BSOG/2017 Season/2K Summer Cup IW Final

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BSOG 2K Summer Cup IW Final
Tournament Information
Prize PoolR$ 2,000
Number of Teams8
Location & Dates
GameInfinite Warfare
PlatformPlayStation 4
CountryBrazil Brazil
Start Date2017-02-04
End Date2017-02-05
WinnerVirtue Gaminglogo std.pngVirtue Gaming
SecondBlack Dragons eSportlogo std.pngBlack Dragons eSport
ThirdGreen Reaperslogo std.pngGreen Reapers
FourthMerciless Gaminglogo std.pngMerciless Gaming

BSOG 2K Summer Cup IW Final is an online cup.



  • Double Elimination

Game Types and Maps

Included maps and modes:

  • Hardpoint: Breakout, Retaliation, Scorch, Throwback
  • Search and Destroy: Crusher, Retaliation, Scorch, Throwback
  • Uplink: Frost, Precinct, Throwback

Final Placings

Place Prize Team Roster
GoldRibbon.png 1 R$ 1,000 Virtue Gaminglogo std.pngVirtue Gaming ScarzSweeTJPreformedBielzinho
SilverRibbon.png 2 R$ 600 Black Dragons eSportlogo std.pngBlack Dragons eSport MirollaFalconVitinhoNeewz
BronzeRibbon.png 3 R$ 400 Green Reaperslogo std.pngGreen Reapers GoldzMarinDirtySheed
CopperRibbon.png 4 Merciless Gaminglogo std.pngMerciless Gaming HoridHnaugurEliTzKnuckles
5-6 SKAE Gaming Whitelogo std.pngsKAE Gaming White ParalizySuricatoShadezKS
Black8 Teamlogo std.pngBlack8 Team GardenRuSHkheyzekmouf
7-8 DOG$ Teamlogo std.pngDOG$ Team EduEnzoRodrigoGabz
Night Killers eSportslogo std.pngNight Killers eSports MatrixHenRiiReverseRuiz


Eye - Show All.pngRosters


  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Grand Final
Winner's bracket
  Virtue Gaminglogo std.pngVrT 3
  SKAE Gaming Whitelogo std.pngsKAE White 0
  Virtue Gaminglogo std.pngVrT 3
  Black8 Teamlogo std.pngBlack8 0
  Black8 Teamlogo std.pngBlack8 3
  DOG$ Teamlogo std.pngDOG$ 0
  Virtue Gaminglogo std.pngVrT 3
  Black Dragons eSportlogo std.pngBD 0
  Merciless Gaminglogo std.pngMG 3
  Night Killers eSportslogo std.pngNK 0
  Merciless Gaminglogo std.pngMG 2
  Black Dragons eSportlogo std.pngBD 3
  Green Reaperslogo std.pngGnR 0   Virtue Gaminglogo std.pngVrT 3
  Black Dragons eSportlogo std.pngBD 3   Black Dragons eSportlogo std.pngBD 0
Loser's bracket
  Merciless Gaminglogo std.pngMG 2
  DOG$ Teamlogo std.pngDOG$ 1
  SKAE Gaming Whitelogo std.pngsKAE White 1   Black Dragons eSportlogo std.pngBD 3
  SKAE Gaming Whitelogo std.pngsKAE White 2   Merciless Gaminglogo std.pngMG 1
  Green Reaperslogo std.pngGnR 1
  Green Reaperslogo std.pngGnR 2
  Black8 Teamlogo std.pngBlack8 1
  Green Reaperslogo std.pngGnR 2
  Green Reaperslogo std.pngGnR 2
  Night Killers eSportslogo std.pngNK 1

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