Golden Hawks/Schedule History

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DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2ResultScoreVODs
2018,6,12,17,15LVP SuperLiga OrangeWeek 7KIYF eSports Clublogo std.pngKIYF eSports ClubGolden Hawkslogo std.pngGolden HawksLoss3 - 0Vod
2018,6,11,17,00LVP SuperLiga OrangeWeek 7Golden Hawkslogo std.pngGolden HawksTeam x6tencelogo std.pngTeam x6tenceLoss1 - 3Vod
2018,6,05,17,00LVP SuperLiga OrangeWeek 6EMonkeyzlogo std.pngeMonkeyzGolden Hawkslogo std.pngGolden HawksLoss3 - 2Vod
2018,6,04,17,00LVP SuperLiga OrangeWeek 6Golden Hawkslogo std.pngGolden HawksMovistar Riderslogo std.pngMovistar RidersLoss0 - 3Vod
2018,5,29,20,45LVP SuperLiga OrangeWeek 5Golden Hawkslogo std.pngGolden HawksVodafone Giantslogo std.pngVodafone GiantsLoss0 - 3Vod
2018,5,28,17,00LVP SuperLiga OrangeWeek 5Golden Hawkslogo std.pngGolden HawksMAD Lions E.C.logo std.pngMAD LionsLoss1 - 3Vod
2018,5,22,19,30LVP SuperLiga OrangeWeek 4Team Hereticslogo std.pngTeam HereticsGolden Hawkslogo std.pngGolden HawksLoss3 - 0Vod
2018,5,21,17,00LVP SuperLiga OrangeWeek 4Golden Hawkslogo std.pngGolden HawksKIYF eSports Clublogo std.pngKIYF eSports ClubLoss0 - 3Vod
2018,5,15,17,00LVP SuperLiga OrangeWeek 3Team x6tencelogo std.pngTeam x6tenceGolden Hawkslogo std.pngGolden HawksLoss3 - 2Vod
2018,5,14,17,00LVP SuperLiga OrangeWeek 3Golden Hawkslogo std.pngGolden HawksEMonkeyzlogo std.pngeMonkeyzLoss0 - 3Vod
2018,5,08,17,00LVP SuperLiga OrangeWeek 2Movistar Riderslogo std.pngMovistar RidersGolden Hawkslogo std.pngGolden HawksLoss3 - 1Vod
2018,5,07,20,45LVP SuperLiga OrangeWeek 2Vodafone Giantslogo std.pngVodafone GiantsGolden Hawkslogo std.pngGolden HawksLoss3 - 1Vod
2018,5,01,17,00LVP SuperLiga OrangeWeek 1MAD Lions E.C.logo std.pngMAD LionsGolden Hawkslogo std.pngGolden HawksWin2 - 3Vod
2018,4,30,19,30LVP SuperLiga OrangeWeek 1Golden Hawkslogo std.pngGolden HawksTeam Hereticslogo std.pngTeam HereticsLoss0 - 3Vod
2017,9,13,18,002017 LVP La CopaRo16Golden Hawkslogo std.pngGolden HawksHezor Gaminglogo std.pngHezor GamingLoss1 - 3Vod