Evident Victory/Schedule History

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DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2ResultScoreVODs
2015,6,28,16,00LVP Season 8 Final CupQFEvident Victorylogo std.pngEvident VictoryKIYF Giotecklogo std.pngKIYF GioteckLoss0 - 3
2015,6,27,20,30LVP Season 8 Final CupGroup DPain Gaminglogo std.pngPain GamingEvident Victorylogo std.pngEvident VictoryWin1 - 3
2015,6,27,17,30LVP Season 8 Final CupGroup DEvident Victorylogo std.pngEvident VictoryLogo std.pngAxeeL ClubWin3 - 0
2014,12,06,10,00LVP Season 7 Final CupQFEvident Victorylogo std.pngEvident VictoryCerberus e-Sports Clublogo std.pngCerberus e-Sports ClubLoss0 - 4Vod
2013,7,19,15,00DreamHack Valencia 2013LR2Logo std.pngDelta GamingEvident Victorylogo std.pngEvident VictoryLoss3 - 1
2012,10,27,18,00LVP Season 3 Final CupGroup CEvident Victorylogo std.pngEvident VictoryAMp.EU Clublogo std.pngaMp.EU ClubWin2 - 1
2012,10,27,17,00LVP Season 3 Final CupGroup CTsG eSportslogo std.pngTsG eSportsEvident Victorylogo std.pngEvident VictoryLoss2 - 0Vod
2012,10,27,16,00LVP Season 3 Final CupGroup CTeam x6tencelogo std.pngTeam x6tenceEvident Victorylogo std.pngEvident VictoryLoss2 - 0Vod