CWL/2019 Season/Pro League/Roster Changes

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100 Thieveslogo std.png 2019-01-28: Priestahh replaces Fero on active roster. Fero moves to substitute.
Denial Esportslogo std.png 2019-01-29: Denial Esports acquires Overtime eSport roster.
UYUlogo std.png 2019-01-30: Methodz replaces Spoof on active roster. Spoof moves to substitute.
Gen.Glogo std.png 2019-01-31: Gen.G acquires Team Space roster.
Excelerate Gaminglogo std.png 2019-02-22: RobbieB3319 replaces FA5TBALLA on active roster. FA5TBALLA moves to substitute.

Transfer Window 1 Starts (2019-03-01)

Excelerate Gaminglogo std.png 2019-03-01: Pemby leaves.
Team Reciprocitylogo std.png 2019-03-01: Dylan replaces Denz on active roster. Denz moves to substitute.
Evil Geniuseslogo std.png 2019-03-05: Faccento retires.
Excelerate Gaminglogo std.png 2019-03-06: Beehzy, ProFeezy, MRuiz, Believe and RobbieB3319 leave.
Gen.Glogo std.png 2019-03-06: Spacely becomes restricted free agent.
UYUlogo std.png 2019-03-06: Spoof and Skyz leave.
Denial Esportslogo std.png 2019-03-06: iKeeyv retires.
Midnight Esportslogo std.png 2019-03-07: Parzelion leaves.
UYUlogo std.png 2019-03-07: Parzelion joins.
Midnight Esportslogo std.png 2019-03-08: Saints joins.
EUnitedlogo std.png 2019-03-08: Simp joins as substitute.
UYUlogo std.png 2019-03-08: Beehzy joins as substitute.
Enigma6 Grouplogo std.png 2019-03-08: Chino replaces Kade.
Evil Geniuseslogo std.png 2019-03-08: Attach joins.
Midnight Esportslogo std.png 2019-03-08: Envoy, Brack and JetLi leave. Blazt, Lacefield and Parasite join.

Transfer Window 1 Ends (2019-03-08)

Click "Show" to see Transfer Window 2 player swaps and roster changes
Excelerate Gaminglogo std.png 2019-03-09: MRuiz and ProFeeZy rejoin. Skyz, Brack and JetLi join. Atura joins as coach.
Gen.Glogo std.png 2019-03-12: Envoy joins.
EUnitedlogo std.png 2019-03-19: Simp replaces JKap on active roster. JKap moves to substitute.
EUnitedlogo std.png 2019-04-02: Faccento replaces Saint as coach.

Transfer Window 2 Starts (2019-04-05)

Midnight Esportslogo std.png 2019-04-08: Saint joins as coach. Pandur leaves.
UYUlogo std.png 2019-04-09: Knight leaves.
Red Reservelogo std.png 2019-04-15: Organization withdraws from Call of Duty. Joee, Rated, Zer0, Skrapz, Bance and Shockz leave.
Midnight Esportslogo std.png 2019-04-15: Knight joins as substitute.
Enigma6 Grouplogo std.png 2019-04-16: Chino leaves.
Excelerate Gaminglogo std.png 2019-04-18: MRuiz becomes restricted free agent.
100 Thieveslogo std.png 2019-04-18: Fero leaves. Crowder becomes coach and substitute.
Team Envylogo std.png 2019-04-18: Apathy leaves. Assault becomes restricted free agent. Decemate and Fero join.
Evil Geniuseslogo std.png 2019-04-18: Apathy joins.
Excelerate Gaminglogo std.png 2019-04-19: MRuiz, ProFeeZy, Skyz, Atura and Brack leave.
Denial Esportslogo std.png 2019-04-19: Wailers, Breszy, rizK, Natshay and Staan leave. ZeeK moves to substitute. Joee, Rated, Bance, Alexx and Brack join.
Elevatelogo std.png 2019-04-19: Purchases Pro League spot from Excelerate Gaminglogo std.pngExcelerate Gaming. ProFeeZy, Wailers, Skyz, Breszy and MRuiz join. rizK joins as substitute. Atura joins as coach.
Evil Geniuseslogo std.png 2019-04-19: Royalty leaves.
UYUlogo std.png 2019-04-19: Royalty joins.
FaZe Clanlogo std.png 2019-04-20: Purchases Pro League spot from Red Reservelogo std.pngRed Reserve. Cellium rejoins. Asim, Skrapz and Zer0 join.
Evil Geniuseslogo std.png 2019-04-20: GodRx leaves.
Enigma6 Grouplogo std.png 2019-04-20: Diabolic leaves. GodRx and JetLi join.
UYUlogo std.png 2019-04-20: Zaptius replaces Beehzy as substitute.
FaZe Clanlogo std.png 2019-04-22: GRVTY joins as substitute.
EUnitedlogo std.png 2019-04-22: JKap leaves as substitute.
Evil Geniuseslogo std.png 2019-04-22: Goonjar leaves. FeLo moves to substitute. JKap and Phantomz join.
OpTic Gaminglogo std.png 2019-04-22: TeePee replaces ZooMaa as substitute.
Splycelogo std.png 2019-04-22: Nolson replaces Happy as substitute.
Gen.Glogo std.png 2019-04-22: Spacely replaces Louqa as substitute.

Transfer Window 2 Ends (2019-04-22)

Click "Show" to see Transfer Window 3 player swaps and roster changes
EUnitedlogo std.png 2019-04-23: Spoof joins as substitute.
UYUlogo std.png 2019-05-10: Zaptius replaces Proto on active roster. Proto moves to substitute.
Team Reciprocitylogo std.png 2019-05-17: Denz replaces Tommey on active roster. Tommey moves to substitute.
Luminosity Gaminglogo std.png 2019-05-23: Ricky replaces Gunless on active roster. Gunless moves to substitute.
Splycelogo std.png 2019-06-03: Nolson replaces Accuracy on active roster. Accuracy moves to substitute.
Splycelogo std.png 2019-06-06: Accuracy leaves.
Denial Esportslogo std.png 2019-06-12: Roster leaves Denial Esports and becomes Units.
Team Envylogo std.png 2019-06-16: Fero becomes restricted free agent.

Transfer Window 3 Starts (2019-06-17)

Team Hereticslogo std.png 2019-06-17: Sukry leaves.
Luminosity Gaminglogo std.png 2019-06-17: Classic becomes restricted free agent.
Enigma6 Grouplogo std.png 2019-06-19: JetLi becomes restricted free agent.
UYUlogo std.png 2019-06-19: Parzelion leaves. Atura replaces VandyJF as coach.
Unitslogo std.png 2019-06-19: Brack leaves.
Elevatelogo std.png 2019-06-19: Skyz and Atura leave.
Luminosity Gaminglogo std.png 2019-06-19: Brack and Skyz join.
Luminosity Gaminglogo std.png 2019-06-20: Gunless leaves.
Team Envylogo std.png 2019-06-20: Fero and Huke leave. Gunless joins. Assault rejoins.
Splycelogo std.png 2019-06-20: Nolson leaves. Huke joins.
UYUlogo std.png 2019-06-20: Mayhem, Royalty and Zaptius leave. Phantomz, Blazt, Classic and Saints join.
Evil Geniuseslogo std.png 2019-06-20: Phantomz leaves.
Team Hereticslogo std.png 2019-06-20: Wartex joins.
Team Reciprocitylogo std.png 2019-06-20: Alexx replaces Seany on active roster. Seany moves to substitute. Tommey leaves.
Unitslogo std.png 2019-06-20: Alexx leaves. Nolson, Weeman and Cammy join.
Elevatelogo std.png 2019-06-20: Breszy leaves.
Enigma6 Grouplogo std.png 2019-06-20: Frosty and JetLi leave. Mayhem and Breszy join.
Midnight Esportslogo std.png 2019-06-20: Blazt, Saints and Lacefield leave. Frosty, Royalty and Zaptius join. Exceed replaces Knight as substitute.

Transfer Window 3 End (2019-06-20)

Elevatelogo std.png 2019-06-21: Believe and Lacefield join. Pentagrxm replaces rizK as substitute.
EUnitedlogo std.png 2019-06-21: Faccento replaces Spoof as substitute.
UYUlogo std.png 2019-06-21: Spoof replaces Proto as substitute.
Evil Geniuseslogo std.png 2019-06-21: Accuracy joins.
Luminosity Gaminglogo std.png 2019-06-21: TwerK joins as substitute.
Splycelogo std.png 2019-06-21: Defrag joins as substitute.
Unitslogo std.png 2019-06-21: MadCat joins as substitute.
Gen.Glogo std.png 2019-06-24: Spacely replaces Nagafen on active roster. Nagafen moves to substitute.