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Dec 08


Dec 09

December 9, Cxllum and aRoMa leave.
EuropeaRoMaTaL eSports
EuropeCxllumTaL eSports
December 9, Sender (Head Coach) joins.
CDL FranchiseSenderChicago HuntsmenHead Coach
December 9, Sender (Coach) leaves.
North AmericaSenderEnigma6 GroupCoach

Dec 10


Dec 11

December 11, Fenix leaves.
Latin AmericaFenixFurious Gaming
December 11, Chino and Goonjar join as substitutes.
CDL FranchiseChinoOpTic Gaming Los Angelestrue
CDL FranchiseGoonjarOpTic Gaming Los Angelestrue

Dec 12

December 12, Copier, ExiB, Kade, Pawns, and Thrax leave.
North AmericaKadeOxygen Supremacy
North AmericaCopierOxygen Supremacy
North AmericaExiBOxygen Supremacy
North AmericaThraxOxygen Supremacy
North AmericaPawnsOxygen Supremacy
December 12, EPiK, Phoeniix, and Pretoo join. KPainz, Neto, and Stun leave.
EuropeKPainzGTZ Bulls Esports
EuropeNetoGTZ Bulls Esports
EuropeStunGTZ Bulls Esports
EuropePhoeniixGTZ Bulls Esports
EuropeEPiKGTZ Bulls Esports
EuropePretooGTZ Bulls Esports
December 12, MaNiaC joins as substitute.
CDL FranchiseMaNiaCFlorida Mutineerstrue
December 12, Tisch joins as substitute.
CDL FranchiseTischDallas Empiretrue
December 12, Tisch leaves.
North AmericaTischUYU
December 12, Martino leaves.
Latin AmericaMartino4LF4 Team
December 12, Caio, Faake, Lorosoco, Martino, Mirolla, and RicK join.
Latin AmericaCaioProBono e-Sports
Latin AmericaLorosocoProBono e-Sports
Latin AmericaRicKProBono e-Sports
Latin AmericaMirollaProBono e-Sports
Latin AmericaFaakeProBono e-Sports
Latin AmericaMartinoProBono e-Sports
December 12, Blazt joins as substitute.
CDL FranchiseBlaztLos Angeles Guerrillastrue

Dec 13

December 13, GloFrosty, JFatal, Owakening, Reaper, and Willett join.
North AmericaReaperSixth Gear
North AmericaJFatalSixth Gear
North AmericaWillettSixth Gear
North AmericaOwakeningSixth Gear
North AmericaGloFrostySixth Gear

Dec 14

December 14, Hate, Juju, Katani, Koots, and Noysii join.
North AmericaJujuTeam Chaotic
North AmericaHateTeam Chaotic
North AmericaNoysiiTeam Chaotic
North AmericaKataniTeam Chaotic
North AmericaKootsTeam Chaotic
December 14, Davpadie, Evasion, Standy, Swarley, and Zinx join.
North AmericaSwarleyAspire eSports
North AmericaStandyAspire eSports
North AmericaZinxAspire eSports
North AmericaEvasionAspire eSports
North AmericaDavpadieAspire eSports
December 14, JHustleR leaves.
Latin AmericaJHustleR4LF4 Team
December 14, Gabz leaves.
Latin AmericaGabzNexT Team