Cyclone NA/Schedule History

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DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2ResultScoreVODs
2019,4,07,20,30WG Canadian ChampionshipSFCyclonelogo std.pngCycloneFC Blacklogo std.pngFC BlackLoss0 - 3
2019,4,07,16,00WG Canadian ChampionshipGroup BCyclonelogo std.pngCycloneYerrlogo std.pngYerrWin3 - 1
2019,4,06,18,30WG Canadian ChampionshipGroup BUYUlogo std.pngUYUCyclonelogo std.pngCycloneWin0 - 3
2019,3,17,02,30CWL Fort Worth Open 2019LFMindfreaklogo std.pngMindfreakCyclonelogo std.pngCycloneLoss3 - 2
2019,3,16,23,00CWL Fort Worth Open 2019LR12Nation of Powerlogo std.pngNation of PowerCyclonelogo std.pngCycloneWin0 - 3
2019,3,16,22,00CWL Fort Worth Open 2019LR11Cyclonelogo std.pngCycloneInControl Gaminglogo std.pngInControl GamingWin3 - 1
2019,3,16,18,00CWL Fort Worth Open 2019WR7Cyclonelogo std.pngCycloneFC Blacklogo std.pngFC BlackLoss2 - 3
2019,3,16,16,30CWL Fort Worth Open 2019WR6Nemesis NAlogo std.pngNemesisCyclonelogo std.pngCycloneWin1 - 3
2019,3,16,15,00CWL Fort Worth Open 2019WR5Team Requiemlogo std.pngTeam RequiemCyclonelogo std.pngCycloneWin1 - 2
2019,3,16,02,00CWL Fort Worth Open 2019WR4The Atlas Lionslogo std.pngThe Atlas LionsCyclonelogo std.pngCycloneWin1 - 2
2018,4,28,00,30CWL National Circuit US S2 RelSFCyclonelogo std.pngCycloneMidnight Esportslogo std.pngMidnight EsportsWin3 - 0
2018,4,07,02,00CWL National Circuit US S2Week 3GGEA Orangelogo std.pngGGEA OrangeCyclonelogo std.pngCycloneLoss3 - 0
2018,4,07,00,30CWL National Circuit US S2Week 3Cyclonelogo std.pngCycloneLogo std.pngFiveGuyzLoss0 - 3
2018,3,24,02,00CWL National Circuit US S2Week 2Cyclonelogo std.pngCycloneEnigma6 Grouplogo std.pngEnigma6 GroupLoss0 - 3
2018,3,24,00,30CWL National Circuit US S2Week 2Cyclonelogo std.pngCycloneCompLexity Gaminglogo std.pngcompLexityLoss1 - 3
2018,3,23,23,00CWL National Circuit US S2Week 2Gone Gaminglogo std.pngGone GamingCyclonelogo std.pngCycloneLoss3 - 0
2018,3,17,00,30CWL National Circuit US S2Week 1Cyclonelogo std.pngCycloneGhost Gaminglogo std.pngGhost GamingLoss0 - 3
2018,3,16,23,00CWL National Circuit US S2Week 1Cyclonelogo std.pngCycloneLogo std.pngImBeingTrolledLoss2 - 3