Fatal Ambition/Schedule History

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DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2ResultScoreVODs
2019,7,01,04,00ArenaOn Série A 2019 S4 Rel.RelegationFatal Ambitionlogo std.pngFatal AmbitionTeam ManiaXlogo std.pngTeam ManiaXLoss1 - 3
2019,6,29,23,00ArenaOn Série A 2019 S4Week 7All Knightslogo std.pngAll KnightsFatal Ambitionlogo std.pngFatal AmbitionLoss3 - 0
2019,6,28,23,00ArenaOn Série A 2019 S4Week 7Furious Gaminglogo std.pngFurious GamingFatal Ambitionlogo std.pngFatal AmbitionLoss3 - 2
2019,6,27,23,00ArenaOn Série A 2019 S4Week 7Virtue Gaminglogo std.pngVirtue GamingFatal Ambitionlogo std.pngFatal AmbitionLoss3 - 0
2019,6,24,02,00ArenaOn Série A 2019 S4Week 6Kazek Esportslogo std.pngKazek EsportsFatal Ambitionlogo std.pngFatal AmbitionLoss3 - 2
2019,6,21,23,00ArenaOn Série A 2019 S4Week 6SKAE Gaminglogo std.pngsKAE GamingFatal Ambitionlogo std.pngFatal AmbitionLoss3 - 0
2019,6,20,02,30ArenaOn Série A 2019 S4Week 6Fatal Ambitionlogo std.pngFatal AmbitionKnights eSportslogo std.pngKnights eSportsWin3 - 2
2019,6,15,01,30ArenaOn Série A 2019 S4Week 54LF4 Teamlogo std.png4LF4 TeamFatal Ambitionlogo std.pngFatal AmbitionLoss3 - 1
2019,6,14,22,00ArenaOn Série A 2019 S4Week 5Virtue Gaminglogo std.pngVirtue GamingFatal Ambitionlogo std.pngFatal AmbitionWin1 - 3
2015,3,07,00,30Call of Duty Championship 2015 NALR1Orbit eSportlogo std.pngOrbit eSportOmega Fatallogo std.pngOmega FatalLoss3 - 0
2015,3,06,20,00Call of Duty Championship 2015 NAWR1Team Envylogo std.pngTeam EnvyOmega Fatallogo std.pngOmega FatalLoss3 - 0