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Rostermania Lowdown: May 4th
We are only 3 days from roster lock, but there are many questions yet to be answered as to the fate of some of the biggest names in the scene. I’ll do my best to culminate all the post-Seattle rumours into what we’re 99% sure of, and where we are still in the dark. My sources include the “CoDBurner’s” latest post, Episode 5 of NAMELESS'S CoDCast and yesterday’s EGL interview with Skrapz, if you’d like to see for yourself.

North America

I have no choice but to start with OpTic Gaming; the longest-standing roster in Call of Duty history has almost certainly collapsed. Scump and Crimsix appear to have recruited Octane from Luminosity Gaming. This leaves the team in need of a secondary SMG, as Crimsix has set his heart on the flex role. OpTic have tried to acquire John, ZooMaa and Kenny, but all moves have fallen through due to personal or contract issues. News broke on Tuesday that Methodz’s contract was never fully bought out by Team Kaliber, as Rise Nation were in a hurry to secure SlasheR in his place. OG are rumored to have obtained Methodz’s contract as a bargaining chip for ZooMaa, but FaZe Clan are unsurprisingly unwilling to forfeit their star SMG player.

This leaves OpTic in a difficult position, and if they fail to pick up a player outside of the CWL Pro League - such as Royalty - Methodz is the most likely 4th. Karma could return to consideration for the line-up, but Scump allegedly does not want to play with the 3-time World Champion. An OpTic team of Scump, Crimsix, Octane and Methodz would be a very interesting assortment of players, as Octane and Methodz have found most success in a slow, hardpoint-orientated Assault Rifle (AR) role. Methodz did play the flex position for Censor’s Next Threat roster at the start of the year, so I can see Scump and Crim as SMGs if necessary, with Octane running the main AR. This does not seem like a desirable outcome for OG, but time is ticking nonetheless. Scump and Crimsix, said to be disappointed with the direction of OpTic’s management, were seeking offers from other organisations. However, it now seems that the team will remain under the OpTic Gaming brand, an announcement that would relieve many fans.

FormaL and Octane appear to have swapped teams, as the formidable AR player joins John, JKap and Slacked on Luminosity. This has been “confirmed” by screenshots of scrims between the new Luminosity, Team EnVyUs and eUnited; with the latter teams seemingly sticking to their Seattle roster. FaZe Clan and Echo Fox are also reportedly maintaining their line-up, in addition to CWL Seattle Champions Rise Nation. Gunless was rumoured to be leaving Rise to join forces with FormaL, but with Formal finding a new home on Luminosity, Gunless would be ill-advised to leave a team that won a championship on their first attempt.

Karma’s future remains very uncertain. If he does not land back on the OpTic roster, one of very few options would be a move to Team Kaliber, for a much-reduced salary. As a result, the father-of-one may be forced to follow Nameless’s footsteps into content creation until at least the next game.

Rumoured Pro League Rosters


Despite a relatively successful year for European Call of Duty so far, with 3 grand finals appearances between Red Reserve and Splyce, a crushing CWL Seattle has prompted changes. Tommey announced last week that he has been dropped from the active Splyce roster. According to Skrapz’s recent interview with Tunn of EGL, he had been approached to join Splyce, but found a subsequent offer from Red Reserve more attractive in terms of team roles; with Joshh losing out. Joshh’s contract has been bought out by UNILAD Esports in an exchange, but it appears he will not end up here.

As Tommey explained on the most recent CoDCast, he was offered Skrapz’s spot on UNILAD , but did not immediately accept as other offers were on the table. By the time Tommey could reach a conclusion, UNILAD are rumored to have targeted Zed, formerly of Cyclone. The move works from a role perspective, but the team may suffer without a veteran leader such as Tommey. Joshh will hypothetically return to Splyce, in the face of previous complications with management. It’s looking likely that Tommey will have the unenviable position of either fighting through the National League and Last-Chance Qualifer to Champs, or sitting out the rest of the season to focus on content.

Rumoured Pro League Rosters

As Call of Duty has grown and evolved, contracts play a greater and greater role in potential roster moves. Multiple teams may not end up with the exact roster they were seeking, even the Greenwall. Roster lock is only 3 days away; all will soon be set in stone.

Published on 04. May 2018
Written by Arran Francis / Twitter - @TheTacticalRab

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