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Apr 13


Apr 14

April 14, Diabolic and Realize leave.
North AmericaRealize (Derrek Jordan)Curse Youth
North AmericaDiabolicCurse Youth
April 14 (approx.), MiRx, Parasite, and Ricky leave.
North AmericaParasiteCurse LV
North AmericaMiRxCurse LV
North AmericaRickyCurse LV

Apr 15

April 15, Burns, Enable, Mochila, and Tipsy join.
North AmericaBurnsCurse Black
North AmericaTipsyCurse Black
North AmericaEnableCurse Black
North AmericaMochilaCurse Black
April 15, Team Curselogo std.pngCurse Youth renames to Team Curselogo std.pngCurse Orange.
April 15, Attach, Crowster, Miyagi, and Muddawg leave.
North AmericaMuddawgCurse Youth
North AmericaCrowsterCurse Youth
North AmericaMiyagiCurse Youth
North AmericaAttachCurse Youth
April 15, Attach, Crowster, Miyagi, and Muddawg join.
North AmericaMuddawgCurse Orange
North AmericaCrowsterCurse Orange
North AmericaMiyagiCurse Orange
North AmericaAttachCurse Orange
April 15, StaiNViLLe joins. Ricky leaves.
North AmericaRickyStrictly Business Gaming
North AmericaStaiNViLLeStrictly Business Gaming
April 15, Sin renames to SinfuL.
April 15, Blfire, Doubt, SinfuL, and TwiZz join. KiLLa, MiRx, Neslo, and StaiNViLLe leave.
North AmericaStaiNViLLeTeam JusTus
North AmericaKiLLaTeam JusTus
North AmericaMiRxTeam JusTus
North AmericaNesloTeam JusTus
North AmericaSinfuLTeam JusTus
North AmericaDoubtTeam JusTus
North AmericaTwiZzTeam JusTus
North AmericaBlfireTeam JusTus

Apr 16


Apr 17

April 17, Diabolic, FLawLesS, and Sender join. Realize rejoins.
North AmericaRealize (Derrek Jordan)vVv Gaming
North AmericaDiabolicvVv Gaming
North AmericaFLawLesSvVv Gaming
North AmericaSendervVv Gaming
April 17, KiLLa, NoXiDe, TcM, and Temperrr are drafted.
North AmericaKiLLaErupt Gaming
North AmericaNoXiDeErupt Gaming
North AmericaTemperrrErupt Gaming
North AmericaTcMErupt Gaming
April 17, BRiM, Bloodz, Saintt, and Slumber are drafted.
North AmericaSainttVexX Gaming
North AmericaBloodzVexX Gaming
North AmericaSlumberVexX Gaming
North AmericaBRiMVexX Gaming
April 17, MBoZe, NexXx, Phaze, and Realize are drafted.
North AmericaMBoZeOpTic Gaming
North AmericaNexXxOpTic Gaming
North AmericaPhazeOpTic Gaming
North AmericaRealize (Derrek Jordan)OpTic Gaming
April 17, Chino, H3CZ, KozMo, and MiRx are drafted.
North AmericaMiRxCurse Black
North AmericaChinoCurse Black
North AmericaKozMoCurse Black
North AmericaH3CZCurse Black
April 17, FEARS, Nifty, Sender, and Virus are drafted.
North AmericaVirusFaZe Black
North AmericaFEARSFaZe Black
North AmericaSenderFaZe Black
North AmericaNiftyFaZe Black
April 17, FLawLesS, Loony, LynXx, and Thing2 are drafted.
North AmericaLoonyTeam JusTus
North AmericaThing2Team JusTus
North AmericaFLawLesSTeam JusTus
North AmericaLynXxTeam JusTus
April 17, Moho, Pacman, Revan, and Whea7s are drafted.
North AmericaWhea7sTeam Kaliber
North AmericaRevanTeam Kaliber
North AmericaPacmanTeam Kaliber
North AmericaMohoTeam Kaliber
April 17, Accuracy, Diabolic, SiDRoC, and Snip3down are drafted.
North AmericaDiabolicFaZe Red
North AmericaAccuracyFaZe Red
North AmericaSnip3downFaZe Red
North AmericaSiDRoCFaZe Red
April 17, FoRePLayy, OGRE2, PHiZZURP, and Rambo are drafted.
North AmericaRamboTeam Envy
North AmericaOGRE2Team Envy
North AmericaPHiZZURPTeam Envy
North AmericaFoRePLayyTeam Envy
April 17, De5cend, Ricky, and Strife are drafted.
North AmericaRickyCurse Orange
North AmericaStrifeCurse Orange
North AmericaDe5cendCurse Orange
April 17, Catf1sh, Gucci, LyaR, and TJHaLy are drafted.
North AmericaTJHaLyStrictly Business Gaming
North AmericaLyaRStrictly Business Gaming
North AmericaGucciStrictly Business Gaming
North AmericaCatf1shStrictly Business Gaming
April 17, Ace, BigTymeR, Bossnasti, and TuQuick are drafted.
North AmericaBigTymeRcompLexity Gaming
North AmericaAcecompLexity Gaming
North AmericaTuQuickcompLexity Gaming
North AmericaBossnasticompLexity Gaming

Apr 18


Apr 19