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Hastr0 Tournament Results
GameIcon BO1.png2011-07-15A99 - 16 Call of the CommunityLogo std.pngNugget Nation Mister Fantasmo •   Ken Burton •   Wicked Shrapnel •   Bladed •   Hastr0
GameIcon MW2.png2010-08-04A99 - 12 MLG GameBattles 2010 Old Spice Ladder TournamentTeam Envylogo std.pngTeam Envy StaiNViLLe •   Hastr0
GameIcon MW2.png2010-03-06A22 MLG GameBattles All Star Classic Tournament 2010Logo std.pngBlue Team Moho •   Hastr0 •   NexXx •   StaiNViLLe •   Crowster •   Fierce
Total Prize: