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Cyclone EU/Schedule History

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DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2ResultScoreVODs
2018,4,22,05,30CWL Seattle Open 2018LR3FaZe Clanlogo std.pngFaZe ClanCyclonelogo std.pngCycloneLoss3 - 2
2018,4,22,04,00CWL Seattle Open 2018LR2Mindfreaklogo std.pngMindfreakCyclonelogo std.pngCycloneWin1 - 3
2018,4,22,02,30CWL Seattle Open 2018LR1EZG.Bluelogo std.pngEZG.BlueCyclonelogo std.pngCycloneWin2 - 3
2018,4,21,23,00CWL Seattle Open 2018OLR8Cyclonelogo std.pngCycloneVodafone Giantslogo std.pngVodafone GiantsWin3 - 1
2018,4,21,18,00CWL Seattle Open 2018OWR5Ghost Gaminglogo std.pngGhost GamingCyclonelogo std.pngCycloneLoss3 - 1
2018,4,13,21,00CWL National Circuit UK S2 PlayoffsGFGGEA Purplelogo std.pngGGEA PurpleCyclonelogo std.pngCycloneWin1 - 3
2018,4,13,19,30CWL National Circuit UK S2 PlayoffsSFCyclonelogo std.pngCycloneTeam 3Glogo std.pngTeam 3GWin3 - 0
2018,4,06,21,00CWL National Circuit UK S2Week 3Cyclonelogo std.pngCycloneNordiclogo std.pngNordicWin3 - 1
2018,4,06,19,30CWL National Circuit UK S2Week 3Cyclonelogo std.pngCycloneLogo std.png101st AirborneWin3 - 0
2018,4,01,10,00CWL Birmingham Open 2018LR3Cyclonelogo std.pngCycloneLightning Pandaslogo std.pngLightning PandasLoss1 - 3
2018,3,31,17,30CWL Birmingham Open 2018Group AEpsilon Esportslogo std.pngEpsilon EsportsCyclonelogo std.pngCycloneWin1 - 3
2018,3,31,16,00CWL Birmingham Open 2018Group AEUnitedlogo std.pngeUnitedCyclonelogo std.pngCycloneWin1 - 3
2018,3,31,14,30CWL Birmingham Open 2018Group AEcho Foxlogo std.pngEcho FoxCyclonelogo std.pngCycloneLoss3 - 0
2018,3,31,13,00CWL Birmingham Open 2018Group ARise Nationlogo std.pngRise NationCyclonelogo std.pngCycloneLoss3 - 0
2018,3,31,10,00CWL Birmingham Open 2018OWR5Cyclonelogo std.pngCycloneGone Gaminglogo std.pngGone GamingWin3 - 1
2018,3,23,22,00CWL National Circuit UK S2Week 2Cyclonelogo std.pngCycloneTeam 3Glogo std.pngTeam 3GWin3 - 0
2018,3,23,20,30CWL National Circuit UK S2Week 2Cyclonelogo std.pngCycloneBrash eSportslogo std.pngBrash eSportsWin3 - 2
2018,3,23,19,00CWL National Circuit UK S2Week 2Cyclonelogo std.pngCycloneGGEA Purplelogo std.pngGGEA PurpleLoss0 - 3
2018,3,16,20,30CWL National Circuit UK S2Week 1Cyclonelogo std.pngCycloneLogo std.pngteamwork dreamworkWin3 - 0
2018,3,16,19,00CWL National Circuit UK S2Week 1Cyclonelogo std.pngCycloneRadix Esportslogo std.pngRadix EsportsWin3 - 0
2017,1,28,11,30CWL London Invitational 2017Group CCyclonelogo std.pngCycloneMilleniumlogo std.pngMilleniumLoss0 - 3Vod
2017,1,27,16,45CWL London Invitational 2017Group COrbit eSport EUlogo std.pngOrbit eSportCyclonelogo std.pngCycloneLoss3 - 0Vod
2017,1,26,20,30CWL London Invitational 2017Group CTeam 3Glogo std.pngTeam 3GCyclonelogo std.pngCycloneLoss3 - 0Vod