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Player has retired.
Background Information
NameFreddy Gerard
Country of BirthUnited States United States
BirthdayJanuary 19, 1994 (age 25)
 North America
Social Media & Links
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Team History
??? ???? - ??? ????
Playerrole icon.png
OpTic Gaminglogo std.pngOpTic Gaming
Mar 2013 - Mar 2013
Playerrole icon.png
FaZe Clanlogo std.pngFaZe Clan
??? 2013 - ??? 2013
Playerrole icon.png
Logo std.pngQuatro
Jun 2013 - Jul 2013
Playerrole icon.png
Dare Risinglogo std.pngDare Rising
??? ???? - ??? ????
Playerrole icon.png
VVv Gaminglogo std.pngvVv Gaming
??? ???? - ??? ????
Playerrole icon.png
Saw Competitivelogo std.pngSaw Competitive
Freddy "Folsom" Gerard is a former Call of Duty player. He is known for his time on OpTic Gaming and FaZe Clan.


As a kid growing up, Freddy was a very big sports guy. He played just about all the common sports you can think of. So naturally, he loved to compete and loved to win. On top of being into sports Freddy also naturally loved to play video games. He owned all the major systems from the Nintedo 64 all the way up to the Xbox 360. Freddy first took his leap into the serious side of gaming when he became a YouTube sniper director of the well known team OpTic Gaming on June 28, 2010. After taking his work serious with the YouYube side of OpTic for 2 years, he then took a large interest into the competitive side of the game. Freddy’s first game he took an interest to in the competitive side was Modern Warfare 3. He went to his first LAN event on July 17, 2012 with a few of his old sniper buddies just for fun. After competing there it was 100% in Freddy’s heart that this is what he wanted to do. Since then Freddy has competed at 10+ LAN tournaments including some of the largest events out there.


Player Achievements

Recent Tournament Results (View All)
GameIcon BO2.png2013-08-11A55 - 6UMGlogo.png UMG Atlanta 2013VVv Gaminglogo std.pngvVv
GameIcon BO2.png2013-06-30B717 - 24MLGlogo small.png MLG Spring Championship 2013Dare Risinglogo std.pngDare
GameIcon BO2.png2013-05-05A33C$ 1,000UGClogo small.png UGC Niagara 2013Logo std.pngQUAT
GameIcon BO2.png2013-03-17B313 - 16MLGlogo small.png MLG Winter Championship 2013FaZe Clanlogo std.pngFaZe
GameIcon BO2.png2012-12-29A22UMGlogo.png UMG Chicago 2012 2v2 TournamentLogo std.pngNEW


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