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Amboxes, or article message boxes, are inserted in articles (usually at the beginning or after the info-box, but sometimes also in specific sections) to notify readers of important information and to notify contributors of necessary changes or administration. Articles with amboxes are automatically categorized into. For non-notice amboxes, If you spot imperfections but don't have the knowledge or time to correct them, insert an appropriate ambox instead to notify other contributors of the imperfection.

A full list of amboxes(each of which containing documentation) can be found, while links to non-notice ambox-containing pages can be found in the Call of Duty Esports Wiki:Contributor Portal.

Notice Amboxes[edit]


Template:Retired Use {{notice|message}}, {{unreleased}}, {{retired}}, and {{disbanded}} to provide important notice.

Content Amboxes[edit]

Stub This article is a stub, please help Call of Duty Esports Wiki by expanding it.

Template:Needimage Template:Outdated Template:Incomplete Use {{stub}}, {{player-stub}}, {{team-stub}}, {{tournament-stub}}, {{needimage}}, {{outdated}}, and {{incomplete}} to notify of a lack of content.

Revision Amboxes[edit]

This article may need cleanup to meet quality standards.
Please help improve this if you can. The Discussion page may contain suggestions.

Template:Copyedit Template:Rewrite Template:Orphan Use {{cleanup}}, {{copyedit}}, {{rewrite}}, and {{orphan}} to notify of a need of revision.


Template:Deletion Use {{deletion}} to notify of administrative necessities.