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Current Roster Change Portals:

    Apr 22[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Gone Gaming - April (approx.), Apox, Blfire, and Legal leave.
    North AmericaBlfireGone Gaming
    North AmericaLegalGone Gaming
    North AmericaApoxGone Gaming
    Lethal Gaming - April 22, SupremeAgility leaves.
    North AmericaSupremeAgilityLethal Gaming

    Apr 23[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Righteous Mercs - April 23 (approx.), Demise, JuJu, Oog, and Pemby leave.
    North AmericaJuJuRighteous Mercs
    North AmericaPembyRighteous Mercs
    North AmericaOogRighteous Mercs
    North AmericaDemiseRighteous Mercs
    No Remorse - April 23 (approx.), HumanJesus, Neod, Remy, and Skilliosis leave.
    North AmericaRemyNo Remorse
    North AmericaHumanJesusNo Remorse
    North AmericaSkilliosisNo Remorse
    North AmericaNeodNo Remorse
    Task Force Gaming - April 23 (approx.), Dedo, Rallied, TcM, and TwiZz leave.
    North AmericaDedoTask Force Gaming
    North AmericaRalliedTask Force Gaming
    North AmericaTwiZzTask Force Gaming
    North AmericaTcMTask Force Gaming
    Final Feature Gaming - April 23 (approx.), Charullz, GodFormz, Remedy, and Shipping leave.
    North AmericaCharullzFinal Feature Gaming
    North AmericaShippingFinal Feature Gaming
    North AmericaGodFormzFinal Feature Gaming
    North AmericaRemedyFinal Feature Gaming
    Unsurpassed eSports - April 23, Kivi, Piero, Prime, and TPiece leave.
    EuropeKivi (Kevin Fiala)Unsurpassed eSports
    EuropePrimeUnsurpassed eSports
    EuropeTPieceUnsurpassed eSports
    EuropePieroUnsurpassed eSports
    Movistar Riders - April 23, Insight joins.
    EuropeInsightMovistar Riders
    KIYF eSports Club - April 23, Machete rejoins.
    EuropeMacheteKIYF eSports Club
    Earthroot Gaming - April 23, Knight leaves.
    North AmericaKnightEarthroot Gaming
    against All authority - April 23, Insight leaves.
    EuropeInsightagainst All authority
    Vast eSports - April 23 (approx.), Maux, Nagafen, and Theory leave. Proto's loan from Lightning Pandas ends.
    North AmericaTheoryVast eSports
    North AmericaNagafenVast eSports
    North AmericaMauxVast eSports
    North AmericaProtoVast eSports
    Lightning Pandas - April 23 (approx.), Proto returns from loan to Vast eSports.
    North AmericaProtoLightning PandasLightning Pandastrue
    MAD Lions E.C. - April 23, Inven and sTyLeXx join.
    EuropeInvenMAD Lions E.C.
    EuropesTyLeXxMAD Lions E.C.
    Squirrelly eSports - April (approx.), DeoX, LispZeus, Storied, and TTinyy leave.
    North AmericaDeoXSquirrelly eSports
    North AmericaTTinyySquirrelly eSports
    North AmericaStoriedSquirrelly eSports
    North AmericaLispZeusSquirrelly eSports
    Hydra Gaming - April 23 (approx.), KiSMET, Neonn, Reign6, and Zinx leave.
    North AmericaZinxHydra Gaming
    North AmericaReign6Hydra Gaming
    North AmericaKiSMETHydra Gaming
    North AmericaNeonnHydra Gaming
    OneMind - April 23, JetLi, MajorManiak, Ramby, and TeddyRecKs leave.
    North AmericaTeddyRecKsOneMind
    North AmericaJetLiOneMind
    North AmericaRambyOneMind
    North AmericaMajorManiakOneMind
    Forfeit Gaming - April (approx.), Brack, DraMa, MRuiz, and Riviction leave.
    North AmericaMRuizForfeit Gaming
    North AmericaDraMaForfeit Gaming
    North AmericaRivictionForfeit Gaming
    North AmericaBrackForfeit Gaming

    Apr 24[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    KIYF eSports Club - April 24, MeTTalZ rejoins.
    EuropeMeTTalZKIYF eSports Club
    Golden Hawks - April 24, NacHo (Coach), Buka, Dirty, Drumpz, and Glaaix join.
    EuropeGlaaixGolden Hawks
    EuropeDrumpzGolden Hawks
    EuropeBukaGolden Hawks
    EuropeDirtyGolden Hawks
    EuropeNacHoGolden HawksCoach
    Lethal Gaming - April 24, Johnny and Nelson leave.
    North AmericaJohnnyLethal Gaming
    North AmericaNelsonLethal Gaming
    GGEA Orange - April 24, Believe leaves.
    North AmericaBelieveGGEA Orange
    Earthroot Gaming - April 24, Hate and Skyz leave.
    North AmericaSkyzEarthroot Gaming
    North AmericaHateEarthroot Gaming
    against All authority - April 24, rizK becomes active. Swift leaves.
    EuroperizKagainst All authorityagainst All authority
    EuropeSwiftagainst All authority
    MAD Lions E.C. - April 24, Nvidiouz and Pepo join. Drome, EupHo, FlexZ, and JK7 join as substitutes.
    EuropePepoMAD Lions E.C.
    EuropeNvidiouzMAD Lions E.C.
    EuropeEupHoMAD Lions E.C.true
    EuropeFlexZMAD Lions E.C.true
    EuropeDromeMAD Lions E.C.true
    EuropeJK7MAD Lions E.C.true

    Apr 25[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Evil Geniuses - April 25, NAMELESS leaves.
    North AmericaNAMELESSEvil Geniuses
    KIYF eSports Club - April 25, FrezR joins.
    EuropeFrezRKIYF eSports Club

    Apr 26[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    KIYF eSports Club - April 26, HeLLioX joins.
    EuropeHeLLioXKIYF eSports Club
    CYCLOPS athlete gaming - April 26, TimGUCHI joins.
    Asia PacificTimGUCHICYCLOPS athlete gaming

    Apr 27[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Avalanche Gaming - April 27, Feezin joins.
    Latin AmericaFeezinAvalanche Gaming
    Vodafone Giants - April 27, Zayrox leaves.
    EuropeZayroxVodafone Giants
    Cyclone EU - April 27, Braaain, Peatie, QwiKeR, and Zed leave.
    EuropeBraaainCyclone EU
    EuropePeatieCyclone EU
    EuropeQwiKeRCyclone EU
    EuropeZedCyclone EU
    Night Killers eSports - April 27, Dihlz leaves.
    Latin AmericaDihlzNight Killers eSports

    Apr 28[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Quad Gaming - April 28, Grooso leaves.
    Latin AmericaGroosoQuad Gaming
    Splyce - April 28, Tommey becomes restricted free agent.