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Player has retired.
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Background Information
NameZhivko Dimitrov
Country of BirthBulgaria Bulgaria
NationalitySpain Spain
BirthdayAugust 7, 1996 (age 23)
Previous Role(s)Player
PSN IDgosuEuphoria
Social Media & Links
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Team History
??? ???? - ??? ????
Playerrole icon.png
Dimegio Clublogo std.pngDimegio Club
Dec 2013 - Apr 2014
Playerrole icon.png
Vodafone Giantslogo std.pngVodafone Giants
??? ???? - ??? ????
Playerrole icon.png
AeQuuS Clublogo std.pngAeQuuS Club
??? ???? - ??? ????
Playerrole icon.png
Spirit Gaminglogo std.pngSpirit Gaming
Nov 2015 - Mar 2016
Playerrole icon.png
Vodafone Giantslogo std.pngVodafone Giants
Mar 2016 - Jan 2017
Playerrole icon.png
ThunderX3 Baskonialogo std.pngThunderX3 Baskonia
Jan 2017 - Jan 2017
Playerrole icon.png
PAM MRNlogo std.pngPAM MRN
Jan 2017 - Mar 2017
Playerrole icon.png
PAM eSportslogo std.pngPAM eSports
Apr 2017 - Aug 2017
Coachrole icon.png
Team Hereticslogo std.pngTeam Heretics
Aug 2017 - Oct 2017
Playerrole icon.png
Zeth Unitedlogo std.pngZeth United
Nov 2017 - Jan 2018
Playerrole icon.png
Team x6tencelogo std.pngTeam x6tence
Apr 2018 - Jul 2018
Substituterole icon.png
MAD Lions E.C.logo std.pngMAD Lions
Dec 2018 - Feb 2019
Casterrole icon.png
Horizon EClogo std.pngHorizon EC
Zhivko "EupHo" Dimitrov is a Call of Duty esports player, previously a streamer for Horizon EC.


Modern Warfare 3

EupHo first started playing Call of Duty during Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. His professional CoD career began in 2012. His first real chance to shine came with the first Modern Warfare 3 competitive LAN tournament in Spain, the LVP Season 2 Final Cup, that took place on 3rd-4th with 34united March, 2012, in Madrid. EupHo played well and received recognition after his team lost a close series against Pain Gaming. He was then able to team with better players and managed to win the next Final Cup with Over Gaming.

Advanced Warfare

EupHo teamed for Spirit Gaming throughout the Advanced Warfare season. The team played well and challenged the best team in Spain, Gamers2, throughout the year.

Infinite Warfare

EupHo was competing with Team MRN at the beginning of the 2017 season, attending every CWL event to achieve the maximum amount of CWL Points, unfortunately he had a VISA problem with his Bulgarian nationality. With the restrictions of the Spanish League and this happening in the middle of the season, EupHo had to retire temporarily and but moved into a coaching role with Team Heretics.


  • EupHo is the winningest and highest earning player from Bulgaria in Call of Duty history.


Recent Tournament Results (View All)
GameIcon WWII.png2018-01-14F381 - 112
CWL New Orleans Open 2018
Team x6tencelogo std.pngx6
GameIcon IW3.png2017-06-24A33 - 4
LVP SuperLiga Orange Season 12 Final Cup
Team Hereticslogo std.pngHeretics
GameIcon IW3.png2017-02-19D737 - 44
CWL Paris Open 2017
Team MRNlogo std.pngMRN
GameIcon IW3.png2016-12-17A55 - 6€ 600
LVP Season 11 Final Cup
ThunderX3 Baskonialogo std.pngBKN
GameIcon BO3.png2016-10-31A66€ 1,500
Madrid Gaming Experience 2016
ThunderX3 Baskonialogo std.pngBKN


  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017


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