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CoD eSports Community Feedback: Advanced Warfare's Broadcaster Mode Changes

Following Call of Duty Championships 2015, the CoD eSports community offers feedback on Advanced Warfare's Broadcaster Mode...

After a very successful, exciting weekend of the Call of Duty Championship 2015 presented by Xbox, there is much praise to be given to Activision and Sledgehammer Games for putting together and marketing such an amazing event. The competition was stiff and the support will always be remembered. No event goes flawlessly from start to finish, and luckily almost all of the issues were ironed out after the conclusion of day one. However, an issue for both the casters and even the most experienced of spectators persisted throughout the weekend with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's Broadcaster mode.

Recently, Sledgehammer Games took the initiative to give their Broadcaster Mode, an in-game spectating utility for Call of Duty tournaments, an unexpected and well-recieved graphical update. FPS eSports have always struggled with having a well-organized spectator mode and user interface, and Call of Duty has only moved forward since the original implementation in Black Ops 2. However, issues with color consistency made the viewing experience a little difficult, and it did not go without community feedback and criticism. Below will be a short list of reported issues within the current system, and some suggestions for possible solutions. It is likely that SHG is already at work to bring us the best viewer experience possible.

1. Kill feed team colors are reversed. In this animated gif, FaZe.pngFaZe Apathy is on Team Sentinel, represented as the Blue team. However, in the kill feed, he is represented as a player for the red team, when the rest of the user interface suggests otherwise. This can prove to be even more confusing when a kill is displayed through another point of view, as expressed in this gif of a clutch play made by TCM-Gaminglogo square.pngTCM ShAnE.

2. When teams switch sides in Capture the Flag, flag colors contradict the color scheme. As seen in this image, Orbit.pngOrbit Accuracy is on Team Atlas, represented as the Red team. Yet, he is seen carrying a Red flag to return it to his team's Blue flag. This image is a much less confusing representation of Optic.pngOpTic Crimsix of the Blue team carrying a red flag to his Blue base, but his home flag just so happens to be Away in this instance. It would be ideal for flag colors to coordinate upon switching rounds.

3. The only way to see the progress of a bomb plant is to spectate the player arming it. This is not nearly as big of an issue, but it has been suggested to have a timer somewhere on the screen that can display when a player is planting or defusing a bomb. This can create a sense of suspense that the opposing team is running out of time.

Overall, there are very few issues with Advanced Warfare's Broadcaster Mode and it is an amazing tool that should be utilized at every competitive event. Ever since the inception of this mode in 2012, it has seen great improvements in every update. The community looks forward to see what SHG will bring to the table next.

Published on 30. Mar 2015
Written by Rondez "Fox" Green - @RondezFox

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