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DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2ResultScoreVODs
2015,6,28,22,00LVP Season 8 Final CupGFDeaka e-Sports Clublogo std.pngDeaka e-Sports ClubGamers2logo std.pngGamers2Win2 - 3
2015,6,28,20,30LVP Season 8 Final CupSFKIYF Giotecklogo std.pngKIYF GioteckGamers2logo std.pngGamers2Win2 - 3
2015,6,28,17,30LVP Season 8 Final CupQFGamers2logo std.pngGamers2Team Outbreaklogo std.pngTeam OutbreakWin3 - 1
2015,6,27,16,00LVP Season 8 Final CupGroup CGamers2logo std.pngGamers2Over Gaminglogo std.pngOver GamingWin3 - 0
2015,6,27,14,30LVP Season 8 Final CupGroup CGamers2logo std.pngGamers2Logo std.pngSAW GamingWin3 - 2
2015,5,09,13,30Gfinity Spring Master 2015Group AGamers2logo std.pngGamers2Strictly Business Gaminglogo std.pngStrictly BusinessLoss2 - 3
2015,5,08,21,00Gfinity Spring Master 2015Group AOpTic Gaminglogo std.pngOpTic GamingGamers2logo std.pngGamers2Loss3 - 0
2015,3,28,19,15Call of Duty Championship 2015LR1Gamers2logo std.pngGamers2Mindfreaklogo std.pngMindfreakLoss2 - 3
2015,3,28,17,15Call of Duty Championship 2015WR1FaZe Redlogo std.pngFaZe RedGamers2logo std.pngGamers2Loss3 - 0
2015,3,28,02,15Call of Duty Championship 2015Group DGamers2logo std.pngGamers2SSOF Gaminglogo std.pngSSOF GamingWin3 - 1
2015,3,27,23,15Call of Duty Championship 2015Group DOpTic Nationlogo std.pngOpTic NationGamers2logo std.pngGamers2Loss3 - 0
2015,3,27,21,15Call of Duty Championship 2015Group DGamers2logo std.pngGamers2Team Exile5.T1logo std.pngTeam Exile5.T1Win3 - 0
2015,3,01,20,00Call of Duty Championship 2015 EUQFAware Gaminglogo std.pngAware GamingGamers2logo std.pngGamers2Loss3 - 0
2015,3,01,17,00Call of Duty Championship 2015 EUR16Team Infusedlogo std.pngTeam InfusedGamers2logo std.pngGamers2Win0 - 3
2015,2,28,17,00Call of Duty Championship 2015 EUESSpirit Gaminglogo std.pngSpirit GamingGamers2logo std.pngGamers2Win1 - 3