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Top 5 Breakout Players of WW2

Top 5 BREAKOUT Players of WW2

The WW2 season is swiftly approaching its conclusion, with the Call of Duty World Championship just over 6 weeks away. It seems an appropriate time to look back on the year, and consider the top breakout talents that have made their name on the latest title. Breakout is a difficult word to define, but I consider it a typically young player who has surpassed their level of performance from previous years, helping their team to career-high placings, in usually their first year in the upper echelon of rosters.

I’m sure there will be controversy over who qualifies, but my interpretation excludes Huke, Temp, Wuskin and Skrapz from the list. Huke and Temp had their breakout year in Advanced Warfare, and despite impressive seasons in WW2 they have not surpassed their AW placings. Wuskin has shown great form since Skrapz’s departure from Unilad, but I’d argue he really came to prominence in Infinite Warfare. With this same reasoning, Skrapz’s breakout also came last year, the brothers placed T6 under big names Fnatic at Stage 2 and breached T3 twice at UK events.

Honourable Mentions

Methodz TJ
Methodz // Anthony Zinni is only 20 years of age but he’s been known in the professional circle since Black Ops 2. A fringe player of the last few years, Methodz has come into his own this time around, leading all with a 1.28 Respawn K/D. Starting out the season alongside Doug Censor Martin on Next Threat, he went on to win CWL Atlanta with Rise Nation, before being approached by none other than OpTic Gaming. His best year by a landslide deserves at least a mention, even if he technically broke out in Black Ops 2.

TJHaLy // There are many who would put TJ into the same category as Huke and Temp, and although he also had success in AW, this season he has ascended. Categorically the best SnD player of the first half of Stage 1, nearing a 1.7KD, he was a key factor in Rise’s early success. With three championships under his belt this year alone, he’s proved himself as a highly influential aggressive SMG player. While his breakout may have come in Advanced Warfare, his statistics and achievements this year earn high recognition.

Decemate // Jacob Cato could easily have snuck into the Top 5, coming out of the blue to solid placings with DooM Clan; later eRa Eternity and Reckless. Decemate reached a height of Top 6 at CWL Birmingham alongside fellow former SnD stars Blazt and Fero. He performed sufficiently to prompt a callup to Team EnVyUs after SlasheR’s departure. Cato’s consistency is a key factor to nV’s Pro League victories, with an impressive reliability rarely found among young breakout talents.


#5. Alexx

Making a name for yourself in the European scene is not straightforward with a lack of championship-tier teams. Only Bance, Zer0 and now Skrapz have made the jump in the last 3 years. This season especially, Europe has struggled for truly top-tier SMG players, a gap that Alexx has filled emphatically. Alex Carpenter helped Team Infused place the highest out of any European teams at CoD Champs 2017, and was recruited by MarkyB’s GGEA Purple in January this year. His big chance came under Unilad following CWL Birmingham. The 19-year-old led the line with overwhelming aggression, powering Unilad to a 4th place at CWL Anaheim and strong Pro League standing. Without doubt his best year so far, Alexx is my European breakout player of the year.

#4. Fero

The self-proclaimed Top Prospect put himself on the map in the most recent off-season, dominating online Ghosts SnD tournaments. He started WW2 alongside his SnD star friend Blazt (who narrowly missed this list) on Ground Zero, before moving to eRa Eternity with Decemate. Improving drastically in his respawn decision-making and streak-usage throughout the year, Maurice Henriquez was offered an opportunity to join former champions Team Kaliber. He’s unsurprisingly impressed in SnD, particularly with the sniper in hand, but has moulded himself into an all-round star very quickly. Fero boasts a 1.08 overall KD at Stage 2, confirming his place as more than just a top prospect.

#3. Dashy

Brandon Otell burst onto the scene in the latter half of the Infinite Warfare, quickly establishing himself as a superstar talent in the respawns as well as SnD. He finished a respectable T16 with Str8 Rippin at CoD Champs alongside Study, Ricky and Temp. Dashy was approached by Enigma6 at the start of this season. Despite mediocre results, his phenomenal AR statistics and unprecedented sniping prowess both online and offline had his name at the forefront of roster discussion. Otell has been with CompLexity Gaming since January, although many pros expected him to end up on a better team if not for contract limitations. Back alongside Ricky, he’s continued his high performance, posting the highest overall K/D at CWL Seattle with a 1.29. His excellent breakout year will be topped off nicely with a ring, given he’s teaming with Censor for Champs.

#2. Priestahh

“Who the f*** is Priestahh and why is he on FaZe?”. Preston Greiner rose to prominence in Infinite Warfare, making moves with The Gosu Crew before finding his way onto Cloud9 for CWL Champs. Regardless of a lacklustre T16 finish, his potential was recognised. He joined FaZe Clan at the start of this season to widespread surprise. Despite initial struggles and poor placements at open events, Priestahh was arguably the 2nd best flex player (behind Gunless) during his time in the role. The jewel in the crown so far was FaZe’s victory over OpTic Gaming at Stage 1 Playoffs, a performance that cements this unassuming star as one of the year’s finest.

#1. Kenny

Kenneth Williams’s rise to stardom was probably even more impressive than Gunless’s showing at the start of IW. Some may discount him due to his stint on Team JusTus in AW, but I’d argue WW2 has been his breakout beyond reasonable doubt. Kenny slipped under the radar in the pre-season with bigger names from AW turning 18, but immediately showed up all the competition. Doing things with the PPSH that others could only dream of, Kenny provided the SMG pressure integral to Team Kaliber‘s CWL Dallas and NOLA titles. While Accuracy and Chino respectively were awarded MVP, Kenny was resoundingly the best player from the first few months, unprecedented for an 18-year-old breakout talent. While tK‘s placings have waned, Kenny remains a force to be reckoned with; remarkable SnD ability and clutch factor to boot. As we look forwards, it should only be onwards and upwards for CoD’s newest star.

Kenny & tK

The order of this list may change through the last two events, but I feel it’s relatively accurate when looking at the season so far. More interestingly though, can we predict which players will feature this time next year? My favourite pick for now is aBeZy, who has been crushing it with Enigma6 in recent months, but not yet with the placings to back it up. If he continues this upward trajectory, I’m sure he’ll get a chance to prove himself at the top as Black Ops 4 nears.

Published on 11. Jun 2018
Written by Arran Francis / Twitter - @TheTacticalRab'

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