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Gfinity European Pro League/Advanced Warfare/Season 1/Championship Division/Team Rosters

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Team Rosters

Excel Esportslogo std.pngExcel Esports
Region Alias Name Role
England Camboo Daniel Campbell Starter
England CoNz Connor Jackson Starter
England LiiiM John Lim Starter
England Zee Zach Bailey Starter
England Damo Damien Wild Substitute
England Sowerz Luke Sowersby Substitute
FAB Games eSportslogo std.pngFAB Games eSports
Region Alias Name Role
Austria Kivi Kevin Fiala Starter
Netherlands Torres Silvano Mombarg Starter
Italy POW3R Giorgio Calandrelli Starter
Belguim Dean Dean De Peuter Starter
Germany GunElite Massi Safi Substitute
Germany KraQz Nick Brenden Substitute
IGI eSportslogo std.pngIGI eSports
Region Alias Name Role
England dReeaLL Ehsan Javed Starter
England Forgiven Aston Starter
England TRob Roberto S. Starter
England TAnt Anthony S. Starter
England Ebanks Liam Substitute
England Acidburn Hayden Addison Substitute
Liquid Gaminglogo std.pngLiquid Gaming
Region Alias Name Role
Italy Duke Manuel Spaggiari Starter
Italy Donnyy Francesco Majolo Starter
Italy Ko1gaa Leonardo Nisi Starter
Italy Pibo Filippo Torricelli Starter
Italy Andex Andrea Di Francesca Substitute
UX Gaminglogo std.pngUX Gaming
Region Alias Name Role
Germany Cookie Sebastian Schubert Starter
Germany Bullet Chris Massaquoi Starter
Germany Sylar Max Schreiner Starter
Germany Cosmo Luca Gauer Starter
Germany Phantom Maik Substitute
Germany Entaraa - Substitute
Spirit Gaminglogo std.pngSpirit Gaming
Region Alias Name Role
Spain FlexZ Ivan Arizpe Starter
Bulgaria EupHo Zhivko Dimitrov Starter
Spain Sammy Samuel Mateos Starter
Spain peLukaa Fran Rubio Starter
Spain Glaaix Roberto Abreu Substitute
Spain ER0S Alex Substitute
Levity Gaminglogo std.pngLevity Gaming
Region Alias Name Role
England RevF - Starter
England Cal Callum Pettigrove Starter
England Fallon Josh Starter
England Macca - Starter
England The Mak Scott Substitute
England AJ47 Alan Substitute
Nightmare Gaminglogo std.pngNightmare Gaming
Region Alias Name Role
England aMaZe Andrew McClure Starter
England Agon Callum Walsh Starter
England Bissell Samuel Bissell Starter
England Blackk Ellis Strouthos Starter
England digRyder - Substitute