in kills and hill time.

That was followed by a Rammaza Search and Destroy, where OGLA quickly jumped out to a 5-2 lead. But Chicago refused to go quietly, coming back all the way to force a Round 11. But OpTic’s aggression in the Round 11 was enough for them to take the map, with the Ice Man himself TJHaly (9/6) leading the way.

Hackney Yard Domination was the next map, and OpTic put on a clinic on how to play this map, jumping out to a 102-56 lead at halftime. Chicago started the second half strong cutting the lead down to 14 at one point, but the deficit proved to be too large, and OpTic won the map 168-141. Needing just one more map to close out the series, OpTic Gamings’ map selection of Hackney Yard Hardpoint was up next. Both teams played with aggression and desperation, but OGLA’s ability to infiltrate the Docks hill ended up being the difference maker, as the won the map 250-218, with Hollow (29/23) leading the way.

The loss eliminated Chicago from the tournament, locking them in to the 4th seed for the Playoffs. It also locks in Atlanta and Dallas as the top two seeds. OpTic Gaming advanced to face the Atlanta FaZe tomorrow.

This was a wild weekend for the CDL, be sure to check back next week for our coverage for Day 3 of the Toronto Home Series!

Credit to Cam Allen and FaZe Easy Mac for the statistics used in this article. Give them a follow below!

Published on 25. Jul 2020
Written by Eucerin / Twitter - @shasiif
Twitter - @its_easymac'
Twitter - @camallenn'

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