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Oct 20

CoD pro Huke suspended from Twitter after classic mistakeDexertoConnor BennettArticleHuke
Ian 'Crimsix' Porter | Top 10 Plays on Optic GamingYouTubeDraftBuffVideoCrimsixOpTic Gaminglogo std.pngOG

Oct 21

Introducing the New York Subliners. #NYSLTwitterNew York SublinersAnnouncementNew York Sublinerslogo std.pngNYCall of Duty League/2020 Season
Welcome to Seattle.TwitterCall of Duty SeattleAnnouncementKarma, Enable, Octane, Slacked, Apathy, NubzySeattle Surgelogo std.pngSEACall of Duty League/2020 Season
Seattle reveals Call of Duty League lineup featuring Karma and OctaneDot EsportsJustin BinkowskiArticleKarma, Octane, Slacked, Apathy, EnableSeattle Surgelogo std.pngSEACall of Duty League/2020 Season
Andbox’s Call of Duty League franchise is the New York SublinersDot EsportsJustin BinkowskiArticleNew York Sublinerslogo std.pngNY
FormaL banned from TwitchDot EsportsJustin BinkowskiArticleFormaL
Meet Rhys "Rated" Price | London Royal RavensYouTubeLondon Royal RavensInterviewRatedLondon Royal Ravenslogo std.pngLDN
ZooMaa: Close to HomeCall of Duty LeagueThomas PaparattoArticleZooMaaNew York Sublinerslogo std.pngNY
#AusLan2020 AnnouncementTwitterXP EsportsAnnouncementXP Esports/2020 Season/AUSLAN Brisbane

Oct 22


Oct 23

Canucks Sports & Entertainment’s latest esports franchiseGlobal NewsJay JanowerInterviewTim HollowaySeattle Surgelogo std.pngSEA
Seattle COD is missing a key piece | The Esports DispatchYouTubeLandOVideoSeattle Surgelogo std.pngSEA
It’s time to build an empireTwitterMethodzVideoMethodz
Meet Dylan "Dylan" Henderson | London Royal RavensYouTubeLondon Royal RavensInterviewDylanLondon Royal Ravenslogo std.pngLDN
Crimsix: Build an EmpireCall of Duty LeagueIan PorterArticleCrimsixDallas Empirelogo std.pngDAL
【CoD:BO4】王者から挑戦者へー それぞれが抱く次への想い // The Documentary of Rush - RecallYouTubeRush GamingVideoWinRed, Luke, Hunt, Gorou, Vebra, GreedZzRush Gaminglogo std.pngRush

Oct 24

Talking OWL and CoD with ex-Canada Olympics CEO Chris OverholtSportsProSam CarpArticleChris OverholtToronto Ultralogo std.pngTOR
FINALIZED ROSTERTwitterCall of Duty MinnesotaAnnouncementAsimMinnesota RØKKRlogo std.pngMIN
Building CoD MN - Coaching & Analysis - Episode 4YouTubeCall of Duty MinnesotaBuilding CoD MNPodcastMiDNiTE, Brett Diamond, REPPIN, SainttMinnesota RØKKRlogo std.pngMIN
OpTic Gaming LA - Team AnnouncementYouTubeOpTic Gaming Los AngelesAnnouncementTJHaLy, Dashy, Kenny, SlasheR, JKap, MuddawgOpTic Gaming Los Angeleslogo std.pngOGLA
THE FINAL GOODBYEYouTubeNRG EsportsVideoH3CZ, Scump, FormaL, Arcitys, Envoy, GunlessOpTic Gaminglogo std.pngOGChicago Huntsmenlogo std.pngCHI
OpTic Gaming Los Angeles reveals 2020 Call of Duty League rosterDot EsportsJustin BinkowskiArticleTJHaLy, Dashy, Kenny, SlasheR, JKapOpTic Gaming Los Angeleslogo std.pngOGLACall of Duty League/2020 Season
Chicago’s Call of Duty franchise introduces lineup featuring Scump and FormaLDot EsportsJustin BinkowskiArticleScump, FormaL, Gunless, Arcitys, EnvoyChicago Huntsmenlogo std.pngCHICall of Duty League/2020 Season
Dallas Empire’s Shotzzy: “I’m not taking this for granted.”HotspawnBrandon HowardInterviewShotzzyDallas Empirelogo std.pngDAL
Meet Bradley "wuskin" Marshall | London Royal RavensYouTubeLondon Royal RavensInterviewwuskinLondon Royal Ravenslogo std.pngLDN
Paris CDL 2020 - How Good Are They Going To Be? Spitfire Series 2 Episode 20 with Brice, Tunn & ZedYouTubeEGLSpitfire2PodcastBricey, Tunn, Zed
Generals Black Ops 4 LAN/Tournament MontageYouTubeJordan GeneralVideoGeneralEnigma6 Grouplogo std.pngE6
How good is OpTic LA? | The Esports DispatchYouTubeLandOVideoDashy, TJHaLy, SlasheR, Kenny, JKapOpTic Gaming Los Angeleslogo std.pngOGLA
Toronto CoD franchise reveals ‘Toronto Ultra’ branding, roster, squirrel mascotDot EsportsPreston ByersArticleLoony, Methodz, Mayhem, Brack, MeTTalZz, Lucky, CleanX, Cammy, Classic, BanceToronto Ultralogo std.pngTORCall of Duty League/2020 Season
Meet your fam | Toronto Ultra ROSTERYouTubeToronto UltraAnnouncementLoony, Methodz, Mayhem, Brack, MeTTalZz, Lucky, CleanX, Cammy, Classic, BanceToronto Ultralogo std.pngTOR
Japanese CoD Pro player Rush GreedZz - The STORYYouTubeRush GreedZzVideoGreedZzRush Gaminglogo std.pngRush

Oct 25

TORONTO ULTRA IS BORNOverActive MediaPaulo SenraArticleToronto Ultralogo std.pngTOR
The only Canadian ‘Call of Duty’ Esports league (team)Global NewsGlobal NewsInterviewBrack, MayhemToronto Ultralogo std.pngTOR
Is Chicago NRG the scariest roster we've ever seen? | The Esports DispatchYouTubeLandOVideoScump, FormaL, Envoy, Arcitys, GunlessChicago Huntsmenlogo std.pngCHI
Muddawg of OpTic Gaming says "Los Angeles is an esports hotbed"ESPNESPN EsportsInterviewMuddawgOpTic Gaming Los Angeleslogo std.pngOGLA
The Battle for LA Begins...TwitterLA GuerrillasAnnouncementACHESLos Angeles Guerrillaslogo std.pngLAG
Chris Overholt explains Toronto Ultra’s branding, approach to Call of DutyEsports InsiderAdam FitchInterviewChris OverholtToronto Ultralogo std.pngTOR
Subliners New York Open - $10K Call of Duty Tournament Nov 1-3YouTubeNew York SublinersAnnouncementNew York Sublinerslogo std.pngNYSubliners New York Open 2019
CWL Championship 2019 Aftermovie!YouTubeTeam SingularityVideoTeam Singularitylogo std.pngSNG

Oct 26

Today, we bid farewell to the Tiny Terrors. Thank you, @aBeZy and @SimpXO.TwittereUnitedVideoaBeZy, SimpEUnitedlogo std.pngeU
Introducing your Atlanta FaZe for the 2020 CDL SeasonTwitterAtlanta FaZeAnnouncementSimp, Cellium, Priestahh, MajorManiak, aBeZyAtlanta FaZelogo std.pngATL
Atlanta FaZe’s Call of Duty League lineup revealedDot EsportsJustin BinkowskiArticleSimp, Cellium, Priestahh, MajorManiak, aBeZyAtlanta FaZelogo std.pngATLCall of Duty League/2020 Season
Atlanta FaZe: Our StoryCall of Duty LeagueAtlanta FaZeArticleAtlanta FaZelogo std.pngATL
Call of Duty League Adds FaZe Clan To Atlanta Franchise PartnershipForbesDavid BloomArticleAtlanta FaZelogo std.pngATLFaZe Clanlogo std.pngFaZe
OAM CEO, @ChrisOverholt and @TorontoUltra player, @Loony talk the growing intersection of #esports, #culture, #music and #sportCP24CP24InterviewLoony, Chris OverholtToronto Ultralogo std.pngTOR