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KingRichard/Tournament Results

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KingRichard Tournament Results
GameIcon MW.png2020-09-24A55 - 6 Vikkstar's Warzone Showdown: Week 5Logo std.pngStoneMountain64 & KingRichard StoneMountain64 •   KingRichard
GameIcon MW.png2020-08-31B313 - 16 BoomTV Cash App GamesLogo std.pngKingRichard & Jukeyz KingRichard •   Jukeyz
GameIcon MW.png2020-08-25A44$ 1,000 BoomTV TeeP's Trials 4Logo std.pngKingRichard & Blazt KingRichard •   Blazt
GameIcon MW.png2020-08-17B010 Swagg's Summer Warzone InvitationalLogo std.pngKingRichard & Destroy KingRichard •   Destroy
GameIcon MW.png2020-08-11B313 - 16 BoomTV TeeP's Trials 2Logo std.pngKingRichard & Jukeyz KingRichard •   Jukeyz
GameIcon MW.png2020-08-04A22$ 5,000 BoomTV TeeP's Trials 1Logo std.pngKingRichard & Jukeyz KingRichard •   Jukeyz
GameIcon MW.png2020-07-31A66$ 700 NICKMERCS MFAM Gauntlet July Main EventLogo std.pngTeam KingRichard KingRichard •   Destroy •   Tommey •   LethalMercy
GameIcon MW.png2020-07-09A77 - 8 Twitch Rivals Doritos Disruptor Series 2Logo std.pngKingRichard & Jukeyz KingRichard •   Jukeyz
GameIcon MW.png2020-06-29A66$ 800 NICKMERCS MFAM Gauntlet June Main EventLogo std.pngTeam KingRichard KingRichard •   MuTeX •   Blazt •   TwerK
GameIcon MW.png2020-06-23B111$ 750 Twitch Rivals Warzone Streamer Showdown 2 North AmericaLogo std.pngTeam KingRichard KingRichard •   MuTeX •   Clayster
GameIcon MW.png2020-06-10A22 Warzone Wednesday: Week 9Logo std.pngKingRichard & Jukeyz KingRichard •   Jukeyz
GameIcon MW.png2020-05-13A99 - 16 Warzone Wednesday: Week 8Logo std.pngKingRichard & Clayster KingRichard •   Clayster
GameIcon MW.png2020-04-29A55 - 6 Warzone Wednesday: Week 6Logo std.pngKingRichard & Clayster KingRichard •   Clayster
GameIcon MW.png2020-04-15A99 - 16 Warzone Wednesday: Week 4Logo std.pngKingRichard & Clayster KingRichard •   Clayster
GameIcon MW.png2020-04-01A22 Warzone Wednesday: Week 2Logo std.pngTeam 9 Ninja •   KingRichard •   Albralelie
GameIcon MW.png2020-03-24A22 Warzone Wednesday: Week 1Logo std.pngTeam 9 aimbotcalvin •   KingRichard •   Mendo
GameIcon MW.png2020-03-20A33$ 5,000 Warzone From Home 2020Logo std.pngKingRichard's Team KingRichard •   Hill_APEX •   TheBcJ
GameIcon MW.png2020-03-19C323 BoomTV Code Green 2020-03-19Logo std.pngKingRichard's Team KingRichard •   Zepa •   Lymaax
GameIcon MW.png2019-08-01A99 - 16 Modern Warfare Multiplayer Gameplay PremiereLogo std.pngKingRichard & Hamlinz KingRichard •   Hamlinz
Total Prize: USD 13,250