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  • By Nick CWL Pro League Power Rankings Week 0
1 North America Team Kaliber Record +/-
Team Kaliberlogo square.png
Theory Accuracy Chino Kenny 0-0 --
Kicking off the list with Team Kaliber, who have proven themselves to be the best team in the game. With back to back CWL Major championship victories, there really is no arguing that this team looks unstoppable right now. The meta fits their play style, and with the humble mentality of all the players to want to keep getting better and succeed, this is a recipe for success.

2 North America Luminosity Gaming Record +/-
Luminosity Gaminglogo square.png
JKap John Octane Slacked 0-0 --
After taking home the CWL Montreal Northern Arena championship without dropping a series, Luminosity came into CWL New Orleans as a fan favorite, and a tournament favorite to win the entire thing. After being the first team to take a series off of Team Kaliber and forcing a 2nd best of five series, Luminosity finished New Orleans with a 2nd place finish. They look like the best CTF team in the game, their hardpoint is close to unmatched with the slaying prowess from Octane and John, and their S&D could use some work. With falling in Division B, they'll have some time to work on it.

3 North America Rise Nation Record +/-
Rise Nationlogo square.png
Gunless Loony Methodz TJHaLy 0-0 --
One of the newer teams in the CWL that jumps all the way up to number 3 on our list is Rise Nation. After picking up Methodz from Next Threat and Gunless from Echo Fox, Rise found themselves taking home their first 2000 series playing together, and a 3rd place finish at CWL New Orleans. Methodz once again proved himself to be one of the best Assault Rifle players in the game, picking up a 1.34 K/D throughout the weekend; number one overall across all players. If Loony can continue to make the play calls, and make smart plays in Search & Destroy, while Gunless and TJHaLy continue to slay out with whatever they're using, a championship should be in this teams near future.

4 North America eUnited Record +/-
EUnitedlogo square.png
Arcitys Clayster Prestinni SiLLY 0-0 --
eUnited is a hard team to talk about. In four straight tournaments they have found themselves finishing Top 5th-6th, losing in the Winners Semi Finals, and then falling in their first round in the lower bracket. They have the talent to win championships, but for whatever reason when they get to Sunday, they just can't pull it off. Arcitys is a top Assault Rifle player, Clayster is a great in-game leader, Prestinni is a fast, in your face Sub Machine gun player who can hold his own, and Silly does a very solid job filling in the gaps that helps the team win games. There's no question this is a top caliber team, the only question mark around them is if they can get the job done come Sunday. The Pro league will be a great change of pace for them, because they'll get a ton of LAN practice. Hopefully they're able to fix up their mistakes, and make it happen.

5 North America Echo Fox Record +/-
Echo Foxlogo square.png
Assault Aqua Faccento Saints 0-0 --
Echo Fox comes in at the number five spot after a solid top 6 performance at CWL New Orleans, taking down the likes of OpTic Gaming, and pushing Luminosity to the limit, along with their "rivals" Rise Nation. This team showed incredible slaying ability throughout the weekend, and being a new team they can only get better. Having the duo-ship of Faccento and Aquaa back together will improve the team chemistry greatly, and having Assault & Saints together is just... Wow. Slaying power to say the least.

6 Europe Red Reserve Record +/-
Red Reservelogo square.png
Joee Joshh Rated Zer0 0-0 --
Red Reserve has shown they can compete with the best, taking down teams like OpTic Gaming, FaZe Clan, eUnited, and Mindfreak in their amazing Losers Bracket run at CWL New Orleans. With this new meta it was clear at NOLA that they were a step ahead of other European teams. The X-Factor for this team is Joee, who played exceptionally well throughout the weekend. Zer0 looked like Stage One Splyce Zer0, slaying everything in his path, while being under the weather. Rated & Joshh held their own throughout the weekend, and kept the fire lit throughout Sunday. You know a team has good chemistry when you can't understand a word Joshh says in the listen in, but they still get the job done.

7 Europe Splyce Record +/-
Splycelogo square.png
Bance Jurd Madcat Tommey 0-0 --
Splyce is a team that confuses a lot of people. They went from looking like one of the best teams in the game, to a team you're scared could get relegated in the pro league in just a month. Something seemed off with them last weekend, and no one knows what it is. Does this meta just not fit them? Was there bad vibes that kept them from performing? No one knows except themselves. Now I do expect them to turn it around come Stage One time, but for now they just don't look scary.

8 North America OpTic Gaming Record +/-
OpTic Gaminglogo square.png
Crimsix FormaL Karma Scump 0-0 --
This one is awkward to write. From the best team in the game just a few months ago, to a team that looks very... below average. Something is not clicking with this roster. They have the 4 most decorated players in the world on one team, and they can't seem to put a recipe together to win. They looked like their old self at Dallas up until the Winners Finals, where they ultimately got swept twice leaving with a 3rd place finish. Then came to New Orleans and they got beaten in back to back series again, but this time much earlier at the Top 9-12 position. Now we've seen this before where OpTic struggles early on in titles, but this is different. They've been average at best ever since Dallas, and things just seem out of place on this team. Now I am not saying they need a roster change to be successful in WWII, but something needs to change. One good thing that has come from OpTic Gaming this year, is their CTF has looked very strong, you'll rarely see them get 3-0'd or not close out a 3-0. Weather it's a role, play styles, mentality, etc. it's up to them to decide. They aren't getting any good practice due to Scump's internet, and you can clearly see it in their tweets. No good practice will just lead to more bad placings. The greenwall is losing a brick every hour if this continues..

9 North America FaZe Clan Record +/-
FaZe Clanlogo square.png
Attach Priestah Crowder ZooMaa 0-0 --
I hate to put FaZe here because they proved everyone wrong by not only making it out of Open Bracket at CWL Dallas, but making the pro league with a decent seed. But there is some clear flaws with this roster. Their saving grace at Dallas was their CTF gameplay, going undefeated in the gamemode, which lead them to a 4th place finish. But at New Orleans they looked very beatable in it. I don't know if it was Crowder just having a one of a kind event, putting up an insane K/D for the Veteran out of retirement, or if it was just being hot on the given day. Either way their Hardpoint looks average, their S&D is hit and miss. The only map you can really count on them pulling out is London Docks S&D, but most top teams ban it out. If this team doesn't have something they can fall back on and rely on they will not reach a Final this season. They don't have the ability to rely on just being great at all gamemodes like other teams.

10 North America Evil Geniuses Record +/-
Evil Geniuseslogo square.png
ACHES Apathy Enable NAMELESS 0-0 --
Ahh. Evil Geniuses. The team that is currently involved in the controversy surrounding the "Free GB wins" issue. Now they deserve to be in the Pro League more than Enigma6 Group without a doubt. The are a team of solid players who have all found success at a point in their careers, have proven that they can hang with top teams in this game, and seem to have good team chemistry despite all the hot heads on that team. (No that is not a redhead joke towards Enable). The way I see it, is they just got unlucky at Dallas. Something happened within that series against Mindfreak where they just shutdown. The clearly proved at New Orleans they are ones to contend, and that they have the ability to make runs in tournaments. Do I think this team has the ability to win championships though? Not yet. Don't get me wrong, ACHES played incredibly well at New Orleans, looking like Cherry Blossom ACHES once again, and Nameless had his solid performances as well. Apathy and Enable took care of business as usual, and now they're here. Among the 16 best teams in the world. But the only way I can see this team pulling off a championship run, is they ALL have to be on top of their game at the same time. Like some Gohan Super Saiyan level Call of Duty. But who knows.

11 North America eRa Eternity Record +/-
ERa Eternitylogo square.png
Bevils Decemate Ferocitys Ricky 0-0 --
This team is the team that people get behind because of their story. Started out before New Orleans in Pool Play, only to get screwed over in the end. But they STILL made the league, while Blazt from Enigma6 Group missed out. This roster may not be the most flashiest of players, or well known, but the make it work. They took down some solid teams at New Orleans, including the likes of Lightning Pandas, Both GGEA teams, UNILAD Esports, before ultimately falling to Evil Geniuses in a crazy close series. Due to how stacked their Division is, I don't see them making it to playoffs unless they can win some key games, but they should be safe for Stage 2. One flaw I see is that they are in Division A, so they don't get a lot of time to prepare. Being a new team could bite them in the behind going up against veteran talent.

12 North America Team Envy Record +/-
Team Envylogo square.png
Classic Huke SlasheR Temp 0-0 --
Team Envy had the biggest drop off from our Preseason power rankings (#3). Back in Advanced Warfare, this team was arguably one of the best teams while this roster was together. But now, something is off. SlasheR has continued to do what he does best, and the games that they do win, it seems like he is always the X-Factor. But Huke has been way too inconsistent. They're losing to teams they should be handling with ease, and bombing out of the tournament's much too early for a CWL Championship organization. Lucky for them, they have time to practice being in Division B, but not much. Team Envy have a serious chance to miss out on Playoffs with how they've been playing.

13 Europe UNILAD Esports Record +/-
UNILAD Esportslogo square.png
Moose Sean Skrapz wuskin 0-0 --
I don't really have much to say about UNILAD. They can be surprisingly good, or surprisingly disappointing. All the players on this team are very talented, don't have a clue what isn't working for this squad. Skrapz has funny twitter videos, at least they have that going for them.

14 Unknown Team Vitality Record +/-
Team Vitalitylogo square.png
Malls RiskiN Wailers Zayrox 0-0 --
The french's only hope. Team Vitality have been very surprising this year. In the beginning everyone thought they made it to Dallas Pool's because of internet, and having the advantage playing in a Team house hundreds of miles away from their opponents, but they didn't do as bad as people thought. It's not that I don't think this team is talented, because they are. They've show signs of improvement, by taking down teams like Luminosity Gaming at Dallas, and Team Envy at New Orleans. It's more so that their Division is stacked, and the don't have much practice against the top teams in their Division. I have them going to relegation, but they do have the ability to make it back for Stage Two. The more practice they get against top teams, the scarier the will be.

15 Asia Pacific Mindfreak Record +/-
Mindfreaklogo square.png
BuZZO Denz Fighta Shockz 0-0 --
At #15 we have the lone APAC team in the Pro League, Mindfreak. This team is all over the place when it comes to facing regional talent. You could get an MF that goes on crazy runs through the losers bracket, like at Dallas, or you could get an MF that doesn't really contest any teams, and disappoints in Losers as well. They always seem to under perform in Pool play at every tournament, but they can pull out theses wins against top teams only when it doesn't really matter, because they were already eliminated from bracket play, or are guaranteed to go to the Losers Bracket. They haven't made a Winners Bracket appearance at a International major since The Call of Duty Championships 2015, and even then they fell in the first round. The Losers bracket seems like this team's home, and if we're being honest, there is a good chance you'll see this team at Relegation on April 19th.

16 Europe Epsilon eSports Record +/-
Epsilon Esportslogo square.png
Dqvee Hawqeh Nathan Vortex 0-0 --
Not much to say about Epsilon. They're not good. Dqvee said it best, only Taboo can save them at this point. If things aren't working out for this team after Stage One, which I don't expect it to, go after Swanny or whatever player you can get, because you need something fresh on that team. Maybe I'm wrong though, Dqvee does claim they play well around April, guess we'll see if this team can stand placing this bad until then.