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Team Information
Location: United States USA
Sponsor(s): Sector Six
Insane Labz
Sister Team (Former): GosuCrew Blue
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GosuCrew is an esports organisation based in the United States.


Infinite Warfare

The GosuCrew made their way into the Call of Duty scene at the start of the Infinite Warfare season, with the pickup of Gunless, Arcitys, Prestinni, and Mayhem. DraMa later replaced Mayhem, and the squad qualified for MLG Las Vegas through the Online Qualifier. Their abilities were tested at Vegas, as they were placed in Pool A alongside FaZe, EnVyUs, and a determined Elevate EU coming from the open bracket. Although they took a series from FaZe after an intense Game 5, The GosuCrew finished 4th in their pool, going down to losers bracket round 1. The squad looked hot, taking down Lethal Gaming and Echo Fox, however fell 3-0 to a very surprising Enigma6, placing The GosuCrew at 9th-12th.

The GosuCrew made some roster changes following Vegas, with Prestinni, Arcitys, and Gunless leaving to join eUnited. The GosuCrew picked up Fox, Lyric, GodLike, and veteran Call of Duty player, TwiZz, to compete under the organization for MLG Atlanta and ESWC Paris 2017. However, before the beginning of Atlanta, The GosuCrew recruited the roster of DraMa, Xotic, Priest, and Maux to play under a secondary team titled GosuCrew Blue. The primary roster did not find any success, failing to make it out of the open bracket once, placing 33rd-40th at Atlanta and 45th-60th at Paris. Following these placings, The GosuCrew announced that they had released their main roster, and the sister Blue team would represent the organization as their only roster.

The MLG Dallas Open 2017 was a weekend of great significance for The GosuCrew. Before the tournament, they were 10th place in pro points, only one place shy of qualifying for Stage 1 of the Global LAN League. To qualify, they needed to place higher than Pnda Gaming and Evil Geniuses. Again, due to their pro points, The GosuCrew would need to play through the open bracket. They proved too strong for the other open bracket teams, dominating the competition to qualify for pool play. The momentum carried through into the pool, where they defeated Tainted Minds, Red Reserve EU, and Team EnVyUs, all in convincing fashion. However, their final match up was against OpTic Gaming, who at the time, was on a 23-map win streak (crossing over from the previous event). The GosuCrew managed to take the Hardpoint from OpTic, ending their map streak, however ultimately lost the series 3-1. Despite this loss, The GosuCrew advanced to the winners bracket, taking the second seed to face off against an in form FaZe Clan. The two teams matched up fairly evenly, however FaZe won the series in Game 5, sending them down into the loser’s bracket, where they would begin Day 3 of the tournament with their most important match yet; facing off against Evil Geniuses to claim the last available spot in the Global LAN League. Similar to the OpTic matchup, The GosuCrew was able to take the first Hardpoint, putting them up 1-0. However, their loss the day earlier was replicated, and Evil Geniuses took the series 3-1, eliminating The GosuCrew from the tournament and securing the last spot in the GPL.


  • 2017
  • 2016

Player Roster


C ID Name Role


ID Name Primary Role Next Team
USA JuJu Robert Lamkin 19 Player 88Clogo std.png 88 Chambers
USA KlinK Brett Kovach 06 SMG UNiTElogo std.png UNiTE Gaming
USA Pemby Sean Pembroke 19 Player Duellogo std.png Duel eSports
USA FA5TBALLA Ethan Wedgeworth 06 SMG GGEA Bllogo std.png GGEA Blue
USA HumanJesus Jesus Hernandez 19 Player EXclogo std.png eXcalibur
USA DraMa Anthony Padilla 08 SMG Slayer 3sUPlogo std.png 3sUP
USA Maux Chance Moncivaez 12 AR Slayer Ghostlogo std.png Ghost Gaming
USA Priest Preston Greiner 19 Player C9logo std.png Cloud9
Canada Xotic John Bruno 19 Player C9logo std.png Cloud9
USA Fox Issac Padilla 19 Player
USA TwiZz Eric Servello 19 Player ProjektElogo std.png Projekt Evil
USA Lyric Lyric Quinonez 19 Player ERalogo std.png eRa Eternity
USA GodLike Zack Goldstein 19 Player ERalogo std.png eRa Eternity
USA DraMa Anthony Padilla 08 SMG Slayer TGC Bluelogo std.png GosuCrew Blue
USA Nelson Brandon McKinney 19 Player XVlogo std.png XtroVert eSports
USA Arcitys Alec Sanderson 13 Hybrid EUlogo std.png eUnited
USA Prestinni Preston Sanderson 09 Main AR EUlogo std.png eUnited
USA Gunless Peirce Hillman 02 OBJ EUlogo std.png eUnited
Canada Mayhem Mehran Anjomshoa 06 Main SMG MWlogo std.png Most Wanted


ID Name Position
USA Ravenwolf Jeff Rossi Co-Founder & CEO
USA Rakura Eric Tipton Co-Founder & COO

Team Achievements

Recent Achievements (full list)
Game Date Place Event Winnings Roster
GameIcon IW3.png 2017-03-19 A99 - 12th 2017 CWL Dallas Open DraMaMauxPriestahhXotic
GameIcon IW3.png 2017-02-19 E545 - 60th 2017 CWL Paris Open FoxGodLikeLyricTwiZz
GameIcon IW3.png 2017-02-12 D333 - 40th 2017 CWL Atlanta Open FoxGodLikeLyricTwiZz
GameIcon IW3.png 2016-12-18 A99 - 12th 2017 CWL Las Vegas Open ArcitysPrestinniGunlessDraMa

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