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FaZe Clan
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Team Information
Org LocationUnited States United States
 North America
Sponsor(s)Scuf Gaming
HTC Gaming
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Current Roster
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FaZe Clan is an esports organisation based in the United States. They began as a YouTube sniping team before their first competitive roster in Modern Warfare 3 and have become one of the most iconic brands in Call of Duty esports. They are the most subscribed eSports organization on YouTube with over 6 million subscribers.


Modern Warfare 3

FaZe Clan first got into competitive by sponsoring a few of NAMELESS's teams at events during the MW3 season. The notably won The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge 2012.

Black Ops II

Heist, Folsom, Secretly, and Sham join to compete at the MLG Winter Championship 2013.The team's expectations were unclear, however the team received significant support, thanks to the large fanbase already built up via YouTube. Their next roster to compete at the MLG Spring Championship was Heist, Methodz, Crowder, and MBoZe. The team didn't manage to win the event, yet finished a respectable 5th place, taking home $2,300 collectively. Despite this, the roster got a complete reshuffle going into UMG Atlanta, as only Crowder remained, to be joined by Slacked, Huhdle, and Spacely. This team struggled to gain any momentum, and dropped into the losers bracket of the tournament, following a loss to vVv Gaming in Round 4. Facing the tough task of going through the losers bracket to win the event, the team fell to Curse - finishing in a very disappointing 9th place. Despite this poor placing, the team decided to stick with the same roster going into the MLG PAX Prime Invitational. The team was able to make to the semifinals of the 8 team invitational, however were ultimately eliminated by the eventual runners-up, compLexity Gaming. To close out Black Ops 2, the team attended the 4 team MLG Fall Invitational. Again with the same roster, FaZe were unable to break the slump as they finished 4th place, winning no money from the tournament.


With the launch of the new game, Call of Duty: Ghosts, FaZe decided a change was necessary and replaced Slacked with Classic, a personal friend of Crowder. With the roster of Classic, Spacely, Huhdle, and Crowder , the team hoped to start the new season with a strong showing at the MLG Fall Championship 2013. The team massively under performed and placed Top 24 - the worst placement in the team's history. Following the disappointing result, FaZe announced they would be making another major roster change. The team released Spacely and Huhdle, and replaced them with JKap and Methodz. JKap was regarded as one of the better Assault Rifle players in the game, and Methodz was on the inaugural roster from Black Ops 2. Going into UMG Philadelphia 2014, the team looked for redemption but were drawn a tough bracket and lost to both Grand Finalists, compLexity Gaming and Team Kaliber, landing them a 7th place finish. Following this event, the Call of Duty Championship 2014 was announced and it was revealed that all players had to be at least 18 years old to compete. Because of this, the team had no choice but to release Methodz. His replacement NAMELESS, was quickly swapped out for ProoFy following rostermania. They placed Top 4 at the Call of Duty Championship 2014 US Regional Final and made it to the main event. In group play at Champs, team was upset by Australian team Trident T1 Dotters, but were able to advance to bracket play with two big wins over SK Gaming and Aztek Gaming. They secured the 2nd seed in their group to set up a match with another Australian team, Team Immunity. They avoided another upset by defeating them 3-0, then beating out one of the top European teams, Epsilon Esports, by 3-1. Once again, FaZe were now faced tournament favorites compLexity. FaZe were unable to overcome their rivals, losing 3-1. The team still had a chance to win the event through the losers bracket, but lost their next match against Strictly Business 3-0. The team finished 6th place and walked away with $50,000. After the event, the organization decided to make some major roster adjustments. They announced ProoFy would be taking his own team with the creation of FaZe Black, Theory filling his spot on the previous team which would now be known as FaZe Red. To complete the FaZe Black roster, ProoFy was joined by 2 members of the previous team, Censor and Saints, along with FormaL joining from Team KaLiBeR. Upon creation, the team was labelled a "God Squad", and possibly the team capable of dethroning the dynastic compLexity.

Following the MLG Anaheim 2014 International Playoffs. FaZe merged back into one team with Censor, Apathy, Dedo, and Parasite as the roster. They won their very first online 2K tournament and then placed Top 3 at both AEL Dallas 2014 and Gfinity 3. Things were all looking good but the team struggled at UMG Dallas 2014 and placed Top 12. Dedo left the team to join Evil Geniuses with a disgruntled Karma coming the other direction on loan. The change would yield immediate success as the team won UMG Nashville 2014 by winning two best of fives in game five against [[Denial Esports in the Grand Finals. They squad was looking to end the year on a repeat victory but were quickly double first rounded at the MLG Season 3 Playoffs.

Advanced Warfare

As yet another rostermania went down, FaZe were a part of the action. With Karma only on a loan contract and Parasite also departing in an attempt to re-form Impact, Censor and Apathy were joined by ACHES and SlasheR. They attended MLG Columbus Open 2014 in search of a championship. FaZe started well, going 3-1 in their pool to advance into the winners bracket. However, on Saturday night disaster struck, as ACHES cut his hand severely, requiring overnight hospital attention. However, even with stitches in his hand ACHES was determined to continue his streak of winning the first event of every new CoD title. But their chances were all but diminished, after ACHES appeared to struggle as they were swept 3-0 by Prophecy, dropping them into the losers bracket. However, they bounced back incredibly, beating Denial Esports, Team Kaliber and winning the rematch against Prophecy, making it to the grand finals to face OpTic Gaming where they would win two best of fives to take the Championship over the newly formed God Squad. FaZe looked to take this momentum into UMG Orlando 2015, but doubts were beginning to emerge before the event due to the team's constant arguing in practice. FaZe finished 1-3 in their pool and fell to Team Envy early in the Losers Bracket to finish Top 16. About halfway through the MLG Season 1, Censor stepped down as captain, with the title handed over to ACHES. Soon after, ACHES decided to trade Huke (substitute), Censor and Apathy, for Parasite from Prophecy, and Enable and Faccento from Team JusTus. Following a fourth place finish at the MLG Season 1 Playoffs, Faze once again split into FaZe Red and FaZe Black.

SlasheR, Enable, ZooMaa, and Huke joined new single FaZe Clan roster. They placed second at UMG California 2015, MLG Season 2 Playoffs and in nearly every major online tournament they entered but FaZe wanted to win. So they traded Huke and SlasheR to World Champions Denial Esports for Attach and Clayster. This would be the last roster change for FaZe Clan for nearly two years due to the immediate success the team saw. They won three of the final five events of the year, UMG Dallas 2015, the Gfinity Summer Championship, and the MLG Season 3 Playoffs, with decent Top 8 and Top 6 placings at the other two, UMG Washington DC 2015 and the MLG World Finals 2015.

Black Ops 3

FaZe retained their roster going into the Black Ops 3 season, and were invited to the Totino's Invitational. FaZe fell short to Team Kaliber in the first round, losing 2-0, eliminating them from the tournament with a 5th-8th finish. Unfortunately, this set a precedent for the rest of Black Ops 3 for FaZe. Next, they were invited to the Invitational CWL Stage 1 Qualifier. Placed in group A, alongside compLexity Gaming, Happy Hour, and the former OpTic Nation roster, now simply known as Nation. FaZe won both their matches against Happy Hour and compLexity, granting them a spot in the upcoming CWL Stage 1 NA Online League. Mid-way through Stage 1, FaZe attended UMG South Carolina 2016, where they lost to a determined Team Liquid in the quarterfinals of the single elimination bracket, giving FaZe another disappointing Top 8 finish. FaZe completed Stage 1 with a 15-7 record, securing the #3 seed for the Stage 1 Playoffs. In the first round, they came up against compLexity yet again, sweeping them 4-0. However, FaZe’s victory was short lived, after their match up against a strong Rise Nation, where they lost 4-0, placing 3rd-4th. The FaZe Clan then traveled to Paris to compete at ESWC 2016. They finished the group stage with a flawless record, sweeping PuLse Gaming and Exertus eSports for a spot in the playoffs. However, as they had experienced numerously already throughout the season, they fell short in the first round, losing 0-3 against an strong Splyce roster and finished Top 8. At MLG Anaheim Open 2016, FaZe exited pool play with a disappointing 1-2 record, sending them to the losers bracket, There they defeated Echo Fox 3-1, reverse swept two of the best EU teams at the time, Splyce and Infused, but then lost 3-1 to Rise Nation for a fourth place finish.

FaZe completed the controversial Stage 2 with a 13-9 record, securing the third seed to face Dream Team at the Stage 2 Playoffs. However, FaZe yet again disappointed, losing to Dream Team in Game 7, for another Top 8 finish. At MLG Orlando Open 2016 FaZe finished pool play with another flawless 3-0 record. However, recent history was to repeat itself, as they were beaten into the losers bracket, where they progressed until facing the in form Team EnVyUs, taking yet another fourth place finish. FaZe performed excellently in the Call of Duty World League Championship 2016 pool play, not dropping a single map going into the winners bracket. Their performances continued in bracket play, defeating Team Infused 3-0 in the first round. The team had high expectations going into Day 3, however they were sent into the losers bracket, again by eventual winners EnVyUs. FaZe beat Millenium but then were defeated in their rematch against Splyce in losers round 3. FaZe finished the championship event Top 8, consistent with their performances throughout the season.

Infinite Warfare

FaZe started the Infinite Warfare season well by winning the PlayStation Experience Invitational although the event was not attended by either OpTic Gaming nor 2016 champs EnVyUs. Regardless, FaZe had shown they were comfortable with the new Call of Duty title, and their outlook for the season looked bright. At the first major event of the year, CWL Las Vegas, the team performed well again, beating OpTic and Splyce 3-1, to reach the the semi-final against Rise Nation. FaZe lost the match 3-1, placing them in losers bracket. They eventually fell to Cloud 9 3-2 in a close match, and ending up third. regressed going into CWL Atlanta and placed Top 6 after losing to OpTic Gaming for the first time at a LAN event since Advanced Warfare. The team fared better at CWL Paris, reaching the final where they again faced OpTic. The match got off to a false start, with technical issues forcing a stop to the first Hardpoint, while FaZe were up 42-13. However after the restart, OpTic won the match with a convincing 3-0 scoreline, consigning FaZe to 2nd place. At CWL Dallas, labelled as potential favorites to win among OpTic Gaming and eUnited. They performed to this expectation, facing off against OpTic Gaming in the Winners Final, sending eUnited to the Loser’s Bracket along the way. This series marked the first time the current OpTic Gaming squad defeated the then-current FaZe roster on LAN, with a 3-0 blowout. FaZe once again met eUnited, this time in the Loser’s Final, where they lost 3-1 to take home 3rd place. The end of CWL Dallas marked the beginning of the Global Pro League.

In Stage 1, FaZe were placed into Group Blue, alongside FNATIC, Rise Nation, and underdogs Evil Geniuses. Following a close series against Rise Nation, FaZe barely managed to qualify for Stage 1 Playoffs. Their first matchup would be none other than OpTic Gaming. FaZe managed to upset the Green Wall, winning the series 3-1. FaZe continued their way through the bracket, however would place 3rd in Playoffs, losing to Splyce 3-1 in the Winners bracket and Luminosity 3-1 in the Losers bracket. The team met internal struggles before CWL Anaheim. Clayster, knowing that he was being forced out of FaZe, then played and won the MLG GameBattles 2000 Series NA 2017-06-04 with eUnited players SiLLY, Arcitys, and Prestinni under fake names. Clayster competed at Anaheim under FaZe, but the team placed Top 16. Following the event, FaZe traded Clayster to eUnited for one of the best players in the world, Gunless, who refused to play at Anaheim because of contractual disputes. FaZe finished Top 6 at the GPL Stage 2 and then looked to potentially win the Call of Duty World League Championship 2017. They made it out of their group on tiebreakers as they finished 2-1 alongside Team Allegiance and Red Reserve. After winning the first two round of winners bracket, they were swept by tournament favorites OpTic Gaming and then were bounced by Rise Nation in losers. They finished Top 6, the same place as Clayster did with eUnited.

World War II

With Enable and Gunless leaving to join Evil Geniuses and Echo Fox respectively in the off season, FaZe were in need of two more players. FaZe finally confirmed one of the worst kept secrets in Call of Duty on November 2, 2017, by announcing that Priestahh and Crowder would be joining the team. The immediate fan reaction was negative as many were not familiar with Priestahh and man thought that Crowder didnt have it in him anymore after coaching FaZe for the past year. FaZe did not placed Top 32 in all four of the pre CWL Dallas 2Ks. Doubters were immediately silenced as they stormed through the Open Bracket, finished third in their group, and then went through five rounds of the Championship Losers Bracket before falling to Splyce 3-2 and ending up in fourth place, the best finish for an Open Bracket team since Enigma6 Group's third place finish at UMG California 2015. They then attended the CWL Northern Arena Showdown and finished third place. In the final event before the Pro League Points were locked, FaZe finished Top 8 at CWL New Orleans to qualify for Stage 1. Their season would slow down significantly as they only managed a Top 12 finish at CWL Atlanta and CWL Birmingham. Despite these poor results, FaZe Clan finished at the top of Division B of the Pro League and this Pro League form would continue at the Playoffs. The team would lose in Winners Round 1 to two time WWII Champions Team Kaliber but would then win four straight series, including three 3-2 wins, to send them to the Grand Final against OpTic Gaming in what would be one of the best series of the entire season. FaZe would win both series 3-2 and claim the Season 1 Championship and FaZe Clan's first major victory in nearly three years. That high would fade quickly as FaZe dropped back down into the pack for most of the remainder of the season. Another Top 12 finish at CWL Seattle and a Top 6 finish at CWL Anaheim would lead into the Stage 2 Playoffs. FaZe barely qualified in the final week by jumping ahead of Evil Geniuses by beating them, Echo Fox and Team Kaliber. They would beat OpTic Gaming in Winners Round 1 but then Team Kaliber and Red Reserve would knock them out at Top 6. At the final event of the year, there were about 6-7 teams that had a good chance at winning the Call of Duty World League Championship 2018. FaZe was one of them and topped their group of compLexity Gaming, Enigma6 Group, and Morituri eSports with a 3-0 record. Team Envy would drop them into the Losers Bracket immediately but would make another incredible losers run as they defeated five teams before getting knocked out in the Losers Final by Team Kaliber and finishing third.

Black Ops 4

With a strong finish to the WWII season, FaZe Clan decided the only change that they would be making was picking up Methodz to fill out their roster with the switch to 5v5. The team once again started slow by placing poorly in the first few months of online play. Everyone expected them to turn it around at the first event of the year, CWL Las Vegas, just like last season, but FaZe went 2-2 in their relatively easy pool of Lightning Pandas, Str8 Rippin, Mazer Gaming, and Team Envy before being knocked out in their first losers match to Team Reciprocity with a Top 16 finish. It was, however, good enough for now as they qualified for the Pro League Qualifier. Methodz was swapped out for up and coming player Cellium, who had just turned 18, from FC Black. At the qualifier, they would defeat their academy team, FC Black, in the first match but then lose three straight matches to put them on the brink of not even making it to the final qualifying bracket. But they did clutch up and win the final two matches to escape with a 3-3 record. Excelerate Gaming beat them in the Winners Bracket 3-2 and sent them to the Losers Bracket with their last chance at making the Pro League. FaZe defeated Tainted Minds but were then upset by the French team Overtime eSport to fail to qualify for the Pro League for the first time. Following the massive failure, Crowder and Priestahh left on loan to join 100 Thieves for the season and Attach left to Evil Geniuses on loan. Cellium would leave to join FC Black but would return when FaZe announced on April 20, 2019, that they had purchased Red Reserve's CWL Pro League spot and signed Skrapz and Zer0 from Red Reserve along with bringing over Asim from FC Black.


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Player Roster


C ID Name Role Joined
United States Cellium McArthur Jovel Flex 2019-04-20
Canada Asim Obaid Asim SMG Player 2019-04-20


C ID Name Role
United States GRVTY Thomas Malin Player
United States Priestahh Preston Greiner Flex

Out On Loan

C ID Name Role Loaned To Duration
United States Attach Dillon Price Flex Evil Geniuseslogo std.pngEvil Geniuses Mar 2019 - Aug 2019
United States Crowder James Crowder SMG Support 100 Thieveslogo std.png100 Thieves Jan 2019 - Aug 2019
United States Priestahh Preston Greiner Main AR 100 Thieveslogo std.png100 Thieves Jan 2019 - Aug 2019

Temporary Subs

C ID Name Role Replacing Tournament
United States Saint Brian Baroska Support United States Saints UGC Niagara 2014


C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
United States Phantomz Timothy Landis Player CDL Paris Franchiselogo std.pngCDL Paris Franchise 2019-04-222019-04-22 2019-10-032019-10-03
United States Attach Dillon Price Flex CDL New York Franchiselogo std.pngCDL New York Franchise 2015-06-162015-06-16 2019-09-272019-09-27
England Zer0 Trei Morris AR Player CDL New York Franchiselogo std.pngCDL New York Franchise 2019-04-202019-04-20 2019-09-272019-09-27
United States ZooMaa Thomas Paparatto SMG Player CDL New York Franchiselogo std.pngCDL New York Franchise 2015-04-072015-04-07 2019-09-252019-09-25
United States Crowder James Crowder Player CDL Atlanta Franchiselogo std.pngCDL Atlanta Franchise 2017-11-022017-11-02 2019-09-222019-09-22
England Skrapz Matthew Marshall Flex London Royal Ravenslogo std.pngLondon Royal Ravens 2019-04-202019-04-20 2019-09-202019-09-20
United States GRVTY Thomas Malin Substitute Sage eSportslogo std.pngSage eSports 2019-04-222019-04-22 2019-07-212019-07-21
United States Cellium McArthur Jovel Player FC Blacklogo std.pngFC Black 2018-12-222018-12-22 2019-03-142019-03-14
United States Methodz Anthony Zinni Flex G2 Esportslogo std.pngG2 Esports 2018-10-082018-10-08 2018-12-212018-12-21
Canada Gunless Peirce Hillman Objective Echo Foxlogo std.pngEcho Fox 2017-06-232017-06-23 2017-10-252017-10-25
United States Enable Ian Wyatt AR Slayer Evil Geniuseslogo std.pngEvil Geniuses 2015-04-112015-04-?? 2017-09-212017-09-21
United States Clayster James Eubanks AR Slayer EUnitedlogo std.pngeUnited 2015-06-152015-06-15 2017-06-232017-06-23
Saudi Arabia Huke Cuyler Garland SMG Slayer Denial Esportslogo std.pngDenial Esports 2015-04-112015-04-?? 2015-06-152015-06-15
United States SlasheR Austin Liddicoat AR Slayer Denial Esportslogo std.pngDenial Esports 2015-04-112015-04-?? 2015-06-152015-06-15
United States Parasite Chris Duarte Objective FaZe Redlogo std.pngFaZe Red 2015-01-212015-01-21 2015-02-112015-02-??
United States Enable Ian Wyatt AR Slayer FaZe Redlogo std.pngFaZe Red 2015-01-212015-01-21 2015-02-112015-02-??
United States SlasheR Austin Liddicoat AR Slayer FaZe Redlogo std.pngFaZe Red 2014-11-172014-11-17 2015-02-112015-02-??
United States ACHES Patrick Price Support FaZe Redlogo std.pngFaZe Red 2014-11-142014-11-14 2015-02-112015-02-??
United States Apathy Bryan Zhelyazkov SMG Slayer Team JusTuslogo std.pngTeam JusTus 2014-07-112014-07-?? 2015-01-212015-01-21
United States Censor Doug Martin Objective Team JusTuslogo std.pngTeam JusTus 2014-07-112014-07-?? 2015-01-212015-01-21
Canada Karma Damon Barlow Slayer OpTic Nationlogo std.pngOpTic Nation 2014-09-052014-09-05 2014-10-302014-10-30
United States Parasite Chris Duarte Objective Team JusTuslogo std.pngTeam JusTus 2014-06-232014-06-23 2014-10-262014-10-26
United States Dedo Kenneth Dedo Slayer Evil Geniuseslogo std.pngEvil Geniuses 2014-06-232014-06-23 2014-09-052014-09-05
United States ProoFy Jordan Cannon Slayer FaZe Blacklogo std.pngFaZe Black 2014-01-112014-01-?? 2014-04-052014-04-05
United States JKap Jordan Kaplan Support FaZe Redlogo std.pngFaZe Red 2013-12-112013-12-?? 2014-04-052014-04-05
United States Methodz Anthony Zinni Objective Team Curselogo std.pngCurse Youth 2013-12-112013-12-?? 2014-01-112014-01-??
United States Classic Nick DiCostanzo Support FaZe Redlogo std.pngFaZe Red 2013-11-112013-11-?? 2014-04-052014-04-05
United States Spacely Michael Schmale Slayer JuKeDlogo std.pngJuKeD 2013-08-112013-08-?? 2013-11-112013-11-??
United States Huhdle Joshua Piha Slayer Fearless Under Firelogo std.pngFearless Under Fire 2013-08-112013-08-?? 2013-11-112013-11-??
United States Slacked Josiah Berry Slayer Elgato SoaRlogo std.pngSoaR Gaming 2013-08-112013-08-?? 2013-10-112013-10-??
United States Methodz Anthony Zinni Objective Elgato SoaRlogo std.pngSoaR Gaming 2013-06-112013-06-?? 2013-07-112013-07-??
United States MBoZe Marcus Blanks Support 8-12 UNiTElogo std.pngUNiTE Gaming 2013-06-112013-06-?? 2013-07-112013-07-??
United States Crowder Chris Crowder Objective FaZe Redlogo std.pngFaZe Red 2013-05-112013-05-?? 2014-04-052014-04-05
United States Heist Garrett Mercure Support Elgato SoaRlogo std.pngSoaR Gaming 2013-03-112013-03-?? 2013-07-112013-07-??
Canada Sham unknown Player Logo std.pngQuatro 2013-03-112013-03-?? 2013-03-112013-03-??
United States Secretly unknown Player Retiredlogo std.pngRetired 2013-03-112013-03-?? 2013-03-112013-03-??
United States Folsom Freddy Gerard Player Logo std.pngQuatro 2013-03-112013-03-?? 2013-03-112013-03-??
United States NAMELESS Anthony Wheeler Support Quantic Gaminglogo std.pngQuantic Gaming 2012-10-112012-10-?? 2012-10-112012-10-??
United States LyaR Ray Loftus Slayer Quantic Gaminglogo std.pngQuantic Gaming 2012-10-112012-10-?? 2012-10-112012-10-??
United States Dedo Kenneth Dedo Slayer IcoNs Blacklogo std.pngIcoNs Black 2012-10-112012-10-?? 2012-10-112012-10-??
United States Parasite Chris Duarte Objective RoughNeXlogo std.pngRoughNeX 2012-10-112012-10-?? 2012-10-112012-10-??
United States NAMELESS Anthony Wheeler Support Team Obeylogo std.pngTeam Obey 2012-11-112012-??-?? 2012-11-112012-??-??
United States Proshot unknown Player Retiredlogo std.pngRetired 2012-04-112012-04-?? 2012-11-112012-??-??
United States SNOWHARE James Wagner Player JuKeDlogo std.pngJuKeD 2012-03-112012-03-?? 2012-11-112012-??-??
United States Solo Michael Lim Support Twisted Methodlogo std.pngTwisted Method 2012-03-112012-03-?? 2012-11-112012-??-??
United States Ricky Richard Stacy Objective ApeX eSports NAlogo std.pngapeX eSports NA 2012-03-112012-03-?? 2012-04-112012-04-??



C ID Name Position
Brazil Temperrr Thomas Oliveira Owner
United States Apex Yousef Abdelfattah Owner
United States Banks Richard Bengtson Owner
Canada Rain Nordan Shat Owner
United States Ben Nissim Manager


C ID Name Position Next Team
United States Easy Mac Austin O'Neil Analyst CDL Atlanta Franchiselogo std.pngCDL Atlanta Franchise
United States RJ Richard Simoncelli Head Coach CDL Atlanta Franchiselogo std.pngCDL Atlanta Franchise
United States Crowder James Crowder Head Coach Echo Foxlogo std.pngEcho Fox
United States Censor Doug Martin Streamer CDL New York Franchiselogo std.pngCDL New York Franchise

Team Achievements

Recent Tournament Results (View All)
GameIcon BO4.png2019-08-18B313 - 16$ 25,000Champs2018logo small.png Call of Duty World League Championship 2019 ZooMaa •   Cellium •   Asim •   Skrapz •   Zer0
Coachrole icon.png
GameIcon BO4.png2019-07-21A33$ 200,000CWL2018logo small.png CWL Pro League 2019 Playoffs ZooMaa •   Cellium •   Asim •   Skrapz •   Zer0
Coachrole icon.png
GameIcon BO4.png2019-07-05A55 - 6$ 76,875CWL2018logo small.png CWL Pro League 2019 ZooMaa •   Cellium •   Asim •   Skrapz •   Zer0
Coachrole icon.png
GameIcon BO4.png2019-06-16A44$ 25,000CWL2018logo small.png CWL Anaheim 2019 ZooMaa •   Cellium •   Asim •   Skrapz •   Zer0
Coachrole icon.png
GameIcon BO4.png2019-05-17A55$ 1,500CWL2018logo small.png CWL Blackout After Dark 2019-05-17 Asim •   RJ •   ZooMaa •   Zer0


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