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Weekly Recap: April 26th - May 1st
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PSA: This week was relatively uneventful, despite the mass of Rostermania hype that started the week; very little has come to fruition. Therefore this week's article will focus mainly on the News, a catch-up of Rostermania hints and rumours (including the CoDBURNER), and of course a list of the finest memes r/CC had to offer this week. For even more where they came from, please see last week's article linked above, where memes can be found in the "Best of the Week" section.

News & Controversy


It's been a hectic week for rosters; as OpTic Gaming are on the verge of a change. Rumours and information change so quickly it is hard to give an accurate low-down on what is occuring at the present time.

If you'd like to read through comments and updates on rumours throughout the week, the "CodBurner's" threads (1 & 2) are your best bet; also the sub-wide Rostermania thread may be entertaining (especially if you sort by controversial).

North America

As of today, my (@TacticalRab) personal understanding is that Scump, Crim and Octane are a TO3. Formal will replace Octane on LG, with Rise Nation sticking. A team of Scump, Crim, Formal and Gunless may still be possible if Gunless decides to leave Rise; but this was not on the table as of a couple of days ago (may have now changed). Scump, Crim and Octane are seeking an SMG such as Zoomaa or Kenny, but both FaZe and tK are unsurprisingly unwilling to give up their star players; also tK would lose their league spot.

I have heard that the Scump, Crim & Octane TO3 will not be competing under OpTic Gaming, with Cloud9 an option; with a high likelihood that OpTic leave Call of Duty for the rest of the season. I personally have no idea where Karma will end up; with retirement unlikely but on the cards as per some sources (the CoDBurner may have more intel in the above threads).

During Nameless's CoDcast #4 with Crimsix, Karma wished to come on at the end to state his case. After this did not materialise, he claimed "higher ups have shut me down". Unconfirmed as to whether this refers to Infinite esports management, or potentially his wife, Holly.

New rumours began circulating this morning that Methodz may play a key role in negotiations; but from my perspective does not really fit the required role of any rumoured teams.


Things have been arguably even spicier in the European scene, with roster shuffles confirmed when Tommey was benched from Splyce. He later confirmed he will definitely not be competing for Splyce going into S2. Jurd, in a rare tweet, announced they are ideally seeking an NA player, but League rules may put a spanner in the works.

Rated declared that Skrapz is planning to join Red Reserve; with all parties agreeing to the trade but the to-be-dropped player. I have heard that Skrapz for Joshh was planned as a direct trade between UNILAD and Red. If Joshh agrees to the trade, this would leave Tommey without a team as Epsilon is roster locked due to their qualification through Relegation. We have not heard Joshh's side to the story, so take any information on this issue with a grain of salt. Tommey would have to move to NA or possibly retire until the new game as he hints here. The rarely-sarcastic Seany divulged that the rosters were sorted yesterday, but there has been no other confirmation.

Roster lock is May 7th, so by this time next week; all line-ups will have been officially confirmed.


Best of the Week






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Published on 01. May 2018
Written by Arran Francis / Twitter - @TheTacticalRab, / Twitter - @iSpoonz_, & / Twitter - @Druid_00

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