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Team has disbanded.
eRa Eternity
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Team Information
Org Location
United States
North America
SponsorEGL Apparel
GT Throne
Money Matches
Scuf Gaming
CoD Division: 2017-03-02
DisbandedCoD Division: 2018-03-15
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eRa Eternity is a former North American team.


eRa Eternity was founded on the 4th of May in 2012 by Alex Arteaga, starting off as a YouTube sniping entertainment organization. Creating popular series like 'eRaCams'​ and 'Killcam of the Week,'​ eRa was quick to climb up the ladder in the sniping community. eRa's ownership throughout the years have gotten passed around due to people not being able to dedicate their time to the brand. This has resulted in eRa ending repeatedly throughout the years until early 2017. In January 2017, eRa restarted with new management on board with 50% ownership starting up the eSports side of the sniping team. Months later, the other owners and newer management had a fallout due to the YouTube side not being productive. As of May 2017, Alex Arteaga bought out the other 50% of the organization and rebooted eRa by releasing all sniping members and restarting it under new management.

In March 2018, the players on all of eRa's teams left the organization after eRa was unable to pay any of the players.[1]


  • 2017
  • 2018

Player Roster[edit]


No members found.


Players are shown for the entire duration of their tenure on the team, with the role and substitute/trainee status they had upon their departure.

PlayerNameRoleJoinedLeftNext Team

BlaztRasim OgresevicPlayerMar 20182018-03-09Mar 20182018-03-15Recklesslogo std.pngRECK

BevilsEmbry BevilPlayer
Jan 20182018-01-19Mar 20182018-03-15Evil Geniuseslogo std.pngEG

DecemateJacob CatoPlayerJan 20182018-01-19Mar 20182018-03-15Recklesslogo std.pngRECK

FeroMaurice HenriquezPlayerJan 20182018-01-19Mar 20182018-03-15Recklesslogo std.pngRECK

RickyRichard StacyPlayerJan 20182018-01-19Mar 20182018-03-15Recklesslogo std.pngRECK

GodRxAdam BrownPlayerJan 20182018-01-03Jan 20182018-01-19Ghost Gaminglogo std.pngGG

MiRxMarcus CarterPlayerJan 20182018-01-03Jan 20182018-01-19Ascendant Gaminglogo std.pngASC

MochilaSteve CanlePlayerJan 20182018-01-03Jan 20182018-01-19Next Threatlogo std.png-TT-

PandurCasey RomanoPlayerJan 20182018-01-03Jan 20182018-01-19Ghost Gaminglogo std.pngGG

ProoFyJordan CannonPlayerDec 20172017-12-29Jan 20182018-01-028-12 UNiTElogo std.pngUNiTE

BevilsEmbry BevilPlayerDec 20172017-12-24Dec 20172017-12-29DooM Clanlogo std.pngDooM

PRPLXDBrian LaddPlayerDec 20172017-12-17Dec 20172017-12-29Retiredlogo std.pngRetired

RalliedPatryk SalataPlayerSep 20172017-09-23Dec 20172017-12-29Reign NAlogo std.pngReign

DedoKenneth DedoPlayerSep 20172017-09-14Dec 20172017-12-29Reign NAlogo std.pngReign

ProoFyJordan CannonPlayerNov 20172017-11-14Dec 20172017-12-24ERa Eternitylogo std.pngeRa

HavokColt McLendonPlayerSep 20172017-09-18Dec 20172017-12-11InControl Gaminglogo std.pngInC

FEARSDamod AbneyPlayerOct 20172017-10-05Nov 20172017-11-13Underworld Esportslogo std.pngUW

CarbinesLiam RyanPlayerJul 20172017-07-25≈Aug 2017≈2017-08-??Brash eSportslogo std.pngBrash

dReaLEhsan JavedPlayerJul 20172017-07-25≈Aug 2017≈2017-08-??Brash eSportslogo std.pngBrash

VerdicTFrank O’SullivanPlayerJul 20172017-07-25≈Aug 2017≈2017-08-??Most Wanted EUlogo std.pngMW

ZayroxArthur ChabasPlayerJul 20172017-07-25≈Aug 2017≈2017-08-??Team Vitalitylogo std.pngVIT

FA5TBALLAEthan WedgeworthPlayerMay 20172017-05-04Jul 20172017-07-05Cyclonelogo std.pngCYC

GlorySeth DonskeyPlayerMay 20172017-05-04Jul 20172017-07-05Projekt Evillogo std.pngPE

MoshTanner ClarkPlayerMay 20172017-05-04Jul 20172017-07-05Draco Esportslogo std.pngDraco

ProFeeZyChristopher AstudilloPlayerMay 20172017-05-04Jul 20172017-07-05Projekt Evillogo std.pngPE

DefragAdam MathewsPlayerJun 20172017-06-27≈Jul 2017≈2017-07-??Team Infusedlogo std.pngINFS

MomentusJordan RayatPlayerJun 20172017-06-27≈Jul 2017≈2017-07-??Retiredlogo std.pngRetired

RevoltMichael EatonPlayerJun 20172017-06-27≈Jul 2017≈2017-07-??EnD Gaminglogo std.pngEnD

SamBSam BakerPlayerJun 20172017-06-27≈Jul 2017≈2017-07-??Aerox eSportslogo std.pngAerox

AlexxAlex CarpenterPlayer≈Jun 2017≈2017-06-??Jun 20172017-06-27Team Infusedlogo std.pngINFS

DeleoDeleo DevittPlayer≈Jun 2017≈2017-06-??Jun 20172017-06-27Team Infusedlogo std.pngINFS

NiallNiall SunderlandPlayer≈Jun 2017≈2017-06-??Jun 20172017-06-27Team Infusedlogo std.pngINFS

QwiKeRShea SweeneyPlayer≈Jun 2017≈2017-06-??Jun 20172017-06-26Milleniumlogo std.pngMILL

GodLikeZack GoldsteinPlayerMar 20172017-03-02Mar 20172017-03-22Pnda Gaminglogo std.pngPnda

LyricLyric QuinonezPlayerMar 20172017-03-02Mar 20172017-03-22Pnda Gaminglogo std.pngPnda

NuglectJorge AguilarPlayerMar 20172017-03-02Mar 20172017-03-22Pnda Gaminglogo std.pngPnda

RivictionCaton DellPlayerMar 20172017-03-02Mar 20172017-03-22Pnda Gaminglogo std.pngPnda



C ID Name Position
Azuhl Alex Artega Owner & CEO
JDaley Jordan Daley Owner & COO


C ID Name Position Next Team
Willhire William Owens Chief Branding Officer
ProoFy Jordan Cannon 80General Manager Most Wantedlogo std.pngMost Wanted
JGrigg Jordan Grigg General Manager MRKN Clanlogo std.pngMRKN Clan
Eddie Eddie Dee Talent Acquisition Manager Elevatelogo std.pngElevate
Syncrohs Bryan Truong Chief Marketing Officer Oxygen Supremacylogo std.pngOxygen Supremacy
Fuze Brandon Delgado Chief Marketing Officer Most Wantedlogo std.pngMost Wanted
Lethal Jesse Burkett Owner & CEO
Flux Alex Walters Team Manager & Coach Projekt Evillogo std.pngProjekt Evil
ViK Patrick McJunkin Chief Operating Officer

Team Achievements[edit]

This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

eRa Eternity Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
2020-01-2649 - 64 Call of Duty Challengers Launch Weekend Open 2020
2018-03-2211 - 12$ 12,500$ 12,500$ 12,500 CWL Pro League 2018 Stage 1 Ricky •  Decemate •  Fero •  Bevils
2018-03-1113 - 16 CWL Atlanta Open 2018 Ricky •  Decemate •  Fero •  Blazt
2018-02-269 - 16 MLG GameBattles Pro League Challenge 2018-02-25 Ricky •  Decemate •  Fero •  Bevils
2018-01-291$ 1,500$ 1,500$ 1,500 MLG GameBattles Pro League Challenge 2018-01-28 Ricky •  Decemate •  Fero •  Bevils
2018-01-1429 - 32 CWL New Orleans Open 2018 GodRx •  MiRx •  Mochila •  Pandur
2018-01-0817 - 32 MLG GameBattles 2000 Series NA 2018-01-07 GodRx •  MiRx •  Mochila •  Pandur
2017-12-239 - 16 UMG Gaming Prime $2000 4v4 Variant 2017-12-23 Dedo •  Rallied •  ProoFy •  PRPLXD
2017-12-1817 - 32 MLG GameBattles 2000 Series NA 2017-12-17 Dedo •  Rallied •  ProoFy •  PRPLXD
2017-12-1049 - 64 CWL Dallas Open 2018 Dedo •  Havok •  Rallied •  ProoFy
Total Prize:USD 14,000



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