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DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2ScoreVODsPBPColor
2014,6,23,05,30MLG CoD League 2014 S3 Play-InGF2OpTic Nationlogo std.pngONRise Nationlogo std.pngRISE1 - 2Vod23RevanGandhi
2014,6,23,04,00MLG CoD League 2014 S3 Play-InGF1Rise Nationlogo std.pngRISEOpTic Nationlogo std.pngON0 - 2Vod2RevanGandhi
2014,6,22,23,30MLG CoD League 2014 S3 Play-InWFRise Nationlogo std.pngRISEElevatelogo std.pngELV2 - 0Vod2GandhiMaven
2014,6,22,23,30MLG CoD League 2014 S3 Play-InLR11Fuse eSportslogo std.pngFuseOpTic Nationlogo std.pngON0 - 3Vod23MavenGandhi
2014,6,22,22,00MLG CoD League 2014 S3 Play-InWR7Rise Nationlogo std.pngRISEEXcellence Gaminglogo std.pngeX3 - 0Vod23RevanGandhi
2014,6,22,17,00MLG Anaheim 2014 PlayoffsLR3Team Envylogo std.pngEnvyCurse Blacklogo std.pngCrs B2 - 3Vod2345BensonGandhi
2014,6,22,04,00MLG Anaheim 2014 PlayoffsLR2Curse Blacklogo std.pngCrs BEpsilon Esportslogo std.pngEPSI3 - 1Vod234FwizGandhi
2014,6,22,02,00MLG CoD League 2014 S3 Play-InWR4Rise Nationlogo std.pngRISETIC Gaminglogo std.pngTIC2 - 1Vod23GandhiSmitingFatty
2014,6,22,02,00MLG CoD League 2014 S3 Play-InWR4OpTic Nationlogo std.pngONXGN Competitivelogo std.pngXGN2 - 0Vod2GandhiDuffman
2014,6,22,00,00MLG CoD League 2014 S3 Play-InLR1Logo std.pngLAS Logo std.pngRELO0 - 2Vod2MavenGandhi
2014,6,21,23,00MLG CoD League 2014 S3 Play-InWR1Logo std.pngAXONLogo std.pngTRIN2 - 0Vod2MavenGandhi
2014,3,30,03,50Call of Duty Championship 2014WR3Trident T1 Dotterslogo std.pngTRDT T1OpTic Gaminglogo std.pngOG1 - 3Vod23Bio AcidGandhi
2014,3,29,23,15Call of Duty Championship 2014LR2Revengelogo std.pngtRXfinity Gaminglogo std.pngXfinity3 - 2Vod2345Bio AcidGandhi
2014,3,29,21,45Call of Duty Championship 2014LR1Vitality.Returnslogo std.pngV.ReRevengelogo std.pngtR1 - 3Vod234BriceyGandhi
2014,3,29,19,15Call of Duty Championship 2014WR1Vlogo std.pngV.RiEpsilon Esportslogo std.pngEPSI0 - 3Vod23Bio AcidGandhi
2014,3,29,17,45Call of Duty Championship 2014WR1Team Envylogo std.pngEnvyStrictly Business Gaminglogo std.pngsB1 - 3Vod234Bio AcidGandhi
2014,3,29,16,00Call of Duty Championship 2014Group EKlar1ty Gaminglogo std.pngK1Team Immunitylogo std.pngiM0 - 3Vod23GandhiMaven
2014,3,29,03,30Call of Duty Championship 2014Group ETEC Intensitylogo std.pngIntensityTeam Immunitylogo std.pngiM3 - 1Vod234GandhiMaven
2014,3,29,02,30Call of Duty Championship 2014Group GOpTic Gaminglogo std.pngOGNew Star Playerlogo std.pngNsP3 - 0Vod23GandhiRel
2014,3,29,00,00Call of Duty Championship 2014Group CLightning Pandaslogo std.pngLPReign eSportslogo std.pngReign3 - 0Vod23GandhiMr X
2014,3,28,18,00Call of Duty Championship 2014Group CLightning Pandaslogo std.pngLPWiLD Gaminglogo std.pngWiLD1 - 3Vod23456MavenGandhi
2013,10,20,17,00UMG Dallas 2013WR6Team Envylogo std.pngEnvyCurse NAlogo std.pngCrs1 - 3Vod234BensonGandhi
2013,10,19,20,00UMG Dallas 2013WR5Team Kaliberlogo std.pngtKDare Risinglogo std.pngDare3 - 0Vod23GoldenboyGandhi
2013,10,19,17,00UMG Dallas 2013WR4VanQuish Gaminglogo std.pngvQLogo std.pngK.G 0 - 3Vod2ReflectionsGandhi
2013,9,01,20,00MLG Pax Prime Invitational 2013Day 3CompLexity Gaminglogo std.pngcoLTeam Kaliberlogo std.pngtK1 - 2Vod23MavenGandhi