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Timeline since OpTic Gaming's Formation (Apr 2015 - Apr 2018)
The longest-standing Call of Duty roster in history has officially collapsed, with reigning World Champions OpTic Gaming releasing Formal and Karma for Octane and Methodz. The team of Scump, Crimsix, Formal, and Karma have been together for just over 3 years, with 13 LAN championships under their belt with the roster, and 18 since Formal joined the line-up. However, after finally winning CWL Champs 8 months ago to cement their dynasty, they are yet to win an event in the World War 2 season. Despite being in prime position to take Stage 1 playoffs, they lost 2 Best of 5s to FaZe Clan; both in heart-breaking Game 5 fashion. This seemed to be the breaking point for the roster, preceding the final nail in the coffin; a T16 finish at CWL Seattle.

As a tribute to the line-up, I’m going to take you on a trip down memory lane, recapping everything that changed in the competitive Call of Duty landscape since this legendary team formed.

Apr 2015: OpTic Gaming picks up Karma for NaDeSHoT following a 7th place finish at AW Champs.

May 2015: Gunshy retires from TCM Gaming & Mochila joins OpTic Nation, to leave 3 months later.

May 2015: OpTic win their first Championship with Karma, at UMG California.

Jun 2015: ACHES, John, Clayster and Rambo edge out Scump, Merk, JKap and BigTymeR to win MLG’s $5000 Black Ops 2 Throwback tournament.

Jun 2015: OpTic achieve back-to-back X Games Gold Medals, winning S2 Playoffs in Austin, Texas.

Jul 2015: Doug “Censor” Martin starts dating Yanet Garcia.

Aug 2015: Swanny leaves the Epsilon eSports.NA team of Remy, Nagafen and Royalty. All European pros playing in North America also return, as the EU CWL league announcement is imminent.

Aug 2015: Havok clutches this unforgettable 1v4 against OpTic’s new roster at UMG Dallas, where FaZe Clan beat OpTic in the finals (Video)

Sep 2015: OpTic win UMG Washington DC, before falling to FaZe Clan in 2 Best of 7s at S3 Playoffs later in the month.

Sep 2015: The Call of Duty World League is announced.

Oct 2015: OpTic win the $100,000 grand prize at MLG World Finals, defeating Denial’s SlasheR, Huke, Temp and Classic in the grand final. Karma’s memorable MORS 1v2 (Video) is arguably the play of the event.

Nov 2015: Black Ops 3 is released.

Nov 2015: OpTic Nation disband, with the CWL’s “1 team in the league per organisation” rule coming into effect.

Dec 2015: Huke, TJHaLy, and Kenny retire. Huke returns from Halo to form the old Denial roster under Team EnVyUs in Nov 2017.

Dec 2015: Machine joins the talent line-up as host and caster for the Black Ops 3 season, leaving for ESL after CWL Champs 2016.

Feb 2016: FaZe forfeits their league match against compLexity Gaming; as Clayster uses an “illegal” glitch on Stronghold SnD; leading to the famous “WHO KNOWS!?!?” (Video)

Feb 2016: The $10,000 Turn on; OpTic destroys Slacked as OpTic win the UMG Prime $25k Variant Challenge. (Video)

Apr 2016: Karma turns on Pacman in this hilarious Hunted SnD against TSM in Stage 1 of the NA CWL League.(Video)

Apr 2016: OpTic beat Octane’s Rise Nation in an intense Game 7 Round 11 fashion on Infection SnD; fending off the reverse sweep at Stage 1 Playoffs. (Video). Later in April, OpTic go on to beat Millenium to win the Crown Melbourne Invitational in Melbourne.

Apr 2016: H2k-Gaming reverse sweep Team Liquid in NA CWL Stage 1 Relegation in a Best of 7 series. Merk retires to work for MLG League Ops while Apathy is acquired by Team EnVyUs.

Apr 2016: 100 Thieves, founded by NaDeSHoT, enter Call of Duty, picking up KingPapey's roster of Royalty, Nelson, Examples and Johnny. The roster made it into Stage 2, defeating a Team Kaliber without Goonjar, who couldn’t addend due to VISA issues. MBoZe came to the rescue as substitute; his last professional tournament to date.

May 2016: OpTic win ESWC 2016; beating Splyce in the grand finals with the help of Scump’s famous 7-piece on Stronghold Hardpoint (Video).

May 2016: Crowder joins FaZe Clan as an analyst.

May 2016: TeePee retires, proceeding to work as an analyst and caster for MLG until joining OpTic Gaming as a coach in Dec 2017.

May 2016: Gotaga effectively retires from competitive Call of Duty, moving into YouTube content creation.

Jun 2016: OpTic extend their win-streak to 4 events, taking down Elevate to win CWL Anaheim. FeLonY's 15 streak vs OpTic was one of the highlights of the event. (Video)

Jul 2016: Dream Team place 2nd to Team EnVyUs at Stage 2 Playoffs, fielding a roster of KiLLa, Chino, Diabolic and Sender. OpTic lost out in the quarterfinals to StuDyy's Luminosity Gaming squad, while KiLLa clutched this 1v2 to knock out LG and make the finals. (Video)

Jul 2016: Saints’s wife gives birth to their first son, Kai Forza.

Aug 2016: Pacman, Whea7s, Ivy & Accuracy join eUnited; with Burnsoff retiring to a coaching position with the new organisation.

Aug 2016: OpTic bounce back from their S2 defeat with victory at Orlando, with Crimsix stating “This is just practice for the big one”. (Video)

Sep 2016: CWL Champs: ACHEs's Cloud9 knock OpTic Gaming out in 7/8th place via incredible Game 5 Round 11 fashion (Video). Team EnVyUs and SlasheR go on to win the lion’s share of $2 million, beating Splyce 3-1 in the Grand Finals. JKap ties up with Karma at 2 World Championship rings.

Oct 2016: PHiZZURP tragically passes away in a car accident at the age of 24.

Oct 2016: UMG Orlando is cancelled due to Hurricane Matthew.

Oct 2016: MBoZe, NAMELESS, Parasite & Ricky win Hitch’s MW2 Farewell Tournament.

Nov 2016: Infinite Warfare is released.

Jan 2017: Fnatic pick up a CoD team of Tommey, Skrapz, Wuskin and SunnyB, only to leave in September.

Feb 2017: Mindfreak drop Denz for Excite, before joining again in May.

Feb 2017: eUnited’s Gunless, Arcitys, Prestinni & SiLLY win CWL Atlanta, with the former 3 starting their professional career in 2016. OpTic Gaming lost out in the Grand Finals, but were a crucial Karma 1v1 (Video) away from being eliminated 7/8th. Multiple sources have suggested if that 1v1 went the other way, OpTic may have made a change after this event.

Feb 2017: OpTic followed up their 2nd place with a comfortable victory over FaZe Clan at CWL Paris.

Feb 2017: Neslo leaves Echo Fox to take competitive hiatus.

Mar 2017: Joshh leaves Splyce to join Epsilon eSports for Desire, a month before beating Splyce 6-0 on map count in the CWL Birmingham finals.

Mar 2017: OpTic take down eUnited in an enthralling 10 map CWL Dallas Grand final; after eUnited reverse sweeped OpTic in the 1st Best of 5, on the back of Gunless’s 18 kill Game 5 (Video).

Mar 2017: Revan retires from casting / analysis, to return at the start of the WW2 season.

Apr 2017: Breakout SnD replaced Scorch in the CWL Ruleset.

May 2017: Splyce win Europe’s first ever international LAN on NA soil, defeating Luminosity at S1 Playoffs; in unforgettable Game 5 Round 11 fashion (Video).

June 2017: Gunless traded to FaZe for Clayster, after refusing to play for eUnited for personal issues within the team.

June 2017: Splyce reach back-to-back grand finals, losing out to LG despite the incredible map 1 Scorch Hardpoint (Video)

June 2017: Slasher completes Master’s Degree in Robotics Engineering.

July 2017: OpTic take down a resurgent nV in 2 Best of 5s to win Stage 2 Playoffs, helped by this hilarious uplink choke from JKap (Video)

Aug 2017: OpTic finally win the CWL World Championship, in a repeat of Stage 2 finals a month prior. Scump and FormaL earn their first ring, cementing the OpTic Gaming dynasty in the words of CouRage. Somewhat ironically, this would prove to be the final event victory this team would achieve. Team EnVyUs’s Uplink Comeback vs eUnited during a listen-in takes the cake for me as moment of the tournament (Video).

Aug 2017: Mr X and Puckett stop casting in Call of Duty, moving exclusively into the Overwatch League.

Aug 2017: Dedo, Saint, MBoZe, Sharp, CMPLX, StaiNViLLe, GunShy, PRPLXD, and Neslo come out of retirement; only to all retire again by April.

Nov 2017: WW2 is released.

Dec 2017: Team Kaliber win their first championship since UGC Niagara in Apr 2015, just after the formation of the OpTic roster. This was Kenny’s first LAN tournament in over 2 years; his entire career spanning less time than the OpTic roster’s duration.

Jan 2018: Team Kaliber go back-to-back, with victory at CWL New Orleans. OpTic finished T12, the organisation’s worst placing since the MLG Fall Championship 2013, fielding a team of Scump, NaDeSHoT, JKap & BigTymeR, where they placed T16.

Feb 2018: CouRage retires from casting to pursue a career in content-creation.

Feb 2018: Sharp, Neslo, KiLLa & MiRx join Ascendant Gaming, seemingly a last hurrah that ended with a T64 placing at CWL Atlanta. All players have effectively retired as of today.

Mar 2018: KiLLa's girlfriend gives birth to their second son, Oakley *Philip* James Sloss.

Apr 2018: OpTic Gaming, in prime position to win Stage 1 Playoffs; throw away the first 2 maps of a 2-series grand final, including this 5-1 comeback on London Docks SnD (Video). FaZe take home the title in 10 maps, their first major trophy since September 2015.

Apr 2018: OpTic fail to win their 6th tournament of the year, while equalling the worst placing in OpTic’s history at T16. Rise Nation, helped by TJHaly, complete the arguably greatest Losers’ Bracket run of all time, from T20 to the title, taking down ACHES’s new Evil Geniuses squad in clinical fashion.

Throughout this timeline, the roster has had its ups and downs, but gained a huge following along the way. If OpTic Gaming as an organisation are to stay in Call of Duty long-term, will the new roster garner the same support of the dynasty team? Doubtful at best. Maybe a more pressing question is whether the new roster, or any other roster from here on out in Call of Duty esports, will survive for as long. With the depth of competition we see today; it seems implausible to me that another line-up will stand the test of time the way this roster has. The target was on the back of this team for their entire reign; and yet they were still arguably the most successful team in three back-to-back titles. An achievement worthy of the highest recognition. We are entering a new era of competitive Call of Duty. The King is dead, long live the King!

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Published on 06. May 2018
Written by Arran Francis / Twitter - @TheTacticalRab'

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