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Jan 05


Jan 06

January 6, Draken, Relays, and StaniuM leave.
Latin AmericaDrakenMafia Esports
Latin AmericaStaniuMMafia Esports
Latin AmericaRelaysMafia Esports
January 6, Draken, Rakzyy, Realize, Relays, and StaniuM join.
Latin AmericaDrakenRysix Gaming
Latin AmericaRakzyyRysix Gaming
Latin AmericaStaniuMRysix Gaming
Latin AmericaRelaysRysix Gaming
Latin AmericaRealize (Chilean Player)Rysix Gaming
January 6, Breechy, FRIMJ, LiammD, RiRi, and Seannyy join.
EuropeSeannyyKansas City Pioneers
EuropeRiRiKansas City Pioneers
EuropeFRIMJKansas City Pioneers
EuropeLiammDKansas City Pioneers
EuropeBreechyKansas City Pioneers

Jan 07

January 7, Zappy joins. iTorres leaves.
EuropeiTorresKawaii Kiwis
EuropeZappyKawaii Kiwis
January 7, 47, Bullseye, Diamondcon, Remy, and aHTracT join.
North AmericaaHTracTMount Olympus Gaming
North AmericaRemyMount Olympus Gaming
North America47Mount Olympus Gaming
North AmericaBullseyeMount Olympus Gaming
North AmericaDiamondconMount Olympus Gaming

Jan 08

January 8, Revised Call of Duty League schedule is released.
January 8, Call of Duty Challengers tournaments announced to take place at each Call of Duty League Home Series.
January 8, Pacman (Analyst) leaves.
North AmericaPacmanActivisionAnalyst
January 8, Pacman (Head Coach) joins.
CDL FranchisePacmanOpTic Gaming Los AngelesHead Coach
January 8, Griffin (Manager), Destiny, Jintroid, Newbz, Theory, and TwiZz join.
North AmericaDestinyTeam Divine
North AmericaNewbzTeam Divine
North AmericaJintroidTeam Divine
North AmericaTheoryTeam Divine
North AmericaTwiZzTeam Divine
North AmericaGriffinTeam DivineManager
January 8, NJROD January 2020 5v5 is postponed.

Jan 09


Jan 10


Jan 11

January 11, Deelo, Drazah, Kyzer, OPTIMUM, and Performal join.
North AmericaKyzerIllusion Esports
North AmericaDrazahIllusion Esports
North AmericaPerformalIllusion Esports
North AmericaOPTIMUMIllusion Esports
North AmericaDeeloIllusion Esports