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Revealing COD Gamepedia's 2018-2019 Power Rankings

Revealing COD Gamepedia's 2018-2019 Power Rankings

As we kick off the start of the Black Ops 4 CWL Season, COD Gamepedia is excited to unveil our official Power Rankings heading in to CWL Las Vegas. The 2018-2019 kickoff event runs from December 6th, where the pool play Play-In takes place, immediately followed by the main event, which lasts from December 7-9. The 20 pool play teams as well as a sold-out open bracket will compete for their share of $250,000 and a spot in the 2019 CWL Pro League.

Our power rankings were created from a panel of 10 members of COD Gamepedia, ranging from wiki editors, content creators, social media managers, and to community influencers. We asked each individual to rank their top 16 teams based off 2k and CMG ProDown performances. Each team was assigned a point value based on their ranking; with a first place slot earning 1 point, second place earning 2 points, and so on. Each team’s total was combined and an average for each team submitted was created. Teams who may have been excluded from certain lists were given an 18 point value to accommodate potential variations on possible placings (for example one member could have put them 17, with another putting them at a 19 slot). The team with the lowest total points takes the number 1 ranking, the team with the second fewest points is ranked 2nd, etc. Regarding tiebreakers, the team who won the most recent matchup in a competitive setting took the higher ranking. For example, 100 Thieves and Red Reserve were tied in our rankings with an average of 3.6. Since 100T beat Red 3-2 in the most recent CMG ProDown, they took third place (Note- pro scrims are not a factor regarding tiebreakers. In future rankings this will be based off the most recent LAN match-up). We will continue to update this ranking as the season progresses, with a new edition after each LAN event as well as periodically throughout the CWL Pro League.

How each person's picks went down

Screenshot 2018-12-05 at 6.01.48 PM.png Screenshot 2018-12-05 at 6.02.03 PM.png

Published on 04. Dec 2020
Written by Druid / Twitter - @Druid__00'

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