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Envoy PL 2019.png
Background Information
NameDylan Hannon
Country of BirthUnited States United States
BirthdayJanuary 19, 2000 (age 19)
 North America
TeamMidnight Esportslogo std.png Midnight Esports
RoleSMG Slayer
XBL GamertagTBEnvoy
Social Media & Links
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Team History
May 2015 - Jul 2015
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Geared 4 Gaminglogo std.png Geared 4 Gaming
Aug 2015 - Oct 2015
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Team JusTuslogo std.png Team JusTus
Apr 2018 - Jun 2018
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Team WaRlogo std.png Team WaR
Nov 2018 - Present
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Midnight Esportslogo std.png Midnight Esports
Dylan "Envoy" Hannon is a SMG Slayer for Midnight Esports.


Envoy started his pro team debut with Geared 4 Gaming. The roster consisted of Simple, Cells, Pickles, and himself. The roster qualified for the MLG Pro League CoD AW Season 3 Relegation Tournament. Sadly, this opportunity would fall through as the team would place 13th-16th, losing to OpTic Nation 3-1 in WR1 and then falling to 3sUP 3-0 in LR1. Afterwards, Envoy would play with amateur players up until the MES Detroit 25K. Soon later, Envoy would finally get his pro team opportunity. Team JusTus was looking for a new Call of Duty team and the roster was set as veteran SpaceLy, amateurs Assault and Kenny, and himself. His current teammates would soon go on to be the best players in Call of Duty esports. The team got 2nd in the MLG GameBattles 5K Series 2015-08-09 and were looking solid. The next event coming up was UMG Washington DC 2015. The team ended up placing 9th-12th, after an impressive flow of games and getting the top spot in Group B during the Group Stage. The team went 3-1 in mapcount in groups beating top teams such as FaZe Clan, Epsilon eSports.NA, and team from the open bracket VexX Gaming. Team JusTus got into WR1 first playing the stacked Denial Esports team and were quickly put into losers bracket after losing 3-0. Team JusTus would fall to LR4 where they played FaZe, who they had previously beaten in groups. Sadly this time FaZe got the better of them, and they eliminated them from the tournament with a 3-1 loss. The team would stick together for the rest of the Advanced Warfare season, getting top 4 in MLG GameBattles 5K and 10K Series'. The last event for the AW season was the MLG World Finals 2015. Team JusTus went into the event with high hopes, as they looked at the progress they made from UMG Washington DC. Team JusTus ended up playing in Group C, alongside Denial Esports, Rise Nation, Epsilon eSports, and Millenium. They would beat Epsilon 3-1, Rise 3-2, and Millenium 3-0, and then losing to Denial 3-0. This gave them second place in Group C in the standings. They got a very hard WR1 matchup, Call of Duty powerhouse, OpTic Gaming. Every series in the Winner's Bracket were all best of 7's. OpTic Gaming ended up taking the series 4-1 and that sent Team JusTus to the losers bracket very early in the tournament. Team JusTus would then drop down to LR5 where they faced Epsilon eSports. They won the series 3-2 and went on to face Team Envy. The team fell short and lost 3-1, although the team did go home with a new high of 5th-6th place and taking home $10,000. Envoy sadly had to retire before the Call of Duty: Black Ops III season, due to the new rule of having to be 18 Years Old in order to compete in the Call of Duty World League. Envoy was not seen much in Infinite Warfare however either, as he played at a small local Gaming Gives Peoria. He teamed up with former teammate Assault, alongside Examples and Psycho. He also played in the UMG Online Prime $1000 4v4 S&D 2017-08-19 and got 5th-8th with some amateur players. After finally turning 18 for the Call of Duty: WWII season, he was able to compete again. He would compete in 2K's and place 9-16th and 17-32nd. His first event returning was the 2018 CWL Atlanta Open, where he got a 65-80th placing with Fyra Gaming. This team did not work out so they split ways. Envoy was given another chance with Team WaR. He would join this team alongside upcoming Call of Duty player RobbieB3319, previous teammate Cells, and Atura. The team would go to the 2018 CWL Seattle Open and get a 41-48th placing. The team would stick with it and try to improve. The team would shockingly get 2nd in the next coming MLG GameBattles tournament and place 2nd. The team then went on to play in the MLG GameBattles Pro League Challenge and place 3-4th, taking out FaZe Clan 3-1. This success fell short as the team would lose to Enigma6 Group 3-0.



Recent Tournament Results (View All)
GameIcon BO4.png2019-01-20I1QCWL2018logo small.png CWL Pro League 2019 QualifierMidnight Esportslogo std.png Mid
GameIcon BO4.png2018-12-09D333 - 40CWL2018logo small.png CWL Las Vegas Open 2019Midnight Esportslogo std.png Mid
GameIcon WWII.png2018-04-22E141 - 48CWL2018logo small.png CWL Seattle Open 2018Team WaRlogo std.png WaR
GameIcon WWII.png2018-03-11F365 - 80CWL2018logo small.png CWL Atlanta Open 2018Logo std.png FYRA
GameIcon IW3.png2016-12-28A11$ 1,400Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png Gaming Gives PeoriaLogo std.png TRUE






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