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Current Roster Change Portals:

    Mar 01[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Eternal - March (approx.), Pepo leaves.
    Royal Ravens Academy - March (approx.), Linney joins.
    EuropeLinneyRoyal Ravens Academy
    Hybrid Gaming - March (approx.), Proto's loan from SEA Surge ends.
    North AmericaProtoHybrid Gaming
    Seattle Surge - March (approx.), Proto returns from loan to Hybrid Gaming.
    CDL FranchiseProtoSeattle SurgeSeattle Surgetrue
    Sixth Gear - March 1, Stamino joins. GloFrosty, Jintroid, Owakening, and Willett rejoin.
    North AmericaGloFrostySixth Gear
    North AmericaOwakeningSixth Gear
    North AmericaJintroidSixth Gear
    North AmericaStaminoSixth Gear
    North AmericaWillettSixth Gear
    Recon 5 - March (approx.), ElectricAim, Fame, Hunt, Striker, and Tyrannicide leave.
    North AmericaElectricAimRecon 5
    North AmericaTyrannicideRecon 5
    North AmericaStrikerRecon 5
    North AmericaFameRecon 5
    North AmericaHunt (Tyler Hunt)Recon 5
    Goat Gaming - March (approx.), Lucho leaves.
    Latin AmericaLuchoGoat Gaming
    Ivyaert Esports - March (approx.), Lucho joins.
    Latin AmericaLuchoIvyaert Esports

    Mar 02[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Cosmic Wolf eSports - March (approx.), Charm, COutside, LilFoot, Optional, and Sinless leave.
    North AmericaSinlessCosmic Wolf eSports
    North AmericaCOutsideCosmic Wolf eSports
    North AmericaOptionalCosmic Wolf eSports
    North AmericaCharmCosmic Wolf eSports
    North AmericaLilFootCosmic Wolf eSports
    Team Singularity - March 2, Team begins bootcamp in the United States.
    UYU - March 2, MRuiz, Pentagrxm, and Zyyral become restricted free $AGENT$.
    North AmericaPentagrxmUYUUYU
    North AmericaZyyralUYUUYU
    North AmericaMRuizUYUUYU
    Asia PacificManOfChickenFURY Australia
    Asia PacificCronusKunFURY Australia
    Asia PacificJamesJHRFURY Australia
    The Atlas Lions - March 2, envdiaN retires.
    Triumph - March 2, Xotic leaves.
    North AmericaXoticTriumph
    Encrypted Gaming - March 2, Prolute, Spacely, and Xotic join. Believe leaves.
    North AmericaBelieveEncrypted Gaming
    North AmericaSpacelyEncrypted Gaming
    North AmericaXoticEncrypted Gaming
    North AmericaProluteEncrypted Gaming
    Team Insite - March 2, PaulEhx, Venom, and Zaptius leave.
    North AmericaPaulEhxTeam Insite
    North AmericaZaptiusTeam Insite
    North AmericaVenomTeam Insite
    North AmericaParasiteNo Mercy Esports
    North AmericaFeroNo Mercy Esports
    North AmericaPaulEhxNo Mercy Esports
    North AmericaZaptiusNo Mercy Esports
    North AmericaVenomNo Mercy Esports
    Team Insite - March 2 (approx.), Storied (Coach) leaves.
    North AmericaStoriedTeam InsiteCoach
    Team Sintra - March 2 (approx.), Loki, Malls, Melko, ReeFlex, and VriZix leave.
    EuropeMallsTeam Sintra
    EuropeVriZixTeam Sintra
    EuropeLokiTeam Sintra
    EuropeReeFlexTeam Sintra
    EuropeMelkoTeam Sintra

    Mar 03[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    4LF4 Team - March 3, Espia (Coach), KondeliuS (Manager), Breiko, Nodish, Rakten, Rydekz, and StaniuM join. DScoTz, HardTrevs, Sheed, and Soldier leave.
    Latin AmericaDScoTz4LF4 Team
    Latin AmericaSheed4LF4 Team
    Latin AmericaSoldier4LF4 Team
    Latin AmericaHardTrevs4LF4 Team
    Latin AmericaNodish4LF4 Team
    Latin AmericaRakten4LF4 Team
    Latin AmericaRydekz4LF4 Team
    Latin AmericaStaniuM4LF4 Team
    Latin AmericaBreiko4LF4 Team
    Latin AmericaEspia4LF4 TeamCoach
    Latin AmericaKondeliuS4LF4 TeamManager
    Team WaR - March 3, Roper (Coach), Denza, Dqvee, Nastie, Peatie, and Vortex leave.
    EuropeDenzaTeam WaR
    EuropeDqveeTeam WaR
    EuropePeatieTeam WaR
    EuropeVortex (Stephen Allen)Team WaR
    EuropeNastieTeam WaR
    EuropeRoperTeam WaRCoach
    Dallas Empire - March 3, Rambo (Head Coach/General Manager) joins.
    CDL FranchiseRamboDallas EmpireHead Coach/General Manager
    Tekk10 Gaming - March 3, Chunk, Divinity, Felon, Meemo, and Trance leave.
    EuropeTranceTekk10 Gaming
    EuropeMeemoTekk10 Gaming
    EuropeDivinityTekk10 Gaming
    EuropeChunkTekk10 Gaming
    EuropeFelonTekk10 Gaming
    FURY Australia - March (approx.), Middoh leaves.
    Asia PacificMiddohFURY Australia
    cowana Gaming - March (approx.), Beseatey, Jambo, Shaun, Snake, and Traudey leave.
    EuropeTraudeycowana Gaming
    EuropeBeseateycowana Gaming
    EuropeJambocowana Gaming
    EuropeShauncowana Gaming
    EuropeSnakecowana Gaming

    Mar 04[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource

    Mar 05[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    The Atlas Lions - March 5, KingFenix (Coach) joins.
    EuropeKingFenixThe Atlas LionsCoach
    Latin AmericaKheyzeVirtue Gaming
    Latin AmericaFaakeVirtue Gaming
    Latin AmericaStukasVirtue Gaming
    Latin AmericaPreformedVirtue Gaming
    Latin AmericaHardTrevsVirtue Gaming
    Night Killers eSports - March 5, MeTodies leaves.
    Latin AmericaMeTodiesNight Killers eSports
    Built by Gamers - March 5, Gunsiii, JLags, Legal, Miyagi, and Mohak join.
    North AmericaGunsiiiBuilt by Gamers
    North AmericaLegalBuilt by Gamers
    North AmericaMiyagiBuilt by Gamers
    North AmericaJLagsBuilt by Gamers
    North AmericaMohakBuilt by Gamers
    Los Angeles Guerrillas - March 5, Blazt, Spart, and Vivid move to starting roster. ACHES, Lacefield, and Saints move to substitutes.
    CDL FranchiseACHESLos Angeles GuerrillasLos Angeles Guerrillastrue
    CDL FranchiseLacefieldLos Angeles GuerrillasLos Angeles Guerrillastrue
    CDL FranchiseSaintsLos Angeles GuerrillasLos Angeles Guerrillastrue
    CDL FranchiseBlaztLos Angeles GuerrillastrueLos Angeles Guerrillas
    CDL FranchiseSpartLos Angeles GuerrillastrueLos Angeles Guerrillas
    CDL FranchiseVividLos Angeles GuerrillastrueLos Angeles Guerrillas
    No Mercy Esports - March 5, GloFrosty joins. Fero leaves.
    North AmericaFeroNo Mercy Esports
    North AmericaGloFrostyNo Mercy Esports
    Chaotic Esports - March (approx.), 47, Hate, JuJu, KaTaNi, and Noysii leave.
    North AmericaJuJuChaotic Esports
    North AmericaNoysiiChaotic Esports
    North America47Chaotic Esports
    North AmericaKaTaNiChaotic Esports
    North AmericaHateChaotic Esports

    Mar 06[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    CDL2020 - March 6, CDL Los Angeles Home Series will continue as planned despite concerns over Coronavirus Outbreak.
    Florida Mutineers - March 6, Fero joins. Prestinni moves to substitute.
    CDL FranchisePrestinniFlorida MutineersFlorida Mutineerstrue
    CDL FranchiseFeroFlorida Mutineers
    North AmericaPDassonNightshade x Gonzo
    North AmericaGroovyNightshade x Gonzo
    North AmericaGriMNightshade x Gonzo
    North AmericaPhenomNightshade x Gonzo
    North AmericaFonchoNightshade x Gonzo
    ACE1 - March 6, Destinyy (Coach) joins. Supreeme rejoins. Radiz leaves.
    Latin AmericaRadizACE1
    Latin AmericaSupreemeACE1
    Latin AmericaDestinyyACE1Coach
    Lore Gaming - March 6, Conbix, Cyborg, DraMa, Hills, and Ramby join.
    North AmericaDraMaLore Gaming
    North AmericaRambyLore Gaming
    North AmericaCyborgLore Gaming
    North AmericaConbixLore Gaming
    North AmericaHillsLore Gaming

    Mar 07[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    All Knights - March 7, ExyLon leaves.
    Latin AmericaExyLonAll Knights
    Athaim Gaming - March 7, Buzz, HyPno, Lightning, Prodigy, and Theory join.
    North AmericaProdigy (American Player)Athaim Gaming
    North AmericaLightningAthaim Gaming
    North AmericaHyPnoAthaim Gaming
    North AmericaTheoryAthaim Gaming
    North AmericaBuzzAthaim Gaming
    Team WaR - March 7, Evasion, Knight, Kyzer, LlamaGod, and Swarley join.
    North AmericaKnightTeam WaR
    North AmericaSwarleyTeam WaR
    North AmericaEvasionTeam WaR
    North AmericaKyzerTeam WaR
    North AmericaLlamaGodTeam WaR
    Minnesota RØKKR - March 7, Exceed is loaned to Rebel Esports.
    CDL FranchiseExceedMinnesota RØKKRtrueMinnesota RØKKRtrue
    Rebel Esports - March 7, Onyx, Teskiy, and TurnUp2eZ join. Exceed is loaned from MIN RØKKR.
    North AmericaExceedRebel Esports
    North AmericaOnyxRebel Esports
    North AmericaTurnUp2eZRebel Esports
    North AmericaTeskiyRebel Esports
    Team Insite - March 7, Standy leaves.
    North AmericaStandyTeam Insite
    Triumph - March 7, Standy joins.
    North AmericaStandyTriumph
    Call of Duty League 2020 - March 7, Twitter and U.S. Army announced as new sponsors.