Isurus Gaming Series/2018 Season/Silver Challenge/Season 2/Qualifier 3

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IGS Silver Challenge 2018 Season 2 Qualifier 3
Event Information
Organizer: IGS Call of Duty
Type: Online
Tier: Qualifier
Region: Latin America
Location: Argentina Argentina
Platform: PlayStation 4
Game: World War II
Mode: 4v4
Number of Teams: 13
Start Date: 2018-06-09
End Date: 2018-06-17
Winner: Absolute Zerologo std.png Absolute Zero
Second: Winter Esportslogo std.png Winter Esports



  • Double Elimination
  • Best of 5 Series in Winners Bracket
  • Best of 3 Series in Losers Bracket

Game Types and Maps

  • Hardpoint: Ardennes Forest, Gibraltar, London Docks, Saint Marie Du Mont, Valkyrie
  • Capture the Flag: Ardennes Forest, Flak Tower, London Docks
  • Search and Destroy: Ardennes Forest, London Docks, Saint Marie Du Mont, USS Texas, Valkyrie

Final Placings

Place Team Roster
Gold.png 1st Absolute Zerologo std.png Absolute Zero lRexmysQeeZyyTofrakluchycolombo
Silver.png 2nd Winter Esportslogo std.png Winter Esports JvGuutiiStepoNeJalixesslReasson1
Bronze.png 3rd Logo std.png United Gaming ReeivaXLennyyiiVenTslNocturnal
Copper.png 4th Logo std.png Void Squad aaquajSmashSlaaCeStriKerMVP
5th-6th Logo std.png ImperiuSs Team VlnnArssIMonstterJumpeervGavLay
Logo std.png zRubikZz xReylaaGxDaarKzAguuss06zSwizZzy
7th-8th Logo std.png Crytic eSports ChetiizSiiLeNTzLeonardoR0lDraxzZ
Logo std.png KleyxZ eSport Reinek222iiPatoleUKSpraxzZLxgend33
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Top 8 Participants

Eye - Show All.pngRosters


Winners Bracket

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
  Winter Esportslogo std.png Winter W
  Winter Esportslogo std.png Winter 3
  Logo std.png N ATR 0
  Logo std.png N ATR 3
  Logo std.png Crytic eSports 0
  Winter Esportslogo std.png Winter 3
  Logo std.png zRubikZz 0
  Logo std.png KinG GoaT 0
  Logo std.png zRubikZz 3
  Logo std.png zRubikZz 3
  Logo std.png U-Force Esports 1
  Logo std.png U-Force Esports 3
  Logo std.png Crow Gaming 0
  Absolute Zerologo std.png ABZ W
  Absolute Zerologo std.png ABZ 3
  Logo std.png United Gaming 0
  Logo std.png United Gaming 3
  Logo std.png Void Squad 1
  Absolute Zerologo std.png ABZ 3
  Logo std.png ImperiuSs Team 0
  Logo std.png ImperiuSs Team W
  Logo std.png ImperiuSs Team 3
  Logo std.png Team Venom 1
  Logo std.png Team Venom 3
  Logo std.png KleyxZ eSport 1

Losers Bracket

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
  Logo std.png Team Venom 0
  Logo std.png Crytic eSports W
  Logo std.png Crytic eSports 2   Logo std.png zRubikZz 0
  BYE   Logo std.png Crytic eSports 0
  Logo std.png United Gaming 2
  Logo std.png United Gaming 2
  Logo std.png United Gaming 2
  Logo std.png Crow Gaming 0
  Logo std.png KinG GoaT 0
  Logo std.png KinG GoaT 2
  Logo std.png U-Force Esport 0
  Logo std.png Void Squad W
  Logo std.png Void Squad 2   Logo std.png ImperiuSs Team 0
  BYE   Logo std.png Void Squad 2
  Logo std.png Void Squad 2
  Logo std.png KleyxZ eSport 1
  Logo std.png N ATR 0
  Logo std.png KleyxZ eSport W
  Logo std.png KleyxZ eSport 2

Final Bracket

From Winners Bracket
Grand Final
  Winter Esportslogo std.png Winter 3
  Winter Esportslogo std.png Winter 1 2
  Absolute Zerologo std.png ABZ 2
  Absolute Zerologo std.png ABZ 3 3
  Absolute Zerologo std.png ABZ 3
From Losers Bracket
  Logo std.png United Gaming 1
  Logo std.png United Gaming 3
  Logo std.png Void Squad 0

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