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Background Information
NameAdam Sloss
Country of BirthUnited States United States
BirthdayApril 26, 1993 (age 26)
 North America
XBL Gamertagsmokekush1993
Social Media & Links
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Team History
??? 2011 - ??? 2011
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IcoNslogo std.pngIcoNs
??? 2012 - Jun 2012
Playerrole icon.png
Collapselogo std.pngCollapse
Jun 2012 - ??? 2012
Playerrole icon.png
G4G FeaRlogo std.pngTeam FeaR
Nov 2012 - May 2013
Playerrole icon.png
Fariko Impactlogo std.pngFariko Impact
May 2013 - Aug 2013
Playerrole icon.png
IcoNs Impactlogo std.pngImpact
Aug 2013 - Aug 2013
Playerrole icon.png
Epsilon Esportslogo std.pngEpsilon Esports
Aug 2013 - Sep 2013
Playerrole icon.png
IcoNs Impactlogo std.pngImpact
Sep 2013 - Dec 2013
Playerrole icon.png
8-12 UNiTElogo std.pngUNiTE Gaming
Feb 2014 - Mar 2014
Playerrole icon.png
Team Curselogo std.pngCurse LV
Apr 2014 - Oct 2014
Playerrole icon.png
OpTic Nationlogo std.pngOpTic Nation
Nov 2014 - Dec 2014
Playerrole icon.png
Noble eSportslogo std.pngNoble eSports
Dec 2014 - Feb 2015
Playerrole icon.png
Elevatelogo std.pngElevate
Feb 2015 - May 2015
Playerrole icon.png
OpTic Nationlogo std.pngOpTic Nation
May 2015 - Jun 2015
Playerrole icon.png
VVv Gaminglogo std.pngvVv Gaming
Jul 2015 - Jul 2015
Playerrole icon.png
XGN Competitivelogo std.pngXGN Competitive
Nov 2015 - Dec 2015
Playerrole icon.png
Logo std.pngNation
Dec 2015 - Jan 2016
Playerrole icon.png
Kinetic Empirelogo std.pngKinetic Empire
Jan 2016 - Feb 2016
Playerrole icon.png
Cloud9logo std.pngCloud9
Feb 2016 - Aug 2016
Playerrole icon.png
Dream Teamlogo std.pngDream Team
Aug 2016 - Aug 2016
Playerrole icon.png
Logo std.pngGround Zero
Aug 2016 - Sep 2016
Playerrole icon.png
Renegadeslogo std.pngRenegades
Dec 2016 - Dec 2016
Playerrole icon.png
Revengelogo std.pngRevenge
Jan 2017 - Feb 2017
Playerrole icon.png
Insomnia eSportslogo std.pngInsomnia eSports
Jun 2017 - Jul 2017
Playerrole icon.png
Denial Esportslogo std.pngDenial Esports
Nov 2017 - Dec 2017
Playerrole icon.png
Underworld Esportslogo std.pngUnderworld Esports
Feb 2018 - Mar 2018
Playerrole icon.png
Ascendant Gaminglogo std.pngAscendant Gaming
Apr 2018 - Oct 2018
Playerrole icon.png
Suspendedlogo std.pngSuspended
Sep 2018 - Oct 2018
Playerrole icon.png
Krisis Gaminglogo std.pngKrisis Gaming
Nov 2018 - Jan 2019
Playerrole icon.png
Raised By Kingslogo std.pngRaised by Kings
Jul 2019 - Jul 2019
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Nfinitelogo std.pngNfinite
Adam "KiLLa" Sloss was previously a player for Nfinite. He is a 2013 World Champion and his most notable teams include Fariko Impact and OpTic Nation.


Modern Warfare 2

KiLLa began his career competing in online tournaments during the Modern Warfare 2 season. He did not attend any events but made his way up the amateur ranks going into the next year. KiLLa credits his passion for competing to keeping him out of trouble.

Black Ops

Thanks to eGo, KiLLa was able to attend multiple events throughout the year. Their teams, which competed under the IcoNs name, never placed in the money, but did allow KiLLa to earn valuable LAN experience and to keep rising through amateur scene. In the middle of the season, Call of Duty XP 2011 took place. It was played on the unreleased Modern Warfare 3 game. IcoNs Elite, which consisted of KiLLa, eGo, RJ, and Terror, made it all the way to third place and each player won $30,000. This prize allowed KiLLa to focus on competing. He placed Top 20 at the MLG National Championship 2011 to close out the year.

Modern Warfare 3

With no official support for the season, events were few and far between. KiLLa competed under the name Collapse for a few events including a second place finish at NJ Halo Codzilla 2012. He attended the 360icons Virginia Beach LAN Showcase, an event put on to bring awareness to the competitive scene, and finished Top 4. He left to join Team FeaR with John, PHiZZURP, and Ricky. They won the UMG Invitational and then went to Europe and finished fourth at EGL 7 Blackpool. TuQuick joined in place of Ricky and they finished second at the UMG Championships. KiLLa ended the year on apeX.TaKeOver with PHiZZURP, Revan, and TuQuick and a fifth place finish at EGL 8 Manchester.

Black Ops 2

The beginning of KiLLa's most successful year in his career began with teaming with Karma. Karma was considered to be a highly skilled player with attitude issues but KiLLa knew that his talent would be worth the risk. They were joined by KiLLa's former teammates TuQuick and John and joined Fariko Impact. The four placed third place at both Frag Cup IV and UMG Chicago 2012. After the event, TuQuick and John left and Fariko was joined by Parasite, and then Ricky. The team needed a change so KiLLa left briefly to play with SpaceLy, Slacked, and Huhdle but when the Call of Duty Championship 2013 rules came out and all three players were under 18, KiLLa returned to Karma and Parasite, and they added MiRx, a SMG Slayer needed to improve their respawn game modes. This team would form the first major dynasty in Call of Duty history. Fariko won the MLG Winter Championship 2013 which qualified them for Champs. In the two weeks in between events, Fariko went to and won EGL 9 Blackpool (They were the only American team to attend) as a pre LAN to practice for the main event. It paid off as Fariko Impact became the first ever Call of Duty World Champions. The won UMG St. Louis 2013 to win their fourth event in just over a month. Leading up to MLG Anaheim 2013, the team left Fariko and created their own team called Impact, sponsored by eGo's 360icons. They were upset by compLexity Gaming in the grand finals, a team that would take over as the next dynasty. After Anaheim, Impact went to Gfinity London 2013 and placed fourth. Karma was upset at the lack of drive the team showed and he left to join Team Envy. The three remaining players, joined by John, were signed by Epsilon Esports. This would only last for one event as Epsilon dropped the players after over the line trash talking at their third place finish at UMG Atlanta 2013. Parasite left the team and Impact finished seventh out of eight teams with Blfire filling in at the MLG PAX Prime Invitational 2013. With the disbanding of Impact, KiLLa joined UNiTE Gaming with Ricky, NAMELESS, and Parasite. They placed Top 8 in the final event of the year at Gfinity 2.


KiLLa stayed on UNiTE Gaming with Ricky and they were joined by Saints and MBoZe. a Top 4 finish at the MLG Fall Championship 2013 was not good enough and KiLLa joined Curse LV with Parasite, MiRx, and NAMELESS. They got third at UMG Philadelphia 2014 before NAMELESS was replaced by Ricky. They won MLG's first ever online league for Call of Duty, the MLG Call of Duty Winter Invitational 2014. The team was upset at the Call of Duty Championship 2014 US Regional Final and did not qualify for a chance to defend their title at the Call of Duty Championship 2014. The team finished out MLG CoD League Season 1 in fifth place and then KiLLa left the team. For the rest of the season, KiLLa would join OpTic Nation with MBoZe, MiRx, and Ricky. They got fourth at UGC Niagara 2014 and Top 8 at the MLG X Games Invitational 2014 before qualifying for MLG CoD League Season 3 Regular Season. Nation performed poorly at UMG Nashville 2014 with a Top 16. but bounced back two weeks later by ending the year with a Top 6 finish at the MLG CoD League Season 3 Playoffs.

Advanced Warfare

Going into the Advanced Warfare season, KiLLa and MiRx were joined by Parasite and StuDyy to form three fourths of the Call of Duty Championship 2013 winning team, Fariko Impact, under Noble eSports. The team performed poorly online and Parasite left Noble after just a few days. Spacely joined as his replacement and the team finished Top 16 at the first event of the year, MLG Columbus Open 2014. The four players left Noble and joined Elevate where the team took at Top 6 finish at UMG Orlando 2015. Following Orlando, KiLLa and MiRx left Elevate to join the OpTic Nation alongside TeePee and the other former member of Fariko Impact, Karma. The teams first hurdle was requalifying for the Pro League after Elevate finished eleventh place in Season 1. They qualified but did not fare much better as they finished 9th place and failed to make it to the playoffs again. OpTic Nation qualified for the Call of Duty Championship 2015 and then went 3-0 in their group before getting double first rounded by Automatic Reload and Team Envy in the Championship bracket. They finished Top 16. TeePee left the team and Karma moved on to OpTic Gaming to replaced NaDeSHoT so Nation picked up MBoZe and Ricky. After about a month of practice, they went to their first LAN event and finished Top 4 at the Gfinity Spring Masters but then in the following week, placed Top 20 at UMG California 2015. KiLLa joined vVv Gaming to try to qualify for the Pro League again. This time he did not qualify. He would finish out the season with XGN Competitive where they placed Top 16 three times and then Top 20 at the MLG World Finals 2015.

Black Ops 3

Looking to get back in the league, KiLLa joined MerK, StuDyy, and MBoZe under the name Nation, because of the introduction of the new CWL Rule where one org could not have two teams (OpTic Gaming/OpTic Nation). They finished last in their group at the offline invitational qualifier and then Top 16 with Kinetic Empire in the online last chance qualifier. KiLLa then became a part of Cloud9's new Call of Duty team with Accuracy, CaLiFa, and SinfuL. They finished Top 24 in the UMG South Carolina 2016 Open Bracket. Despite his poor placings in the early season, Dream Team added KiLLa in place of Happy in the NA CWL 2016 Stage 1 Regular Season. They finished in tenth place and had to face Cloud9 Eclipse in one best of seven at the Relegation to qualify for Stage 2. They won 4-3 and clinched their spot. The team was in turmoil for the remainder of the season as rumors of their spot being up for sale started. Dream Team finished Top 12 at the MLG Anaheim Open 2016 and then qualified for the Stage 2 Playoffs via tiebreakers after being tied with four other teams for just three spots. At the playoffs, the team made shock upsets of FaZe Clan and then Luminosity Gaming before falling to Team Envy in the final. Following the event, KiLLa, Diabolic, Sender, and Chino left Dream Team and competed as Ground Zero at the MLG Orlando Open 2016 where they once again placed Top 12. Going into the Call of Duty World League Championship 2016, GZ was signed by Renegades. The team lost to Team Allegiance and Epsilon Esports to go 0-2 and fail to qualify for the Championship Bracket because the other team in the group, PuLse Gaming, also lost their first two series. Because of this, KiLLa did not show up for the final match and his team was forfeited. This would mark the beginning of the downfall of KiLLa's career.

Infinite Warfare

KiLLa joined Revenge with MiRx, Whea7s, and Maux but they placed Top 20 at the first event of the year, CWL Las Vegas Open 2017, and then left Revenge to join Insomnia eSports with Holler replacing Maux. They would finish Top 40 and Top 36 at the next two CWL events and then disband. KiLLa gave Infinite Warfare one more chance by joining Denial Esports with MiRx, Prophet, and TwiZz but they finished Top 48 at the CWL Anaheim Open 2017. KiLLa did not attempt to qualify for the Call of Duty World League Championship 2017.

World War II

For the World War II season, KiLLa joined Sender, Swarley, and FEARS under Underworld Esports. After going through a few rounds in the Open Bracket, FEARS fell asleep and did not show up to the team's matches, resulting in a forfeit of their remaining rounds and a Top 112 finish. KiLLa joined Ascendant Gaming but placed Top 64 in their only event as a team and then was banned for the remainder of the season for ringing in the CWL National Circuit Canada 2018 Stage 2.

Black Ops 4

In the offseason, KiLLa won the UMG Gaming Ghosts Invitational 5K with MBoZe, MiRx, and Ricky. Unbanned, he joined Legal, TwiZz, SupremeAgility, and TcM. They were signed by Krisis Gaming, but then the org ceased to exist so they joined Raised By Kings. They went to the CWL Las Vegas Open 2019 but after arriving, the team found out that SupremeAgility had not boarded his plane and would not be attending the event. English player HaLLy acted as a pickup for the event and they placed Top 48. KiLLa competed in a few more online 2ks before transitioning to streamer although he has not officially retired.



Recent Tournament Results (View All)
GameIcon BO2.png2019-09-29A55 - 6
Team Summertime Movember Invitational 2019
Rich and Lonelylogo std.pngRNL
GameIcon BO4.png2019-07-21D333 - 48
CWL Amateur Finals 2019
Nfinitelogo std.pngNfin
GameIcon BO4.png2018-12-09E141 - 48
CWL Las Vegas Open 2019
Raised By Kingslogo std.pngRBK
GameIcon WWII.png2018-03-11E949 - 64
CWL Atlanta Open 2018
Ascendant Gaminglogo std.pngAscendant
GameIcon WWII.png2017-12-10F381 - 112
CWL Dallas Open 2018
Underworld Esportslogo std.pngUW


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