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Jan 19

January 19, Sweeper (Analyst) joins.
EuropeSweeperTeam SingularityAnalyst

Jan 20

January 20 (approx.), Camerxn (Coach), Cruze, Fate, Hybrid, Killerpie, and Tyson leave.
Asia PacificCruzeOvert Gaming
Asia PacificHybridOvert Gaming
Asia PacificFateOvert Gaming
Asia PacificTysonOvert Gaming
Asia PacificKillerpieOvert Gaming
Asia PacificCamerxnOvert GamingCoach
January 20, NebuR, PhoeniixX, Pini, Sk1LL, and Smurf join.
EuropeSk1LLNative 2 Empire
EuropePhoeniixXNative 2 Empire
EuropeNebuRNative 2 Empire
EuropeSmurfNative 2 Empire
EuropePiniNative 2 Empire
January 20, Wicko (Coach), Beseatey, Melvvyn, Powerhouse, Shaun, and Snakee join.
EuropeMelvvynValory Esports
EuropePowerhouseValory Esports
EuropeBeseateyValory Esports
EuropeShaunValory Esports
EuropeSnakeeValory Esports
EuropeWickoValory EsportsCoach
January 20, Maven (Caster) and MerK (Caster) will remain with the team.
CDL FranchiseMavenActivisionCasterActivisionCaster
CDL FranchiseMerKActivisionCasterActivisionCaster
January 20, Afro, Braaain, Creza, Deleo, and Niall join.
EuropeBraaainBlu Martini Gaming
EuropeCrezaBlu Martini Gaming
EuropeNiallBlu Martini Gaming
EuropeAfroBlu Martini Gaming
EuropeDeleoBlu Martini Gaming
January 20, Team is acquired by Rebel Esportslogo std.pngRebel Esports.
January 20, Team acquires Aspire eSportslogo std.pngAspire eSports.

Jan 21

January 21, Hunt (Player to Streamer) changes position. Nicochan moves to starting roster.
Asia PacificNicochanRush GamingtrueRush Gaming
Asia PacificHuntRush GamingPlayerRush Gamingstreamer
January 21, Disarray, Hicksy, Iviano, LewTee, and YellowBeanBag join.
EuropeIvianoMythos Gaming
EuropeDisarrayMythos Gaming
EuropeLewTeeMythos Gaming
EuropeYellowBeanBagMythos Gaming
EuropeHicksyMythos Gaming
January 21, Exceed and TTinyy are loaned to Rebel Esports.
CDL FranchiseTTinyyMinnesota RØKKRtrueMinnesota RØKKR
CDL FranchiseExceedMinnesota RØKKRtrueMinnesota RØKKR
January 21, Knight, LlamaGod, and Mochila join. Exceed and TTinyy are loaned from MIN RØKKR.
North AmericaMochilaRebel Esports
North AmericaLlamaGodRebel Esports
North AmericaKnightRebel Esports
North AmericaTTinyyRebel Esports
North AmericaExceedRebel Esports
January 21, Archivs, Beehzy, Gunsiii, Holler, and Jimbo join.
North AmericaGunsiiiOceanus Gaming
North AmericaBeehzyOceanus Gaming
North AmericaHollerOceanus Gaming
North AmericaJimboOceanus Gaming
North AmericaArchivsOceanus Gaming
January 21, Miles Ross (Caster) and Momo (Caster) will remain with the team.
CDL FranchiseMomoActivisionCasterActivisionCaster
CDL FranchiseMiles RossActivisionCasterActivisionCaster
January 21, Methodz, Loony, Classic, Cammy and MeTTalZ announced as starting roster. Bance, Brack, CleanX, Lucky, and Mayhem move to substitutes.
CDL FranchiseBrackToronto UltraToronto Ultratrue
CDL FranchiseLucky (Alejandro López)Toronto UltraToronto Ultratrue
CDL FranchiseCleanXToronto UltraToronto Ultratrue
CDL FranchiseBanceToronto UltraToronto Ultratrue
CDL FranchiseMayhemToronto UltraToronto Ultratrue

Jan 22

January 22, Benson (Caster) and Chance (Caster) will remain with the team.
CDL FranchiseBensonActivisionCasterActivisionCaster
CDL FranchiseChance (Thomas Ashworth)ActivisionCasterActivisionCaster
January 22, Pandur and Proto are loaned to Hybrid Gaming.
CDL FranchisePandurSeattle SurgetrueSeattle Surge
CDL FranchiseProtoSeattle SurgetrueSeattle Surge
January 22, Spoof, Super, and Vivid join. Pandur and Proto are loaned from SEA Surge.
North AmericaSpoofHybrid Gaming
North AmericaVividHybrid Gaming
North AmericaSuper (Tanner Bowen)Hybrid Gaming
North AmericaPandurHybrid Gaming
North AmericaProtoHybrid Gaming
January 22, StuDyy (Analyst), Jessica Brohard (Interviewer), and Katie Bedford (Host) leave.
CDL FranchiseStuDyyActivisionAnalyst
CDL FranchiseKatie BedfordActivisionHost
CDL FranchiseJessica BrohardActivisionInterviewer
January 22, GRVTY and JurNii move to academy roster.
CDL FranchiseJurNiiAtlanta FaZetrueAtlanta FaZe
CDL FranchiseGRVTYAtlanta FaZetrueAtlanta FaZe
January 22, Abstract, TurnUp2eZ, and Zaptius join. GRVTY and JurNii join from main roster.
North AmericaTurnUp2eZAF Academy
North AmericaZaptiusAF Academy
North AmericaAbstractAF Academy
North AmericaJurNiiAF Academy
North AmericaGRVTYAF Academy
January 22, Cells, Charullz, Hollow, MackMelts, and Stamino join.
North AmericaStaminoHybrid Black
North AmericaCellsHybrid Black
North AmericaHollowHybrid Black
North AmericaMackMeltsHybrid Black
North AmericaCharullzHybrid Black
January 22, Anthrax, Copier, ExiB, Kade, and Pawns join.
North AmericaKadeCutting Edge Esports
North AmericaExiBCutting Edge Esports
North AmericaAnthraxCutting Edge Esports
North AmericaPawnsCutting Edge Esports
North AmericaCopierCutting Edge Esports
January 22, DraMa and Nova join. 2ReaL and KlinK leave.
North America2ReaLJ4L Org
North AmericaKlinKJ4L Org
North AmericaDraMaJ4L Org
North AmericaNova (Dakota Williams)J4L Org

Jan 23

January 23, Call of Duty League Ruleset v1.6 is released.
January 23, Team partners with Universal Music Canada.
January 23, Team partners with Turtle Beach.
January 23, endurAAA joins as temporary substitute for CDC Launch Weekend Open 2020, replacing MadCat because of visa issues.
EuropeendurAAARoyal Ravens Academy
January 23, MadCat and Seany leave for academy roster.
CDL FranchiseMadCatLondon Royal Ravens
CDL FranchiseSeanyLondon Royal Ravens
January 23, Defrag, Nolson, and Weeman join. MadCat and Seany join from main roster.
EuropeMadCatRoyal Ravens Academy
EuropeSeanyRoyal Ravens Academy
EuropeWeemanRoyal Ravens Academy
EuropeNolsonRoyal Ravens Academy
EuropeDefragRoyal Ravens Academy
January 23, Fero, Parasite, Prolute, Spacely, and Spart join.
North AmericaSpartRich and Lonely
North AmericaSpacelyRich and Lonely
North AmericaFeroRich and Lonely
North AmericaParasiteRich and Lonely
North AmericaProluteRich and Lonely
January 23, Team partners with GameFuel.
January 23, Beanz, Ethan2Nice, Fame, Huntsmann, and JansportJake join.
North AmericaHuntsmannHYXR eSports
North AmericaJansportJakeHYXR eSports
North AmericaBeanzHYXR eSports
North AmericaFameHYXR eSports
North AmericaEthan2NiceHYXR eSports
January 23, MortyCB and aHTracT join.
North AmericaMortyCBGuilty Esports
North AmericaaHTracTGuilty Esports

Jan 24

January 24, Beastn, Damage, Nimble, Restalling, and Zepa join.
Asia PacificNimbleMindfreak
Asia PacificZepaMindfreak
Asia PacificDamageMindfreak
Asia PacificBeastnMindfreak
Asia PacificRestallingMindfreak
January 24, Team partners with GameFuel.
January 24, BigTymer (Content Creator) joins.
North AmericaBigTymerNRG EsportsContent Creator
January 24, FeLo, Nagafen, Parzelion, Royalty, and Xotic join.
North AmericaFeLoTriumph
North AmericaNagafenTriumph
North AmericaParzelionTriumph
North AmericaRoyaltyTriumph
North AmericaXoticTriumph
January 24, Lottie Van-Praag (Host) joins.
CDL FranchiseLottie Van-PraagActivisionHost
January 24, Call of Duty League 2020 Season events will be streamed exclusivity on YouTube.
January 24, Crimsix renames to C6.
January 24, Kenny renames to Kuavo.

Jan 25

January 25, Esports Enginelogo std.pngEsports Engine to assist in running Call of Duty Challengers 2020 events.
January 25, Louqa, Denz, Shockz, Zed, and KiSMET announced as starting roster. Phantomz and Breszy move to substitutes.
CDL FranchisePhantomzParis LegionParis Legiontrue
CDL FranchiseBreszyParis LegionParis Legiontrue